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Pella nails it again

When I grow up and become filthy rich, I will hire Pella to decorate my home. Her taste is so refined, and her sense for detail exquisite. Her styling might look simple, but it really takes a lot of talent to make something very simple look so inviting and fresh.
Ps. Don't miss her other blog, where she shows more of what she does in her work as a decorator.


Advent inspo by An-Magritt

For more inspiration on Advent decorations, visit An-Magritt!

Michelle Wentworth's new site

Are you all familiar with designer Michelle Wentworth? Does the name Mo+Mo Living ring a bell? If not, you have missed something great. Michelle has written a great description of the blog:
"Mo+Mo Living combines the pared back aesthetic of modern minimalism with a considered way of living. By sharing ideas, design, and resources we hope to inspire our readers to live more simply and to create and find beauty in the everyday. We believe in considered living and that the everyday experience is enhanced by thoughtful choices; having fewer things, investing in well-made products, simplifying our environment, surrounding ourselves with beauty, eating clean and fair food."
Curious? Jump on over to the freshly designed site where you will find her updated portfolio.


Blog Love: Stil Inspiration

I just have to make sure that none of you have missed the wonderful blog that Pella Hedeby edits; Stil Inspiration. It's one of my absolute favorites, and exactly as the name tells you, it's full of very stylish inspiration. Pella blogs not only about her own projects in her work as an interior decorator and stylist, but also makes wonderful inspiration posts with mood boards and nice mixes of pictures. Check it out!
Below are some of Pella's own photos, all styled and shot by her.


Blog Love: Loppelilla

I just found the Norwegian blog Loppelilla. I know it's been around for a long time, but I always passed it up because of the name ( = Little Flea), thinking it was just another one of those overly cute retro/country style blogs. But it's not! It's a beautiful, quite minimalistic blog, with wonderful photos all shot by the blog owner herself. Below are some of my favorites, but there are many more on her blog. Enjoy!

Mathilda Clahr lives here!

The link to design student Mathilda Clahr's blog on Odalisque Magazine has been going around the bloggosphere for the last few days, after Lotta Agaton wrote about Mathilda on her blog. I fell in love just like everyone else, and found a treasure trove of photos from Mathilda's home. But there is so much more to her blog than that, she has fantastic taste in furniture, art and design, so go check it out for yourselves!

Blog love: Yvonne Koné

I have seen photos from the studio and home of Danish designer Yvonne Koné in RUM magazine before, and they are some of my favourite pics that I always go back to. So today, when reading Lotta Agaton's blog, I was so happy to see that Yvonne has a blog! Look at all these amazing photos from the factories and workshops where Yvonne's bags and accessories are being made!

Photography: Line Klein

Blog Love: Pethra Etc

I found the blog Pethra Etc yesterday while reading another lovely blog; 20 kvadrat. Pethra's blog is full of great photos from her stylish home, mixed with other pictures, have a look!

Photo: Pethra

Blog love: Suvi sur le vif

Suvi sur le vif is my latest blog crush, run by a Finnish photographer/visual artist. She captures the beauty of everyday imperfection just perfectly.

Lifecycling, like a Japanese Selby

I found this new to me site called Lifecycling, through another relatively new find of mine; See hear say. Lifecycling is like a Japanese version of The Selby or Freunde von Freunden. In other words, great photos of interesting homes, but far from the glossy pictures we see in magazines.

Photography: Osamu Masc

Blog tips!

Annaleena wrote a post about their latest project in the styling class lead by Lotta Agaton that she and some other very talented ladies are attending. One of the pictures she showed caught my eye, and it was styled by Ica Carlsson, who just started her own blog. It looks very promising, have a look here.

Photo by Annaleena

More blog love!

Another great blogger, who also is an amazing photographer and has a wonderful sense of style, is Sofia from Mokkasin! She is just about to start her own webshop, launching September 20, and I'm very curious to see it as I'm sure it's going to be full of great stuff!

Blog Love

I just scrolled through Weronica's blog En Mammas Dag and felt I had to share these photos of hers with you all. She is such a great photographer and stylist!

Blog Tips!

I found a new blog! Well, new to me that is, since it has been up and running since 2008.
It's called Mariaemb and is written by Maria who just moved into her new apartment a couple of months ago, and it's already looking great! Here are some of my favorite pics from her new home:


Another new blog, and this one is actually new, is honeypielivingetc! This isn't exactly a blog on interiors, or at least it's not only about interiors, but it's a blog full of mixed pictures from the editor's life. But oh my god, the photos! She is such a talented photographer, and on top of that it seems that everyone in her family look like super models. And she lives in a huge whitepainted old house. Do you need anything more to go check it out?


Blog Tips!

I just have to share these two awesome Swedish blogs with you!

The first one, Riazzoli., is one I have stumbled over many times but always forgot to add to my RSS list for some strange reason. This time I found it through Tant Johanna, and I'm not going to lose it this time! Riazzoli. is a mix of the editor's own photos and ones she collects online. I love them all! Below is a selection of Riazzoli.'s own photos:


The second blog I want to share with you today is STIL inspiration, owned by Pella who often comments here, so I wasn't surprised when I clicked over to her and found that she shares a lot of my taste! Right now she is making moodboards of her autumn inspirations, so do click over quick because she updates A LOT! Below are a few of my favorites found on her blog:



Blog Tips!

I just wanted to do a little shout out about the blog French By Design. Always beautiful, always inspiring. Go see for yourself!

Here is a taster:

Blog tips!

Looking for some new blogs to read! I found some new favorites lately, and I'd love to share them with you. So here they are, in no particular order:

Adventurous Design Quest is a blog that looks almost like a pin board, click around to find some great pics of fresh, inspirational photos.

Holmberg Everyday Living lets you follow the renovation and decoration of a house photographed by the very talented blog owner, mixed with other shots from great stylists and photographers.


Mo+Mo Living is one site you don't want to miss, curated and edited by designer Michelle Wentworth. The photos and styling are amazing, and the blog posts and articles gives you hands on tips on how to live a stylish, minimal and sustainable life. Highly inspiring! There is also a great section called resources where you can find links to the editor's favourite shops, books and products.

Blog Tips!

Blog love: En mammas dag - Weronica

I have read Weronicas part of the blog En mammas dag (it's actually two blogs in one but I like her part best) for a long time now, probably almost since the start. And it just keeps getting better! Weronica's talents as a stylist and photographer is getting more obvious with every post, and she could very well compete with some of the top stylists and photographers in the country. I definitely think she should quit her day job and start a business instead, so that she would get the acknowledgement and payment she deserves for her great work! These photos were all shot and styled by Weronica, in her own home. Inspiring, right?

Bathroom details by Mia Linnman

Swedish artist Mia Linnman runs one of my favorite blogs, Solid Frog. She posted these beautiful pictures from her bathroom today which inspired me to clean and style our bathrooms. I don't own a lot of perfume or jewelery, but I do have quite a collection of make up that could be used to pretty up the space instead of hiding in a cupboard. I believe that will have to be my weekend project. What are your plans for this weekend, are you doing any projects at home or are you just going to relax? However you whish to spend it, I hope you have a great weekend!

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