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The winning photos from Beckmans!

I just heard that the new issue of Plaza Interiör is out, and that means I can finally post the winning photos from the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. What a nice way to start the weekend!
Btw, Plaza Interiör just got a page on Facebook, like it to see what's going with this great magazine.
Our theme for the styling was "Contrasts", and as you can see we all worked with that in different ways through colours, materials and shapes.

Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Styling: Monica Hökars

The graduation shoot

Here are some of the pictures from our graduation shoot at Beckmans Akademi. I know that some people worried that we would all come out as mini Lottas, copying her style, but I think those worries are gone when you see these photos, right? Everyone in the class definitely has their own personal style! I think they are all really great! All photos are shot by Petra Bindel with retouching by Elin Strömberg.

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Styling: Sanna Catenacci

Styling: Anna Gorecki

I won!

Today was the last day of class at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans Akademi. It was also the day when Lotta announced which picture from our graduation project (styling a set photographed by Petra Bindel at Färgfabriken) that would be published in Plaza Interiör. As it turned out, she chose three pics instead of just one. And my photo was among the chosen ones, along with Maliin Stoor's and Monica Hökars' photos! I still can't quite believe it!

Unfortunately this also means that I can't show the winning photos here before the magazine is in stores. But I promise to blog it as soon as I can! Luckily, there are 11 great photos from the rest of the class that weren't chosen for the magazine, and hopefully I will get my hands on them soon...

But I can't make a blog post without pictures now, can I? Of course not. So I figured this would be a good time to show you some of our teacher Lotta Agaton's less known photos. Most of her images have been around the bloggosphere a billion rounds, but these haven't, so I think they feel quite fresh. Enjoy!

Still Life practice 2

We had another still life practice yesterday at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. Our mission was to create an advertising photo for one or several products from Lotta Agaton Shop. It was lots of fun, and so exciting to see how much everyone had developed! Elin Strömberg was our photographer for the day, and she did a great job again, as you can see below. I am really happy with my photo this time, I feel like I found my style now.

This weekend is spent at Färgfabriken, shooting the graduation projects. I am already done, and I must say it feels good. I think the photo will be ok... I will publish the photos from this later, as they all need to go through some retouching etc.

Below are yesterday's still lifes. Enjoy!

Styling: Anna Gorecki

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)

Styling: Klara Kristin

Styling: Maliin Stoor

Styling: Monica Hökars

Graduation project, inspiration

This week I've been preparing the presentation of my idea for the graduation shoot at Beckmans, and these photos were my inspiration. As you can see, I'm heading in a completely different direction than the first still life I made, which became much too soft and romantic in my opinion... We are shooting in an amazing location called Färgfabriken (=The Paint Factory) in Stockholm, see pics here.

Surveillance Chandelier by Humans Since 1982, photo by Tim Meier


Architecture: Be-Fun Design


Styling: Gitte Kjær, Photo: Mikkel Mortensen


Photo: The Selby


Today's still life shoot at Beckmans Akademi

Today we had our first still life lesson at Beckmans Akademi. I think I can speak for the whole class when I say that we were all pretty nervous this morning. But it all went just fine, and resulted in lots of great pictures, shot by Elin Strömberg.

I spent my weekend brainstorming and coming up with several ideas, just to throw them all away a few hours later. I finally ended up with something that I'm not quite happy with... It feels just "blah". I should have been braver, more edgy. And I should have worked more on the lines. But there will be more chances!

Below are some of the photos from today. Enjoy!

Styling: Ida Karbin

Styling: Emma Fexeus

Styling: Maliin Stoor

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Beckmans Akademi - Interior Stylist Master Class

This week began with something I've been dreaming about for a long time - I started Lotta Agaton's Interior Stylist class at Beckmans! This week's homework is about finding your own style, and trying to separate your dreams from a more realistic view of what you can achieve. I've been looking at several stylist's portfolios, trying to find photos that I believe are "me". The ones I keep coming back to are those of Anouk B, Tina Hellberg, Gitte Kjær and Susanna Vento. A mix of styles, ranging from very graphic and quite minimalistic to softer pics full of details.
I find it quite hard to decide what is truly MY style, especially since my own styling experience is pretty limited so far. There are so many different styles and expressions I like, but I'm trying to think about which of these styling ideas I could actually have come up with and realized myself...
Below you will find some of the sets that I think are closest to my own style. Just click on the picture to go to the source.

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