Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Efficient white home in Copenhagen

Just saw this light filled and clever Danish home over at BoligLiv's site, and was impressed with how efficiently the 94 square meters are used to fit the needs of a whole family. High storage shelves seems to be a continuous theme, as well as smart room dividers and little nooks used in untraditional ways.


Follow that Instagrammer! Toogood Unisex Outerwear

When Lotta showed the new unisex workwear inspired coats from Toogood (a new brand launched by designer Faye Toogood and her sister Erica), I fell head over heels and could not stop staring at the amazing images on their site. Luckily, a day or two later, I also found their Instagram, where they post behind the scenes, sneak peeks from upcoming product launches and random pics of what currently inspires the creative duo. Follow them to get inspired!

Marimekko A/W -14 Collection

I went to see the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection from Marimekko the other day, and found some new favorites. Many of their products have very strong colors and patterns, and even though I think those are very beautiful too, the neutral color range will always be closest to my heart. So that's what I chose to show here today! Some of this will be launched in July, and the rest later in the Autumn, so now you have something to look forward to...

One Pic Wednesday: An open house in Kyoto

Photographic Art by The Print Atelier

As you probably already know, photography is the new graphic print. In the last few years everyone has been adorning their walls with graphic art prints and quotes, but that trend has faded and given room to a more interesting art form; photography. However, finding original photos that speak to you, and aren't already on the walls of all other homes, is quite a challenge. That is why I am happy to be able to present The Print Atelier, an online gallery of contemporary photography, offering hundreds of images in different styles, from nature panoramas to abstract art.
I picked out some favorites, and there is also a drool worthy video featuring a male model and a stunning room that you don't want to miss...

Monday Mix #22

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Giveaway: Strap hanger by Mathilda Clahr

Long time no giveaway, right? Let's change that! Today three lucky persons have the chance to win a Strap leather hanger (value €30/$40) designed by Mathilda Clahr. Handmade from high quality Swedish leather, this is a multi purpose item that can be used to store many different things, only your imagination sets the limits...
You can choose between black, dark brown or light brown.
To enter, just answer these two questions in the comment section below:
1. Which colour would you like?
2. What would you use your Strap for?
Winners will be drawn in one week, March 27, and contacted directly so please make sure to leave your email address and/or url.
Good luck!
Photography: Elin Strömberg

One Pic Wednesday: Stylist Joanna Lavén's hallway

How do you like the entrance of interior stylist Joanna Lavén's apartment? Pretty amazing, isn't it?
Find more photos from this home in photographer Idha Lindhag's portfolio, and see some shots from Joanna's old home here.

Fresh pics from Lotta Agaton's home

I have no idea when these pictures were published, but I just found them tonight via Design o Form, and since I know there is no way you can get enough of pictures from Lotta Agaton's super inspiring home I wanted to share them with you. See more here at Åhléns site.
Photography: Petra Bindel


White Light wallpapers, styling by Guts

Beautiful styling by Louise at Guts, for Eco Wallpapers new White Light collection.

Swoon, a new Swedish bathroom brand

Let's start this gray and snowy Monday with some inspiring images from a new Swedish bathroom brand called Swoon, designed by Fredrik Wallner, and since he is Lotta Agaton's husband, you can guess who styled the pictures. :)
You can pick and mix any combo of handles, colours and legs, see it in 3D on their site and order it directly to your door. I love the slim legs and the thin ceramic washbasins, and the attention to detail throughout the entire collection.
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson

A townhouse of space and light

Amazing angles in this townhouse by German architects XTH-Berlin. The diagonal structures and openings allow the inhabitants too see through the entire house. Brutally simple, with very few materials (concrete, plywood and pine), this house is all about space and light.
Writing this post also reminded me that I still have photos from our blog tour to Berlin that I want to show you... Another day.

From ArchDaily, via Facing North With Gracia, with thanks
Photography: Anja Büchner

When decorating turns into art

Fantastic Frank's latest home styling is actually balancing on the edge to being more of an art installation than home decorating. This serene, all white home is so beautiful, and completely un-liveable... I love it!
I couldn't help but smile when I saw the fruit still life on the table, a nod to their first styling with all the fruit perhaps, which is what made them famous in the first place. This is so very far from that though, they have come a long way since then.

Basics from H&M Home

I am very into basic, anonymous design in my own home. I like surrounding myself with timeless things that no one can point out and say where they are from or how much they cost. Flashy things that just shout "designer piece" or "super expensive" aren't my thing, even if I appreciate good design. But I believe that good design can be found anywhere and in any price range. To me, good design is sustainable, both in terms of materials and appearance. My eyes never grow tired of simple lines, and natural materials always age with grace. That is why I like these pictures from H&M Home, showing parts of their Basic range; products that are always in the collections. Timeless pieces in linen, metal, glass and cotton.

The Asplund Stockholm Store

Speaking about Asplund (in my previous post), our last stop on the Design Bloggers United Stockholm Tour was at their store. Asplund had invited us for dinner together with three of their talented designers, so we got to spend our Friday night in beautiful surroundings, indulging in a delicious Turkish buffet, listening to interesting stories from Anya Sebton, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and Johan Ridderstråle about their design process and inspirations. A wonderful end to our tour!
These pictures were taken by Riikka Kantinkoski//Weekdaycarnival during our evening there. As you can see, the whole store is full of inspiring still lifes, built from the best of Scandinavian and international contemporary design objects and furniture.
I just read a very interesting article in the latest issue of Residence about the story behind Asplund, how it all started as a gallery for art and design, and how it developed along the way into becoming something of an institution in the Swedish design scene and a must-see on top of the list of every design oriented Stockholm tourist. I was also very happy to learn that the entire Asplund Collection is produced in Sweden, something that is very rare these days when factories and workers in other parts of the world are so much cheaper to use. You can enjoy the full article here (in Swedish).

One Pic Wednesday: Home Office in White

This picture from Elle Decoration shows a very simple and quite minimalistic home office solution made from Ikea's kitchen cabinets. What totally "makes" the image though, are the graphic rugs from Asplund. I have had my eyes on them for years now, but since I never really felt the need for rugs in my home, I never got around to buying them. However, I think I am starting to change my mind about that now... 

Visiting DRY Things showroom/office

About a week ago I met up with photographer Mikael Axelsson again, to visit the combined showroom of DRY Things and office for Dry Creative Projects. They happen to be located in the house where I grew up, so it was a fun experience to see the place again, and step inside what once used to be a small upholstering workshop, and later on an umbrella repair shop, now turned into a beautiful workspace for this creative design team.
Dry Creative Projects is a creative studio with focus on creative direction, art direction and design, and they launched their own brand and webshop DRY Things out of a great passion for graphic design, product design and packaging. The quality is high, the design is simple and classic, the materials are all natural and age with grace. These factors make their objects likely to become go-to favourites which will be used every day, possibly making some of those everyday moments a little more beautiful...
"We like things that makes a difference, that someone has put their heart into. We create things from our own way of living, from a genuine interest in beautiful sustainable objects. Things that we like to have around us. Things that can be inspired by the past but created for the future. We will constantly present new things in our web store. Many things. But we let them take their time. Slow things.

We are a creative design team that work by ourselves or together with our friends that share our philosophy. Our ambition is to produce locally and use only ecological processes and sustainable materials."


Ps. If you are interested in getting this feature for your magazine, we have many more great images, just contact Mikael to see the contact sheets.



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