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Follow that hashtag! #stylingcompetition

I just wanted to make sure that you have all seen the awesome styling competition that is going on over on Instagram right now. A whole bunch of my favorite stylists, photographers, bloggers and generally stylish and creative persons are having a friendly styling battle where they post still life pictures every day, and you don't want to miss it!
They use the hashtag #stylingcompetition, so I collected their photos in a little widget here, but do click over to check them all out! (There are photos tagged with #stylingcompetition that are not associated with this challenge, so some unrelated pics may pop up here.) Perhaps you will find some new inspiring people to follow!

Follow that guy! Kristofer Johnsson

Last year I started this category here, "Follow that...", which was meant to be a weekly column where I could share my favorite instagrammers/pinners/bloggers, but it got off to a rough start as one of the first persons I featured turned out to have stolen some of the images in their account. That made me lose my joy for it, and I stopped making these posts. I still liked the idea though, and I think the time has come to blow some life into this column again.
I'd like to start with a feature on Swedish photographer Kristofer Johnsson. He works a lot with Pella, and they always produce stunning images. Kristofer has an instagram account that you can follow here (that is where I found all the pictures for this post), a tumblr here and you'll find his portfolio here. Enjoy!

Follow that girl! Anna Ławska


Pinterest is so full of people sharing their great taste, but sometimes I forget to look for new ones to follow. This week I found a really great pinner though, totally new to me and probably you too! Her name is Anna Ławska and she is a jewelry designer from Poland with a very clean and minimalist style. Below are some samples from a couple of her boards, but do check out the rest too!

Follow that guy! Saša Antić

Have you seen interior stylist Saša Antić's tumblr blog Field Notes? It's one of the most beautiful tumblrs I've seen, and a great place for inspiration.


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