Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Perfectly Graphic Ikea Styling by Pella

I just love these photos that Pella styled for Ikea Livet Hemma, and the table lamp Låter, that was new to me, is definitely going on my list for the next trip to the big store. Because one can never have too many lamps, right?

COS x Till Wiedeck, store installation with display tables


For winter 2014 fashion brand COS commissioned Till Wiedeck to develop a bespoke in store installation for their worldwide retail shops. In close collaboration they created “Object XI & XII” a unique interpretation of Wiedeck’s 2012 project Critical Objects. The two tables continue the studio’s exploration of the border between the functional and the sculptural.

“Object XI & XII” is designed to host a carefully curated selection of items in a black and white theme. Merging functionality and abstraction we developed a unique rubber granulate surface resembling Travatine stone while preserving the tactile and functional aspects of the rubber.

The table can be seen in COS stores worldwide from 20th of November 2014.



Xmas the Lotta Agaton way

Barely a month until the holidays now! Have you started? I mean, have you started decorating, or buying presents, or planning food, making candy, eating gingerbread cookies and drinking mulled wine? I can only say I'm on track with the last two things on the list... Looking at Lotta Agaton's christmas styling for Residence magazine made me feel a tiny bit calmer though, so perhaps they can help you too? It all looks quite relaxed and simple actually, making me think that maybe I can make it in time!

Hueso, Mexico - a restaurant covered in bones

Let's start this week with something slightly macabre! This new restaurant in Jalisco, Mexico, is covered in bones. Over 10 000 of them actually. Designed by Ignacio Cadena and aptly named Hueso (= bones in Spanish), "a reference to the chef’s natural cooking style. It’s part of a “Darwinian vision,”" says designer Ignacio Cadena, and required six months of scouring north Mexico, cleaning, and purifying to get the off-white skeletal pieces ready.



Hetki Paper - visual moments from everyday life

I've been following the blog Suvi sur le vif for a long time, so I was very excited to read that Suvi is launching a new project; the site Hetki Paper. Together with Henna from Coco Sweet Dreams, they will share "visual moments and things from their everyday lives", and it already looks very inspiring, with an interview/home visit, a collection of autumn soup recipes, a sneak peek into Henna's everyday essentials, and some nice garden/plant inspiration. More to come soon hopefully!

Graphic black and white Xmas DIY inspiration from IKEA

You probably know by now that I don't really do holiday decorating in my home. It's just not for me, all this gold and glitter extravaganza, or the shabby chic white painted cuteness, and definitely not the traditional red and green version either. This graphic, slightly edgy DIY xmas style though, this I could do!
Photos from IKEA Livet Hemma

Relaxed Bohemian Scandi Style

Do you sometimes find that you can spot immediately when seeing an image which stylist is behind it? I do, and I'm not sure if it is because I see so many pictures all day long, but I think it has more to do with the fact that some professionals develop a signature style, and like to leave little clues in the pics. Like this apartment shot by Emily Layethat I am positive was styled by Thomas Lingsell. The love of wilted flowers is something me and Thomas talked about years back, and you can see it in most of his stylings, and the hat hanging on the door post is Thomas' private headwear. I know there are many more stylists doing this; Lotta Agaton for example, who often uses things her children made as props, or letters with a special meaning to her. I think it makes the images more fun to look at, as the stylist's personal style shines through no matter what the project is.

Gradients + Plywood = Nendo's Design for Backyard by | n

Totally loving the gradient paintwork on the display boxes in the new Backyard boutiqe, designed by Nendo. I'm thinking of using the idea for a headboard for my bed, or maybe just a big sheet of plywood with hooks attached to it, for hallway storage...
"The shop design for by | n, an original brand with all nendo-designed products located in the Seibu Sogo department stores in Tokyo. BACKYARD refers both to a shop’s storage space or loading dock and a tiny paradise for children, an outdoor space for free play. We wanted to combine the novelty of the commercial back yard, in which new products arrive straight from the workshop, with the excitement of playing in the back yard at home. Simple white fixtures bring out the rich variety of the different products, and the plinths and stands’ plywood texture appears gradually towards the base."

Minimalist Industrial Tokyo Loft

Tokyo is on my top list of places to visit, and the images from this rentable airbnb loft apartment didn't exactly push the city further down on the list...
Found via FvF

Norm Architects' New Studio

Copenhagen based Norm Architects just moved into a new studio, and it looks amazing, as expected. I can't wait to visit!

