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Icelandic Design feature in Blue Wings Magazine

I just wanted to share this article on Icelandic design that I made together with photographer Mikael Axelsson for Finnair's in-flight magazine Blue Wings. Pretty proud of how it turned out. If you'd like to read it you can do so here (it's on page 61-64) and please check out the featured brands if you are curious about what is going on in terms of design in the world's youngest country: Postulina, Staka and Kristbjörg.

KOTO scented candle by Skandinavisk and Design Bloggers United

I've got some cool news for you! We, as in Design Bloggers United, are launching a scented candle in collaboration with Skandinavisk!
I am crazy about scented candles myself, the high quality kind that is, and I can already say that this one with a soft scent of amber, jasmine and vanilla will be a future favorite. We wanted to make a homey, welcoming scent, something that could represent our interests in homes and interiors, and chose a name to match. KOTO means home in Finnish.
This is how we like to describe our candle: A cosy refuge from the long dark Finnish winters, a seductress of scarce natural light, an intimate space to refresh the soul.
On a less poetic note, some basic facts: it's a big one, with four wicks and a burn time of 75 hours, and it will retail for around €60. Made from a mix of perfume, natural and mineral wax with wicks of 100% cotton, then poured into hand-blown glass.
KOTO will be presented next week at the Formex fair and is soon available in stores all over Europe, but you can already pre-order from Skandinavisk's own webshop.
Photos and styling by Susanna Vento, the newest member of the Design Bloggers United group. We are very happy she wanted to join!

STAY Copenhagen, The Penthouse Experience

Last week, while working on a project with photographer Mikael Axelsson, I had the pleasure of staying at STAY Copenhagen again. This time in the penthouse apartment, with direct access to the huge rooftop terrace, in addition to the two big balconies in the apartment. As my previous visits there were in the winter, I hadn't taken the opportunity to discover the roof terrace before, and I can easily say that it was a great bonus to our trip this time. They serve champagne up there every evening, and to sit there watching the sunset after a long work day sure was a lovely experience.
The apartments are huge and sparsely decorated in a minimalist black and white style, all furniture coming from Danish design brand Hay. While this might give an impression of being a little too minimalist for some, the place quickly warms up as you spread your own belongings around. At least that would be the case if you aren't like me, and all your stuff is also in grayscale...
Photography: Mikael Axelsson
Styling by me

Styling for Ferm Living

As promised, the second part of the photos me and Riikka made for Ferm Living. Grown up spaces this time with a kitchen and living theme, and I'm showing the black and white settings here, while Riikka has a bit more color over at her blog, so click over there to see the rest! If you missed our kids rooms last week, check them out here.
We made this series of five still lives, adding more products to each shot, and ended up with an animation showing the process.
Which picture do you like best? Super minimalist, filled to the brim with products, or somewhere in between?

Kids work space, in cooperation with Ferm Living

Last weekend I went to Helsinki to visit Riikka. We had a styling assignment to work on, given to us by Danish design brand Ferm Living. Our mission was to create four photos, two with children's products and two that were more focused on livingroom or kitchen. But we had so much fun that we made a whole bunch of settings and ended up with around 30 images!
I am sharing the first ones here, showing my version of a work space for a kids room, and Riikka is showing another part of the childrens room on her blog so click over there to see more. The other pictures we made, for more grown-up spaces, will be up next week.

Our blogger apartment at Fantastic Frank

I have so much to show you from last week, we had so many great experiences and creative sessions during our Design Blog Tour, and also of course my favorites from the Stockholm Furniture Fair! But I want to start with a tour through the "apartment" I styled at Fantastic Frank's office for our big party where over a hundred bloggers, designers and other cool people came to hang out with us. We had a wonderful evening, but our energy and moods the day after were perhaps not as high... Luckily we had planned a movie session with Bang & Olufsen, so we just spread out on the floor and enjoyed their amazing sound system while watching an action movie and stuffing our faces with candy, trying our best not to fall asleep. Best "after design week" event ever!
I aimed for a "real home" look instead of super styled and flashy, and collaborated with brands from different ends of the price range, as this is how people actually decorate their own homes. Spend a little more on something, and go for more affordable alternatives on other things.
Above you can see shelves filled with products from Granit and No Early Birds, and a speaker from B&O on the floor. In the second picture you will find furniture from No Early Birds with accessories from Granit.

I also brought quite a lot of accessories from my own home, like candles, art prints, books and magazines, Annaleena's pyramid and an old t-shirt, to try and make it a little more personal. Our party turned out to feel just like a good house party, complete with a neighbour coming down to pull the plug on the sound system and people sitting on beds, floors and desks all over the place. So I'd say I reached my goal!
The beds from Auping were put to good use both during the party and in our movie session. Super comfy, and this one was adjustable, so perfect to watch tv in.
Most of the furniture came from One Nordic Furniture Company, a new brand that are just opening their first Stockholm office this Spring. They collaborate with well known designers and have that distinct Scandinavian look to all their products, but what I like most is the clever assembly of their flat-packed pieces, that never requires any tools and is always super quick and easy. After styling with Ikea pieces for many years, that is truly something I value!
So many people asked me during the evening where the art was from. Now I have the answer! The artist's name is Emilia Ilke, and you can find her portfolio and online shop here.

