Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

White Light wallpapers, styling by Guts

Beautiful styling by Louise at Guts, for Eco Wallpapers new White Light collection.


  • Grace says:

    Love love love this white circular wallpaper! It's such a lovely way to subtly include wallpaper in your home, particularly in a small home.

    2014-03-18 | 07:35:46
  • tinajo says:

    Oh, I do like this - very nice! :-)

    2014-03-18 | 07:59:23
    URL: http://tinajoathome.com/
  • Sandra says:

    love it!

    2014-03-18 | 23:27:51
    URL: http://sandraekenstam.freshnet.com
  • Louise says:

    That scalloped sideboard is something else! Love it.

    2014-03-23 | 02:39:30
    URL: http://superduperthings.blogspot.com
  • Katja says:

    Lovely subtle wallpapers, especially the one with the squares!!! Where can I find that mermaid front cabinet though? :)

    Svar: Haha, mermaid cabinet was a new thought. :) It's from A2 Designers.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2014-03-23 | 07:53:55
    URL: http://www.pinterest.com/katyariice/
  • Alex says:

    I love the superfront cupboard featured here; what ikea product is this?

    2014-07-02 | 07:51:24

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