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SP34, a design hotel in Copenhagen

Hotel SP34 used to be known as Fox, a "design hostel" of sorts, filled with vibrant colours and unique wall art. However, through an amazing renovation this is now a four star location for Danish design classics in stylish environments, all kept in natural hues with dashes of brass. I don't have to tell you I like this incarnation better, do I?


The Apartment in Antwerp, by Vincent Van Duysen

Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp started out as a chic dining and shopping destination, and as the guests kept saying they wanted to move in, the owners turned their upstairs apartment into a hotel. Inspired by the architect's own home, they asked Vincent Van Duysen to realize the project.
The innovative concept is described by Van Duysen as ’A collection of curiosities where each and every floor tells a story. It’s an idea, but also a sensory location that keeps on evolving as it grows.’
Graanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease with a restaurant, a shop, a gallery space and an apartment all under one roof. Quite a remarkable concept, don’t you think?

Read a very inspiring and well written interview with Van Duysen here. See all photos from the apartment here.
Via All Is Pretty, with thanks

Volkshotel Amsterdam; a design hotel for the people

As I've written here before, Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities, and I'll take any excuse to go there. Now I have two! We are planning the next blog tour there in October, and the new Volkshotel just opened, which I'm curious to see!
Located in a building formerly used as a newspaper headquarters, the interiors remind me a lot of the Michelberger in Berlin, but with the building's history showing in the details in between the raw materials such as concrete and plywood. And this hotel also has a rooftop terrace, complete with sauna and hot tubs, so definitely looking forward to trying that out! The Volkshotel claims to be a hotel for everyone, welcoming punk rockers, single moms, stockbrokers and poets, dandies and dishwashers, and with their opening offer of €69/room throughout July, I believe almost anyone could afford it too.

Strandwood Vacation Rental in Germany

This house in Germany, called Strandwood House and located by the beach on Rügen Island, fulfills many of my summerhouse dreams. Simple natural materials, calming hues and interiors, lots of light and not much to distract you from living simply with only the bare necessities. If I would get a summer house, it would look very much like this.
Via Desire to Inspire with thanks!



STAY Copenhagen, The Penthouse Experience

Last week, while working on a project with photographer Mikael Axelsson, I had the pleasure of staying at STAY Copenhagen again. This time in the penthouse apartment, with direct access to the huge rooftop terrace, in addition to the two big balconies in the apartment. As my previous visits there were in the winter, I hadn't taken the opportunity to discover the roof terrace before, and I can easily say that it was a great bonus to our trip this time. They serve champagne up there every evening, and to sit there watching the sunset after a long work day sure was a lovely experience.
The apartments are huge and sparsely decorated in a minimalist black and white style, all furniture coming from Danish design brand Hay. While this might give an impression of being a little too minimalist for some, the place quickly warms up as you spread your own belongings around. At least that would be the case if you aren't like me, and all your stuff is also in grayscale...
Photography: Mikael Axelsson
Styling by me

Sågverket, Sweden's most stylish hostel, up for sale

Many of the post in the upcoming weeks will be about stylish places to stay when traveling both inside and outside of Sweden. One place I've been wanting to visit is Sågverket, Sweden's most stylish hostel. I was actually there a few years ago, before it was bought and renovated by the current owners. Although it was quite nice even back then, there were lots of things that needed improvement... Looking at the pics here I can see that they have all been taken care of, everything looks just perfect now! The place is up for sale again, so if you, like me, have been wanting to visit, I believe now is the time to go, because who knows what will happen when it switches owners again...

Behomm - Stylish home exchange for creatives

Have you heard of Behomm yet? It's a home exchange site exclusively for designers and visual artists, where you can switch homes with other style minded people around the world. So no more searching the net for hours to find a place to stay that looks decent enough for your next vacation, here you have a carefully selected collection of beautiful homes around the world, available for free in exchange for letting the owners stay at your place while you are enjoying theirs.
I always prefer to stay in private apartments when I travel as it makes you feel more like a local, and the freedom to sit at the breakfast table with messy hair and be grumpy until the coffee has kicked in is quite invaluable. Also, traveling with kids is so much easier when you have a real home to withdraw to after a long day out, instead of having to crowd together on the bed of a small hotel room where the only available activity is to watch tv...
Many of the homes on Behomm have been featured in magazines, and choosing which ones to show here was tough, but below is a small selection to give you an idea of what you have to pick from.
This post was made in collaboration with Behomm, but as always, the words, opinions and image selection are all my own.

Miss Clara - a new design hotel in Stockholm

The Nobis group, standing behind stylish hotels like Skeppsholmen, Nobis and Furillen, just opened a new hotel here in Stockholm called Miss Clara, and although I haven't been there yet (spent the last week in Iceland, but more about that later) I must say it looks extremely promising from the press photos!
The 92-room hotel is housed in the former Ateneum girls’ school building, erected in 1910. The building was designed by architects Hagström & Ekman and is considered one of Stockholm’s most exquisite Art Nouveau edifices. The old girls’ school has been transformed into an elegant and comfortable international business hotel by Wingårdhs, one of Sweden’s leading and most internationally renowned architecture firm, under the leadership of architect Gert Wingårdh.
When designing Miss Clara, Wingårdh’s architects drew inspiration from the building’s original Art Nouveau architecture, distinguished by its soft and graceful organic lines and use of solid natural materials. Characteristic traits in the original architecture have been interpreted into new contemporary expressions. The interiors feature many specially designed and crafted furniture pieces and installations in solid, superior quality natural materials of predominantly Swedish origin, such as limestone, oak, bentwood, and natural leather. The color scheme is orchestrated in sophisticated darker notes on the floor level, with white walls and ceilings that emphasize the openness of the rooms.