My Marimekko styling, all together

All the posts from the Holiday pictures I made for Marimekko Village are up on the site now, so I wanted to collect them all together here. Perhaps someone (like myself) still needs a bit more inspiration to get in the mood for the festive season...
If you are wondering what the bathroom/skincare/spa picture above has to do with xmas, well, it's about the big traditional Christmas Bath of course! You know, the one yearly bath that people had before we got into the habit of keeping ourselves clean every day. At least, that is the myth. I'm not so sure it's actually true, but only bathing once a year is an entertaining thought!
Styling: Emma Fexeus

Vipp Christmas Styling in Copenhagen

I was invited to Copenhagen this Tuesday, to visit the Vipp shop together with lots of other bloggers from all over Europe. I arrived a few hours late after missing my flight, so was thrown head first into a food styling challenge where I teamed up with Stephanie from 70percentpure, Malene from Boligcious and Heidi from Fru Fly. Styling five dishes and table settings, with 15 minutes for each setting, and a wonderful prop table to pick from, was fantastic fun, but also very difficult! Styling food is extremely different from products...
It was a great day, that ended with a five course xmas dinner cooked by star chef Mikkel Karstad, where I had a chance to chat irl to some bloggers that I've only had online chats with before. Thanks Vipp for bringing us together for this event!
The pictures you see here are the results of our team's efforts, shot by Anders Hviid. (Whose bag I accidentally stole, so sorry about that Anders!)


Marimekko Holiday Inspiration

While we are on the subject of Marimekko, I'd like to announce our collaboration for the holidays! I have been invited to contribute to the Marimekko Village site to share my thoughts, tips and inspiration regarding the coming holidays. So almost every week from now until Christmas, there will be a new story from me, with a couple of pictures too.
I set up the still lifes for the pictures in the studio of photographer Patric Johansson, on his beautiful concrete floor, as I figured this would make a nice backdrop. I was a little nervous before I started, wondering how the mix of my toned down monochrome style would look together with Marimekko's colorful and graphic products. Turns out, they worked just fine together! Or what do you think?

My styling at Design Trade

I just thought you might want to see the styling I did for my part of our stand at Design Trade last week. I shared a booth with Desiree and Anna, and got the middle part which we decided to use as a dining area in our "mini apartment". It turned out to also be a great place for meetings and having coffee! As you can see if you look closely, I changed it around a little during the fair, updating the setting with some new favourites that I found while walking around the isles of the fair.


Styling with &Tradition at Norm's studio

During our Design Trade blog tour in Copenhagen we were invited to a brunch at the loft studio of Norm Architects, where we were challenged to use products from &Tradition to style a picture to be shot by photographer Rune Lundø. We also had the pleasure to meet interior stylist Stine Langvad and hear the inspiring story of how she works.
As there were very few props, basically just some coffee table books, I had to get creative. So I sneaked a couple of unfinished prototypes from the office and found some old papers in the trash bin, took a photography lamp and some studio wall supports and made a super simple still life with those. I love the wall I propped it all up against, and I think that without the old fuse boxes this picture would be extremely boring...

Danish home features for sale!

Last autumn I went to Copenhagen together with Annaleena to shoot some homes for a project we had planned. However, that project never happened, because both our careers took off in different directions and we could never find the time to realize our plans. So here we are now with hundreds of great pictures that deserve a better destiny than being hidden away on our hard drives! Perhaps someone would be interested in publishing them?
I'm showing a tiny sneak peek below, just to give you some idea of what we are sitting on. We also shot a whole bunch of stylish restaurants, cafés and shops, so if anyone would like to publish a Copenhagen city guide we could easily whip that up too!
Above are the homes of designer Nina Bruun and instagram star Pernille Z
Below is the wonderful monochrome world of artist Tenka Gammelgaard.

Est Magazine + Northern Delights

The latest issue of Est Magazine is out today, looking great as always! It's one of my faourite e-mags, and I was so happy when they asked me for an interview about my book. You can read the whole seven(!) spreads here, together with lots of pictures from the book that haven't been published before. But don't forget to check out the rest of the magazine as well, because there are some really nice features!



Giveaway: NS2 Air Speakers from Nocs

Giveaway time! This week you have the chance to win a set of NS2 Air Monitors from Nocs worth $449. Designed in Sweden, and with a sound quality that matches it's great design, the speakers are available in a big range of colors to match your home. They are active speakers with AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your Mac, PC, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You can see them in the pictures below, which I styled in cooperation with Fantastic Frank.
To see the rest of this apartment, have a look here. I had a great afternoon in this sunny functionalist home together with stylist Thomas Lingsell and photographer Andy Liffner, and I hope to be able to work with them again in the near future!

