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Advertising info:
I have limited the number of advertisers to 10/month, to make sure that everyone gets the attention they are paying for and won't get lost in the crowd. When you get a Top or Premium spot, you also get the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway for my readers. If you are interested in getting a banner spot, you can purchase one directly below!
Please note:
Submission of an ad through the form below does not guarantee placement on Emmas Designblogg. All ads must be approved by me before they will show on the blog. Approval will take place within 24 hours of submission, and is based on whether the goods or services are in keeping with my own aesthetic outlook. If your ad is not approved your transaction will of course be returned.
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(stats from March 2014)
If you want more info on statistics, demographics etc, contact me for a Press Kit.
Ps. You can not get included in my blogroll on request, I don't do link exchanges. Neither do I sell text links, or allow any blog posts where the content is controlled by anyone but me.


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