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Classic Scandinavian Malmö Apartment

I believe I found what might become this week's most blogged real estate object, or what do you think? This 1920's apartment in Malmö sure has the potential to please most tastes with its amazing original details (think parquet flooring, high ceilings and skirting boards) and great interiors in a classic but a little quirky Scandinavian style with touches of colour here and there. It is actually a quite colourful place, but you know me, I picked the more neutral photos, so you'll just have to check out the rest for yourselves, here.


  • malin says:

    bor du i en villa

    Svar: Va? Nej, gör du?
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2014-06-25 | 16:20:40
  • Lisa says:


    2014-06-25 | 22:09:48
    URL: http://xn--drmhus-xxa.com
  • Monnaie Ernakulam says:

    Cute and lovable interior designing and interior furnishing!

    2014-06-27 | 08:40:33
    URL: http://www.monnaieinteriors.com/
  • Maria says:

    Wauv. I love it. No wonder it's popular.

    2014-06-28 | 11:10:44
    URL: http://maria-margadusen.blogspot.dk
  • Melissa says:

    Not a great fan of white, but this apartment is oh-so-wow! ♥

    2014-06-30 | 16:45:47
  • Jessie says:

    Vackert! Många fina detaljer med klockorna och golvet.

    2014-07-02 | 17:35:21
    URL: http://www.jessiesalomonsson.se
  • lefilrougeblog says:

    love it!
    nice bathroom tiles..

    2014-07-09 | 10:01:51
    URL: http://lefilrougeblog.com
  • The Queen of Dreaming says:



    2014-07-15 | 16:50:17
    URL: http://justsem.wordpress.com/

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