Shelter7, private apartment for rent in Ghent, Belgium

Shelter7 is a private apartment and meeting space for short-term rent, located in the historic city centre of Ghent, Belgium. The three level house has been beautyfully renovated and furnished with a mix of vintage and designer furniture (with names as Joe Colombo, Mathieu Matégot and Arne Jacobsen) carefully selected by Frederic Hooft and accessories by Veva van Sloun, from the online concept store I/Object. The interior architecture is also a mix between classic and modern, with old wood staircases and floors contrasting with clean lined concrete and metal.
concrete kitchen and wood staircase at shelter7

sphere shaped ceiling at shelter7

vintage chairs and wooden floor at shelter7

minimalist stairs against concrete wall at shelter7

vintage leather sofa at shelter7

black built in plywood storage in bedroom at shelter7

STAY Copenhagen

While in Copenhagen, I had the pleasure of staying at STAY Copenhagen, a design hotel who only offers apartment suites, all in a very minimalistic style furnished with HAY products. My apartment was huge, 130 sqm, with three balconies with sea views, what a luxury! The hotel doesn't have their own restaurant, but located in the same building are an organic bakery, a supermarket, a sushi bar, an italian restaurant and a takeaway place, so you won't have to go hungry for that reason.
This time, when I wasn't so stressed out, I think my photos turned out a little better...

Miss'Opo Guest House in Porto, Portugal

Right now I'm dreaming of visiting this guest house in Porto that I just found on Remodelista. It's a place welcoming all people interested in culture and creativity, and besides being a hotel, there are lots of things going on there like workshops and exhibitions. The interiors are purposely left raw to make space for flexibility and fantasies... How great does that sound?!
The images below are mainly from the renovations of the building, but if you want to see more of what it looks like now, just visit Miss'Opo's site or this post on Yatzer.
Photo: Shanna Jones + the hotel's own


Comfort Hotel Grand Central, Oslo

The new Grand Central hotel in Oslo, Norway, looks great! However, I wish they would have incorporated some more Norwegian designs, to give it a more local flavour. Norwegian design has really stepped it up in the last few years, so I think they should be proud and show it off!


Hotel Wiesler, Graz, Austria

Although I have no desire to travel at the moment (moving house does that to me), Hotel Wiesler in Graz, Austria looks very tempting...

Alaïa Lofts

Fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa has converted a 300 sqm loft hosted in a traditional 17th century building in the Marais district in Paris into three exclusive apartments/suites.  It really does not get more boutique than this. 
The idea behind these three 100 sqm apartments is for the visitor to get a feel of the true Parisian life. It is a hotel concept which incorporates the necessary facilities of daily life. Each apartment has a private entrance and once inside, a complete fitted kitchen meets all the needs of the guests. Alaïa's aim was to achieve a true feeling of a home away from home.

From Yatzer, via Ideas to Steal. Photo Alexandre & Emilie, Persona Production

The Exchange

I found this amazing hotel on the April and May blog and I just had to show it here! It's called The Exchange and is located in Amsterdam. The concept is "rooms dressed like models", styled by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Which room is your favorite?

STAY Copenhagen Hotel

If anyone is interested in seeing which hotel the pictures in the last post is from, it's STAY Copenhagen. A design hotel totally decked out in Hay furniture, both their own designs and other brands available in their shops. You can stay for as long or short periods as you like, and it is even possible to buy your own apartment, with or without hotel services.


Babylonstoren in South Africa is a stylish luxury hotel and a working farm at once, where guests can enjoy the pleasure of hand-picking their own crops and experience how it feels to play it on the safe side and be a "chic farmer".

Found via Yatzer, where you can find many more pictures and a lot more info.

La Maison des Centraliens

Design Hotel Week: Aire de Bardenas, Spain

Sorry for going M I A on you all for the last two days, my internet connection has been playing with me, only giving me access to the web for 30 seconds every five minutes or so... Very annoying when your whole job depends on it. So now I'm throwing this post together very quickly before the router decides to shut me down again. The pictures are from Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Spain. I love the pallets and the plywood!



Via Lime & Meadow

Design Hotel Week: The Michelberger, Berlin

I can't have a design hotel week without mentioning The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin! It seems everyone I know have been there, it's THE place to stay in Berlin. And since Berlin is THE place to go right now, that must mean that the Michelberger is the hippest place on earth right now? Perhaps it is, I don't know, but it looks pretty cool to me.
One thing I especially love about the place is the communal tables in the restaurant. I think that is a very nice idea, as it creates spontaneous meetings between strangers, which is really what travelling is all about, right?

Photos via We Heart

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