To enter the competition and have a chance to win a set of Nocs NS2 Air Monitors in the color of your choice, follow these simple steps:
1. Follow Nocs on Instagram (username nocsdesign)
2. Snap a photo of the spot where you would place your new speakers, upload it to Instagram and tag the picture with #nocs
The competition will be open for one week, until April 14. Good Luck!

Northern Delights, my book almost finished!

I'm so excited to share this with you today! The first pictures of my book, Northern Delights: Scandinavian Homes, Interiors and Design are out now, and although it's not printed yet (it will be published mid March), you can see exactly how it's going to look. It's such a great feeling to see how all my hard work and favorite pictures are coming together as a real book! The book shares the aestethics of this blog for the most parts, but there is also a more colorful chapter, and some other surprises that you wouldn't find on my blog. Also, the book holds a mix of interiors and products, and several nice interviews with interesting people from the Scandinavian design scene. You can read all about it here on Gestalten's site where you can also see some more pictures.
Update! You can buy a copy here!

My styling for Brdr. Krüger

Remember back in December, when I went to Copenhagen (again) for a styling job, and showed you some behind-the-scenes? The shoot was for Brdr. Krüger's new catalogue. They are an old Danish family business, established in 1886, probably most famous for their Tray Tables designed in 1963 by architect Hans Bølling. What you perhaps didn't know is that they are also producing the world famous wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen. The monkey production actually takes place in their home, with the whole family gathered around the dining table, attaching the different parts by hand. Isn't that awesome?!
The brief for the pictures was to make some fresh and inspirational photos of the tray tables and Orbis Mobile glass tables/carts. I wanted to take them out of their traditional context and make them a bit more modern and playful, so I chose to do the shoot in a studio where we could play around a bit more and not be constrained by the limits of a real home. I also tried to vary the settings and expressions as much as I could for each photo, to show the versatility of the tables. The pictures are meant to be more as loose suggestions sparking the imagination than real life settings that you can copy and use in your home.
Below are my favorite pictures (there are more photos, but we played around worked hard in the studio for two days so I won't show you everything because you would get bored). What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
Photo: Jonas Krüger
Styling: Emma Fexeus


Behind the scenes in Copenhagen

I'm home from three wonderful days of styling work in Copenhagen, styling catalogue pictures for Brdr. Krüger, and would like to show you these pics I snapped with my Eos M in the photo studio. The real pictures will come later, and I am really excited about them, so I hope you will like them too! They include snowballs, a whole raw fish, and the insides of a dishwasher...

Pictures from Höst

As promised, here are some of the pictures that Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and I made together at the new restaurant Höst in Copenhagen. You can see more on Norm's new blog, New Norm, which is all about their new dinnerware.

Norm + Menu + Cofoco = Höst, a new restaurant in Copenhagen

The reason I went to Copenhagen this week was to style a few pictures for a new restaurant, and this is the story behind it:
Norm Architects designed a dinner service named New Norm together with Menu, a Danish design company. And now they are making a whole restaurant around the concept, called Höst (Autumn in Swedish). The restaurant will be a part of Cofoco, a hugely popular restaurant group in Copenhagen, who already runs nine restaurants, each with its own distinct style and menu. The focus at Höst will be on organic, locally produced New Nordic cuisine. Something I got to see for myself when I stepped into the kitchen and found a chef preparing some dish using a pine tree! And in the basement, instead of the traditional wine cellar, there is a jam/preserves cellar. I loved their concept and ideas and will tell you more soon when I get the final photos that Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and I made together.
Right now I can't wait to show you some behind the scenes snapshots that I made. What you can't really see here in the photos is that the space was only half ready, the renovations still going on everywhere, with builders and staff running around trying to get everything ready. You might spot a painting ladder here or a broom there, but trust me, it was quite chaotic really... I'm sure they'll manage to get it all together for the big opening night though!
I'm getting to like my new EOS M camera more and more, and my favorite feature this far is the fact that you can set it to shoot in your own personal settings. So instead of using one of the built in scenes like sunset, sports or landscape, I created my own "scene" to suit my taste in photography, with added contrast and sharpness and less saturation than the automatic mode.

My t-shirt against breast cancer!

One of my projects this autumn was to design a t-shirt in cooperation with Kellogg's Special K to raise money for breast cancer research. The t-shirt is finished now and from today you can get it here or at NK department store in Stockholm. I hope you like it and want to support the fight against cancer! All proceeds goes to Cancerfonden's breast cancer research.
My thought behind the design was to make something that I would want to wear, something far from the Pink Ribbon logo, with a more edgy feeling. I wanted the message of the design to be clear if you know about the campaign, but I didn't want something that says "boobs" or "cancer" in a very obvious way if you know what I mean... So this is the result:

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