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Marimekko A/W -14 Collection

I went to see the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection from Marimekko the other day, and found some new favorites. Many of their products have very strong colors and patterns, and even though I think those are very beautiful too, the neutral color range will always be closest to my heart. So that's what I chose to show here today! Some of this will be launched in July, and the rest later in the Autumn, so now you have something to look forward to...

Swoon, a new Swedish bathroom brand

Let's start this gray and snowy Monday with some inspiring images from a new Swedish bathroom brand called Swoon, designed by Fredrik Wallner, and since he is Lotta Agaton's husband, you can guess who styled the pictures. :)
You can pick and mix any combo of handles, colours and legs, see it in 3D on their site and order it directly to your door. I love the slim legs and the thin ceramic washbasins, and the attention to detail throughout the entire collection.
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson

Thursday Tip: RK Design and K is for Black

I have two talented friends who are making these really cool graphics for Society6, a webshop where you can buy art prints, cushion covers, mugs, clocks, t-shirts and you name it, with thousands of different motifs by hundreds of artists and designers. One is Riikka, who goes by the name RK Design there, and the other is Anna, who's selling prints branded K is for Black. They are both making some really cool stuff, so I think you should check them out!

GamFratesi for Lightyears

Danish/Italian designer duo GamFratesi are this years guests of honour at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair that opened today, and are also presenting several new products at the fair. This is their new table lamp Volume for Lightyears, who always have the most amazing pr pictures!

Menu 2014 collection

A bit bummed to be pushing down the pictures from the last post already, but this couldn't wait! I just saw these images from the new 2014 collection by Menu, and had to post them here immediately. Their collections are just getting stronger, and their photos more beautiful.
I love the fact that high quality, minimalist design is no longer an exclusivity for those with extremely well filled wallets, but is now available for anyone. Menu, Serax, Muuto, Iittala and Hay are a few great examples of this, and relieves us all from the curse of throw-away-ism. While their products might not all have the same superior quality as the most high-end brands, or the expensive design classics, it is definitely a big step away from what used to be on the market...

String Bowl Shelves

The latest news from String are these plastic bowl shelves, suitable for plants or all the small stuff you have laying around the house. I can't quite make up my mind about these... What do you think, hit or miss?

Nendo's new desk accessories


These are the latest news from Japanese design house Nendo for their own brand by | n, a range of desk accessories and office supplies, with some very clever details.
The marks on the rulers are fading from white to black, to be seen easily on any color backgrounds. Pie chart shaped sticky notes with a bigger adhesive area to solve the problem of square and rectangular sticky notes that can be easily ripped off when their corners are caught. Paperclips that come connected and are detached one by one for use, keeping desktops tidy. The paperclips are made of paper so that they're easy to detach and can be recycled along with the paper. And so on and so on... Very clever, and very stylish!


My Xmas Wishlist 2013

Society 6 cushion | Linnéa Svan bracelet | Acne vases
The last few weeks have been so busy (first the Marimekko styling and shopping event, then the visit at Vipp, and after that straight to a blog tour in Berlin) I have hardly had time to think about the holidays yet. Today it struck me though, it's only two weeks until Christmas! I need to start preparing, shopping, cooking and decorating!
But first things first, I thought, and started remembering all the things I have seen lately that never made it into my shopping bags. So here is my own little wishlist, with things I would love to see under the tree. However, just as usual, I'm going to have to buy this myself as we don't give gifts to adults in our family. Maybe if I wrap everything in the same paper I could be just ever so slightly surprised by the contents of the packages? ;)

Thursday Tip: Maison Martin Margiela X Converse

Thursday Tip is one day late, but better than never, right? I've been super busy, running around together with photographer Charlotte Schmidt Olsen, taking photos of my favorite spots in my new neighbourhood for two days. It will all be published here on the blog during the coming weeks, and I am hoping you will like these places as much as I do!
In one of the places we visited, a fashion store called Nitty Gritty, I found these hand painted sneakers, a collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and Converse. Since I love Margiela, and Converse (I wear chucks almost every day of the year), I have been following the launch of these very closely, but hadn't seen them irl until today. The idea of the paint is that it will eventually wear off, creating a unique patina on the shoe. Need I tell you that these are on my wish list? And yes, I am very aware that I could just take a brush and paint some of my old chucks, but it's the idea that I love, and that, to me, is worth paying for.

Thursday Tip: Herman Cph

So I guess you saw their cushion when I posted about it on my wish list a couple of days ago, but I want to show you more from this new Danish design company called Herman Cph that just launched this August at the DesignTrade fair.
It's basically a two persons show, run by Jonas Herman Pedersen and Helle Herman Mortensen, who are both designers and producers of their collection, so far consisting of tables, small storage furniture, cushions and bedspreads made from recycled wool fabrics. I like the small scale of their company and the focus on sustainability and simplicity. Everything is produced in Denmark, using only high quality natural materials which ages beautifully.

