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Minna Jones' styling for NCC

Stylist Minna Jones of the Finnish blog Time of The Aquarius made this styling of a show home for NCC Housing in the Kalasatama (Fisherman's Harbour) outside Helsinki. Super stylish, and just the right amount of minimalism without getting boring or sterile. For more images, go here, and to see an identical apartment with a different styling, look here.
Photographs: Pauliina Salonen

Elisa Ossino Studio for &Tradition

Interior Stylist Annabell Kutucu

Via Bungalow5 I found the interior stylist of the super stylish Hotel San Giorgio that everyone (me included) are raving mad about at the moment. Her name is Annabell Kutucu, and in her portfolio I found a couple of other great photos from interiors she created in different Berlin apartments. Still in the very simple style that we've seen in Hotel San Giorgio, but with a more urban look.

Pella Hedeby's Thonet styling

Elisa Ossino Studio

One of my favourites when it comes to interior styling and set design is Italian Elisa Ossino Studio, and when I browsed their new website I of course found several images I just had to share with you! The pictures below are just a small fraction of what you will find on the site, a mix of their editorial, advertising and residential styling work. Always super clean with strong contrasts, but not always as neutral and monochrome as this, on the contrary, much of their work features really strong colours in an interesting way.

White Light wallpapers, styling by Guts

Beautiful styling by Louise at Guts, for Eco Wallpapers new White Light collection.

Emma Persson Lagerberg for Åhléns

The super duo consisting of stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg and photographer Petra Bindel strikes again! This time with a series of pictures for Åhléns, a Swedish department store. These brand magazines are just getting better and better aren't they? Some of them, like Acne Paper for example, I would even spend money on, but the free ones from some brands are almost as good. Do you have any favorites?
 Via Lotta Agaton with thanks


Saša Antić for Iittala

Earlier this year some of these photos caused a great confusion in the design blogosphere. You see, they were released at the same time as Iittala opened their new showroom apartment here in Stockholm, and most people thought that was what we saw in the photos. However, that is not the case. These images are part of the campaign for Iittala's new step into interiors and small furniture, and styled by Saša Antić. The showroom apartment is much smaller, looks completely different, and is decorated by Jeanette Gostomski from Insidesign. I will try to go there in the coming week to snap some photos so you can see that too.
Styling: Saša Antić
Photography: Mikkel Vang

Per Olav lives here!

I'm happy to be the very first to show these previously unpublished photos from the home of interior stylist Per Olav Sølvberg! He shares this house in Bergen, Norway with his wife Ragnhild and their three small children, and it works as their base for creative projects like making these books about fun family games and activities. I found Per Olav through his instagram, which I think is really worth checking out.
I'm only sharing a few of the photos here, because I'm thinking that maybe some magazine would like to run this story, but there are many more, showing a lovely house where the focus has been on creating family friendly shared spaces with lots of places to play, be creative or just hang out together.



Elisa Ossino Studio

Interior styling and set design studio Elisa Ossino never cease to amaze me. Their work has some special kind of magic to it, whether they are designing a super sleak and modern kitchen setting, or a mysterious setting in an old and worn building.


Classic style, the Pella way

Super talented interior stylist and decorator Pella Hedeby just got her first feature published in Residence magazine, and she got the cover too! Congrats Pella! I know we are going to see more from her in the future, and I can't wait for that, but until then, let's enjoy these wonderful pictures. (To see more, go to Pella's blog; Stil Inspiration.)
The setting here is a very classic Stockholm apartment, with big windows, high ceilings and white walls to emphasize the light. Many of the original details have been saved in the renovations bringing a beautiful contrast to the modern furnishings. The outcome is, as always with Pella's work, graphic and quite minimalist, but still far from sterile thanks to the herringbone parquet flooring and vintage wood details.


Saša Antić lives here!

