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Behomm - Stylish home exchange for creatives

Have you heard of Behomm yet? It's a home exchange site exclusively for designers and visual artists, where you can switch homes with other style minded people around the world. So no more searching the net for hours to find a place to stay that looks decent enough for your next vacation, here you have a carefully selected collection of beautiful homes around the world, available for free in exchange for letting the owners stay at your place while you are enjoying theirs.
I always prefer to stay in private apartments when I travel as it makes you feel more like a local, and the freedom to sit at the breakfast table with messy hair and be grumpy until the coffee has kicked in is quite invaluable. Also, traveling with kids is so much easier when you have a real home to withdraw to after a long day out, instead of having to crowd together on the bed of a small hotel room where the only available activity is to watch tv...
Many of the homes on Behomm have been featured in magazines, and choosing which ones to show here was tough, but below is a small selection to give you an idea of what you have to pick from.
This post was made in collaboration with Behomm, but as always, the words, opinions and image selection are all my own.

One Pic Wednesday: NY Loft

Black and white New York loft, via Elle Decor. Original floors, cast iron pillars and tall windows and ceilings all add to the magic of this studio apartment, sparingly furnished with timeless design classics by masters such as Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier.
Photography: Max Zambelli

Follow that magazine! Connected

I am a true magazine junkie, and while the piles of (often unread) magazines are getting higher around here I am always on the hunt for new and fresh things to read and add to my collection. Today I found a brand new fashion magazine called Connected, produced and published as a graduation project by Pontus Samuel and Nani Lim. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but their aestethics and philosophy really appeals to me, so I look forward to reading it asap! Below is a short intro text from their site:

"We have gathered everything we dedicate our lives to in this issue. In this magazine you will not find "the latest trends" or "the best beauty products". You will on the other hand find, for example, a discursive article about the phenomenon "sportswear mixed with high fashion" and a photo editorial about the benefits of wearing black clothes.

The reader will be guided through the content with a simple structure and a clean layout. As the magazine is more informative and non-commercial it approaches the sense of reading a book rather than a magazine. We want you to think about what fashion means to you and what function it holds in your life - and we truly hope that our magazine conveys this message truthfully."


You can follow Connected through their journal, Pinterest or Instagram. Buy the first issue here.

Minimalist Guest Room in LA

I am very impressed with the many innovative and clever solutions in this guest room in the house of designer Michaela Scherrer. While the room is quite tiny, it has loads of storage, a work space with a chair that doubles as a lounge chair, and of course a bed, but what I love most is the SPA style bath! All this fitted into one small room, while keeping an airy and spacious feeling with the help of a monochrome colour palette and minimalist style furnishings.
Found at Remodelista, click over there for more photos.
Photography: Matthew Williams

One Pic Wednesday: All White Bedroom

I just found this apartment for sale from Fantastic Frank, and you have to go and check out the rest of the pictures! The space is full of furniture from some of my favourite brands like One Nordic and No Early Birds. Actually these are the same brands that we chose to collaborate with when decorating the Blogger Apartment in FF's office during design week in February. I love seeing that they have connected and developed a collab with Fantastic Frank now, it's great proof that our Design Bloggers United project is actually beneficial for all parties involved!

My Summer Wishlist

You know that column I started last year, Weekly Wants? Well, it didn't exactly turn out to be a weekly column. I did it for a couple of months, then realized I didn't really want to flood the blog with products. I have always aimed for a sustainable lifestyle, and encouraging over consumption doesn't go very well with that. But sometimes you need stuff, and of course I fall for nice designs like everyone else, so sharing a few products here now and then, but not on a regular schedule, seems like a good compromise.
These things are just what I want/need for summer:
1. Fold Mirrors from Normann Copenhagen, to seize the Nordic light and bounce it around my home. Photo by A Merry Mishap.
2. Willmann vases from Menu, that I'd use for leafy greens, twigs and straws (I'm not that fond of blooming flowers), to bring a bit of nature inside.
3. Hope + CSA Pitcher and tumblers in the new grey hue, perfect for water, elderflower lemonade and wine spritzers on warm summer days.
4. Verso Skincare travel set. I am already using this skincare line, and find it great from every perspective except for when I travel. The regular containers are quite large so getting them through airport security just doesn't happen. But now they are launching a travel kit with the most essential products, just in time for vacations!

Monday Mix #27

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Follow that blogger! Lina Kanstrup

Just in case anyone managed to miss that interior stylist Lina Kanstrup now has her own blog, go check it out! I have been following Lina on Instagram for a while, and love her style. It's so nice to now get to see and read more about her work and everyday life, all illustrated with stylish photos shot by Lina herself.


Monday Mix #26

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My Södermalm - Brandstationen and Delikatessen

Time for the next two stops on mine and photographer Charlotte Schmidt Olsen's walk around Södermalm! Today we visit vintage shop Brandstationen and restaurant Delikatessen, enjoy!
Delikatessen is a small French bistro style restaurant with beautiful and extremely romantic interiors. I love to stop by there on warm summer evenings when the big doors are open to the street, usually just for a glass of apple cider and a chat with the friendly staff.
Just next doors you will find a vintage shop called Brandstationen, located in an old fire station, full of carefully selected furniture and accessories from different eras.

Sneak Peek of Bolia's Fall 2014 Catalogue Shoot

I was invited by Bolia to visit The Lab, a photo studio in Copenhagen, to go behind the scenes of their big catalogue production styled by Pernille Vest and shot by New York based photographer Thomas Loof. This is a huge project, spanning over several weeks of shooting both photos and video for the catalogue, web site and tv commercials, and lots of extra shots for social media.
While I can't share too much of the actual product news yet, I want to invite you to take a walk behind the scenes with me, to see what this world looks like when you turn away from the staged sets in front of the camera. Yes, it might look like a huge mess, but I am quite convinced that the stylist and her assistants have it all under control and knows exactly where every little stamp or eraser is...
Prepare for a picture bomb, I hope you will enjoy it!
Photography: Emma Fexeus, except for the product photos
Below, two sneak peeks of the actual products!
And lastly, a few shots that have absolutely nothing to do with Bolia, but are just details that I love about the studio space. It's an old industrial building, so the materials and details are all so cool!

My Södermalm - Artek and Fabrique

Since I love my neighbourhood so much and think that it's the best, coolest and coziest area in Stockholm, I want to share it with you! So I invited Danish photographer Charlotte Schmidt Olsen to join me for a couple of days, just walking around the streets and visiting some of my favourite shops, restaurants and cafés. She took hundreds of pictures so I will divide them into several posts, starting today with our visits to Artek and Fabrique.
Welcome to my Södermalm!
The Artek showroom is located on Repslagargatan 11, and it carries much more than their own collection. You will find Japanese paper products, perfumes from Commes des Garcons, handmade brushes from Iris Hantverk and many other nice things here.
Fabrique is a chain of bakeries, and they make the most delicious sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls. Right now they are selling a rhubarb crumble roll that is amazing, actually I think I have to run over there immediately to get one!

Joseph Dirand's home (video tour)

I posted about this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago already, but it was just too good to let go so I've been letting that tab stay open in my browser since then. And now I couldn't keep myself from posting it here! T Magazine made this feature on French architect Joseph Dirand (whom I have written about before here), and along with the written interview and photos there is a video tour from Joseph's home where you can hear him talking about design in this wonderful French accent...
Photography: Simon Watson