Weekly Wants #7

Thursday Tip: Wrong for Hay

Earlier this year I held a small trend inspiration workshop for the stylists at Vitra, and two trends that I said I wanted to see more of were geometric shapes in the form of spheres, cones and cylinders, and the use of cork as a material. It seems designer Sebastian Wrong was thinking along the same lines when he created this new collection for Hay, called Wrong for Hay. What do you think, do you like it too?

Thursday Tip: New Norm Dinnerware now available

The New Norm dinnerware from Menu that inspired the opening of Copenhagen restaurant Höst has this far only been available to buy at the restaurant itself and at Stilleben; a small shop in Cph, but in October it will finally be available from retailers world wide! I worked with this series of plates, cups and bowls when I styled some of the press photos for Höst, so take my word for it, it's a great dinnerware collection. Very versatile, the clean lines and colors are great for presenting any food, and the shapes are perfect for stacking.


Thursday Tip: B21b kitchen

I really like the idea of this kitchen from dialog-plan. It's super simple to assemble, comes complete with sink and induction hob plate, and has a great minimalist look. It's meant for offices, holiday houses or student apartments, but I can see it working in any home. 

Thursday Tip: Ro

One of the new to me companies I encountered at the Design Trade fair in Copenhagen last week was Ro. A Danish brand launched this summer, focusing on sustainable design.

"Ro is the Danish word for serenity, calmness and peace of mind.
These values are the essence of every Ro design piece.
With a strong passion for design, art and crafts the stage of Ro is being set.
Everything is created by talented craftsmen in durable designs and natural materials.
There are thoughtful narratives behind all our designs and within this passion lies the
key to real sustainability. After all, who wants to throw away something of significant
importance, value and quality that will last for a hundred years?" 

I really fell for their gradient vases seen in the pictures here, but Ro has more beautiful products that will be available in their soon-to-be-opened webshop.


Thursday Tip: Printlove by Vorstin

If you are a bit tired of wall posters with quotes and letters, but still like the graphic black and white style, this might be for you. Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst has created these art prints, all handmade on high quality paper. The X is the symbol of Amsterdam, my favorite city in the world, but it's also a universal symbol for love or kisses, so these fit me just perfectly!

Weekly Wants #2: Vipp + Merci

At the beginning of summer when I was in Copenhagen for the DesignTrade Blog Tour, we visited Vipp and got to see their new bin that was just launched this week. It's a collaboration with Parisian lifestyle store Merci, transferring and translating Merci's iconic paper bags to Vipp bins, to be sold during Paris Design Week. If you can fall in love with a waste basket, I did. I want this so bad, but it's only made in a very limited edition, so we'll see...
I got curiuos about the company behind the graphics, Be-Poles, a small graphic agency based in Paris and NY. While browsing the many wonderful cases on their site I came across these photos from their studios, and wanted to share them with you. It looks like an amazingly creative place to work, don't you think?
Photography: Benoît Linero


Thursday Tip: New prints by Ylva Skarp

Perfectly on trend, these new art prints from Swedish calligraphy artist Ylva Skarp are sure to become a big hit! As you can see, they include both the graphic statements and the flowing waterpaint effect that are so popular right now. Apart from being on trend, I think they are very beautiful, and the styling by Annaleena Leino really enhances their expressions.
In other news, my latest blog post for the DesignTrade blog is up now. It's about the airy summer house of glass designer Ingegerd Råman, I hope you will enjoy it!

The new Menu, sneak peek


As I wrote a couple of weeks ago when I blogged about their new concept store, Danish design brand Menu has really stepped up in the last few years. Their collaboration with Norm Architects has developed this once pretty boring brand into something totally fresh and interesting. Now they are taking the next step in this development and in time for the autumn season they are presenting a completely new graphic identity together with furniture and accessories by some of the world's best designers like Cecilie Manz, Benjamin Hubert and Note Design Studio. Menu sent me a pdf of their new catalogue, styled by Pernille Vest and Norm (and I was happy to see they even included some of the pictures I styled for Höst last year), and their pictures are quite amazing. I can't share the whole catalogue here, but at least I can give you a little sneak peek!


Handmade Finnish kitchens by Carpenter Collective

I just found these in my inbox, and thought they were too nice not to share with you. Cargo kitchens are designed by Kaisa Luukkanen of Carpenter Collective and hand made by skilled carpenters. The first kitchen is located at Luovi`s office in the Old Customs Warehouse in Helsinki. Luovi produces Helsinki Design Week. The second example below is a transformable kitchen situated in a 100 years old wooden house in Hyttikortteli, a housing area built for glass workers in the 1910's in Riihimäki, Finland.
I really appreciate the simplicity in these designs, far from industry standards, and I also love the visible gas containers, adding an industrial touch to the kitchens.
Happy midsummer everyone!


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