Don't you love getting to peek inside the homes of your favorite interior stylists? I do, and I think it's very interesting to see what they choose to surround themselves with, if there is any difference in style compared to the work they produce, and how and where they choose to live. The pictures below are from the Stockholm home of Saša Antić, and shows his personal style. Very masculine with the stone surfaces matched with geometric prints and leather details, but slightly softened by the pastel hues and vintage furniture. Don't miss his clever mirror tricks, making the kitchen look twice as long, the room twice as big, and bouncing light around the small apartment.
Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt


Stylist: Thomas Lingsell

I have been following real estate agency Fantastic Frank for so long now that I have learnt to see the difference in style between their interior stylists, and I have to say that Thomas Lingsell wins the race in my book. He always manages to create that cosy, lived-in feeling that makes it so easy to imagine yourself living in the apartments he stages. The slightly flat pillows, wrinkled table cloth and casually placed accessories makes it look like real people are living there. Very stylish people of course, but stylish and relaxed at the same time is the ultimate goal for a home, right?
Below is one of his latest styling projects, for sale here.


Lotta Agaton lives here!

The blogosphere have been waiting for the pictures of Lotta Agaton's home to come online ever since they were published in RUM magazine this last autumn, and now when Swedish magazine Residence published them they are finally released! You may have already seen them, but I think they are so amazing that I just have to blog them. To me, this is perfection. The balance between the graphic white and black, softened by natural leather, wood and an abundance of green plants and the stylish little vignettes placed around the apartment makes this home feel so inviting and fresh!
Styling: Lotta Agaton
Photo: Pia Ulin


Colorless and boring? Nope, not this time either.

Remember these bedroom pics that I blogged a couple of weeks ago? Now the whole apartment is professionally shot by Kristofer Johnsson, and I couldn't resist showing you some of the pictures. Styling by Pella Hedeby, of course. I think you recognize her style by now, don't you?
You can see more pictures here and here.
And as an answer to the question that Pella asks on her blog, about minimalist and colourless being boring, I say H*LL NO! It's beautiful and harmonious and gives me a feeling of calm and tranquility. Strong colors and busy patterns stress me out. Contrasts can be added with different materials, textures and by using darker vs lighter hues within the natural spectrum, instead of those cliché "pops of color" that everyone keeps talking about. However, I do love the fresh green colors of plants and flowers. But that's enough, I don't need to tell you more about this do I, because you are already here so I guess that means you share my opinions on this? Or do you disagree?


Stylist: Susanna Vento

As I was leafing through the latest issue of Deko magazine I fell for Susanna Vento's latest work, this industrial setting that you can see in the top picture. I can't read a word of Finnish, so I just look at the pictures, but that is good enough for me when they look as great as this!


Pella nails it again

When I grow up and become filthy rich, I will hire Pella to decorate my home. Her taste is so refined, and her sense for detail exquisite. Her styling might look simple, but it really takes a lot of talent to make something very simple look so inviting and fresh.
Ps. Don't miss her other blog, where she shows more of what she does in her work as a decorator.


A study in composition, by Kråkvik & D'Orazio

While we are on the subject of Kråkvik & D'Orazio, I want to show you these photos from their portfolio, featuring a new chair and sofa from Tønning. The photos are shot by Siren Lauvdal, as always. I think they make a great creative trio, and the compositions in these photos are awesome! Have a close look at how the lines in the pictures correspond to each other, and how well planned every little angle is, and you will understand what I'm talking about.


Studio Bakker, a study in gray

Dutch stylist, interior designer and art director Stef Bakker's pictures suits today gray and gloomy weather just perfectly. Although Stef's grays aren't gloomy, they are just beautiful.


New work by stylist Saša Antić

The latest photos from Swedish stylist Saša Antić are just amazing. So pure and simple. And the bottom photos. Wow. I can't believe they were actually published in a Swedish magazine, as the interior mags here are all playing it very safe at the moment and aren't exactly keen on taking in anything experimental or edgy. Great work  Saša!
Ps. I am so happy to see that you liked my t-shirt design! Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, blog posts and fb shout outs!


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