One Apartment - Three Stylists

Fastighetsbyrån, one of Sweden's biggest real estate firms, just revealed their latest pr project. They let three well known interior stylists play around in one apartment, each creating their very own style. I have been following behind the scenes on instagram, and was very much looking forward to seeing the results. And I am happily surprised!
One of the styles, the dark and graphic one by Tina Hellberg, is something I could move straight into without changing even one little thing. It even has my favourite sofa in the world, the 80's Moment from Ikea. Actually it's probably the exact same one I was drooling over a month earlier, because these are pretty rare nowadays. Adorned with an Eames patterned cushion, the same pattern I've been planning to make into a tattoo. Then there is the Afteroom chair I was planning to get for my next home, and the Georg stool and bench, and the marble pendants from Menu that I have in my entrance, and the House Doctor rug I have been eyeing forever, and the Eames side table and the Aalto stool as a bedside table... Well, let's stop before it gets silly. Let's just say I already have half of the stuff in the images, and the other half I was planning to get. This apartment could have been made for me. Ok, I'd throw out the pink stuff in the bedroom, and I might not want a horse above the couch, but other than that, I could have picked it all myself.
In this post I'm showing photos from Tina's styling, but if you are curious to see the two others as well, styled by Hans Blomqvist and Mikael Beckman, click over here.

Feeling Green

This image from Kristalia pretty much sums up my inspiration mood at the moment. Concrete, white and green, a touch of brown/beige and slightly messy. Also, this looks like the studio of a designer, with the prototypes and unfinished objects on the shelf, and I always fall for that "creative chaos" look.

Georg - the sealskin edition

The successful Georg furniture collection by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm for Skagerak just got a new and exclusive member, namely the sealskin edition of the Georg stool. It's absolutely gorgeous, and even though I always get upset comments when posting non-vegan products here, I just couldn't leave it out! It's made in a limited edition of 80 pieces, and a certificate of origin guarantees that the sealskins are sustainably sourced by Greenlandic Inuit. That, and the fact that it would look cool in just about any surroundings, puts this on my list of things that would be very welcome in my home.
While browsing Skagerak's site I stumbled over this coat hanger/rack/easel style storage solution named Push, designed by Stine H. Andersen. I think it looks like a great answer to the big question of where to put everything you need when leaving the house, but don't really have space for.

Curater - Acne's latest project or a spoof?

Have you heard of Curater? I just read about it over at Trendenser, and the concept seemed so silly to me that I had to click over to their site to see what it was all about. Apparently it's a subscription service for art, in a digital form, streamed to a special screen in your home. The stream is curated by "leading art institutions and internationally renowned curators" (all unnamed though), and is planned to be launched "sometime in the next 12 months". The Curater site looks like a standard Squarespace template, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's not what one expects from a brand like Acne. And digital frames? Wasn't that Christmas Present of the Year in 1996?
Whether this is for real, or just a big spoof, is yet to be seen. Either way, I'm not convinced.

Swooning over Swoon

Le White Concept Store, Paris

Need something to brighten a tired Friday morning? Hop on over to Garance Doré to see the rest of the photos from this French concept store where EVERYTHING is white.

Muji Designs Minimalist House in Tokyo

Japanese design brand Muji designed this narrow three-storey house in Tokyo. Like its products, the house is about the concept of simplicity, maximizing the available space and its functions. 

Retro industrial kitchens in new project by Riksbyggen

Today's most drool worthy pictures? These 3D renders from a new residential project by Riksbyggen, with interiors inspired by the retro industrial style, in an old building from the 1930's. The kitchens are what impressed me the most, with the butcher style tiles, smooth matte cabinet doors and leather clad handles. This is very close to what I'd pick for myself if I had free reins to design a kitchen. Actually, if it wasn't for the fact that this building is an old mental hospital, I might have considered moving in... But I guess the new tennants will be braver than me. Would you dare to live in a former asylum?

The old leather factory

Very excited to see the full feature on this styling by Pella Hedeby! It's in the latest issue of Plaza Interiör. The apartment is located in Läderfabriken, an old factory building recently redeveloped into a residential house by Oscar Properties. I really love these old industrial buldings, wish there were more of them left in the city...

Loft with graphic stairs by Andreas Martin-Löf

Let's start the day in this loft apartment designed by architect Andreas Martin-Löf. I've never seen stairs like that, and if you want to see an amazing bathroom with a round pennytiled tub, click over to Fantastic Frank for the rest of the images.

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