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Monday Mix #30

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Studio Pepe for Agape

These images, styled by Studio Pepe for high-end bathroom brand Agape, aren't new at all, but they are all so timeless that they might as well have been shot yesterday. Serene and pure will never go out of style. There are so many ideas to pick up here if you are planning for a bathroom renovation, and small styling tips for the rest of us.

One Pic Wednesday: Creative White Space

I love spaces for creativity, be it a nook in the living room, a big artist studio or an old garden shed, any place that gives room for being creative, and where one can leave everything out between sessions, is great in my book! This room here with plenty of storage, great light and a floor that doesn't look too precious, seems like the perfect spot.
The image is part of a series in Dutch magazine VT Wonen, and the theme is living with children, so if you'd like some stylish inspiration for that, do check it out here.

Top 6 from H&M Home Autumn 2014 Collection

H&M Home's new Autumn collection was released a couple of weeks ago, and some items are already in the stores now. I found a few favourites that would be welcome additions in my home. Do you have any favourites of your own?

Classic Scandinavian Malmö Apartment

I believe I found what might become this week's most blogged real estate object, or what do you think? This 1920's apartment in Malmö sure has the potential to please most tastes with its amazing original details (think parquet flooring, high ceilings and skirting boards) and great interiors in a classic but a little quirky Scandinavian style with touches of colour here and there. It is actually a quite colourful place, but you know me, I picked the more neutral photos, so you'll just have to check out the rest for yourselves, here.

Interior Stylist Annabell Kutucu

Via Bungalow5 I found the interior stylist of the super stylish Hotel San Giorgio that everyone (me included) are raving mad about at the moment. Her name is Annabell Kutucu, and in her portfolio I found a couple of other great photos from interiors she created in different Berlin apartments. Still in the very simple style that we've seen in Hotel San Giorgio, but with a more urban look.

One Pic Wednesday: Green Forest Wallpaper

I have never really been one for wallpaper, too much pattern for me, and usually way too much color too. But this one, Bellewood from Rebel Walls, I could actually imagine living with. Maybe not in the living room, but in a kids room, or maybe the entrance? The style of the drawing reminds me of Maurice Sendak and the wonderful book Where the Wild Things Are (which I seem to appreciate more than my children, although we all agree that the movie is great!).

Story restaurant in Helsinki by Joanna Laajisto

I love how relaxed and inviting the new Story restaurant and café in Helsinki looks. Designed by Joanna Laajisto, with a great feel for colours and materials, and a mix of stricter designer furniture, bespoke shelving and benches, and some fun lighting that looks as if made from crayfish cages. The fresh herbs and open shelves full of newly baked bread and simple brown paper bags filled with flours hint of the rest of the building's function as a market hall. Don't let the relaxed vibes fool you into thinking that the food is equally simple though; the chef has a Michelin star from his other restaurant. This place is definitely on my list of places to visit on my next trip to the Finnish capital!

Pella Hedeby's Thonet styling

Monday Mix #29

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Stripped to the Bone Minimalist 60's Apartment

Found this dreamy loft-like apartment in Dwell. Some would say it looks unfinished, but that is exactly what I love about it. The use of raw materials like concrete and steel sheets gives it a relaxed, informal feeling, while the wooden furniture and the book piles on the bedroom floor efficiently take away the somewhat sterile or empty atmosphere that can otherwise be a risk when you go minimalist as the owner did here, stripping away all the unnecessary layers and details.
Photos: Dean Kaufman

One Pic Wednesday: Vintage Mix Dining Room

Gant Home isn't a brand I usually fall for, they are a bit too New England for me. In this picture from their Autumn/Winter -14 collection, I believe the only item that is actually from them is the tea towel. The rest, a lovely mix of vintage chairs, warm natural hues, high ceilings, huge windows and a simple white background, is what I fell for. So, is this a job well done by the stylist, or did they miss the target when the room takes over from the product they are trying to show? What do you think?

Elisa Ossino Studio

One of my favourites when it comes to interior styling and set design is Italian Elisa Ossino Studio, and when I browsed their new website I of course found several images I just had to share with you! The pictures below are just a small fraction of what you will find on the site, a mix of their editorial, advertising and residential styling work. Always super clean with strong contrasts, but not always as neutral and monochrome as this, on the contrary, much of their work features really strong colours in an interesting way.

One Pic Wednesday: Perfect Mix

This picture from A Merry Mishap showing Jennifer's livingroom, with a minimalist mix of Ikea, modern danish design and piles of inspiring books, looks just perfect to me. I have been looking at that trolley/bar cart since it was launched, but never really found the space for it in my own home. The same goes for the sofa. Maybe in my next apartment... As it is now, I would have to get rid of both my bed and my kitchen table to fit these items into my home, and however stylish they may be, it's not quite worth it, is it? Or maybe it is, I'll have to think about that one.

Monday Mix #28

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This collage is my comment on last week's EU elections, where nazis and fascists were voted into the parliament in huge numbers. If you follow my personal profile on Facebook, you will have seen that not only am I very engaged in this question and in the fight for an equal society for all, but also personally affected as I am a part of the trans community, whose members are on the nazi's lists of people to exterminate. Being genderqueer isn't a choice, it's how I was born, and for me standing up and taking the fight isn't a choice either. It's either that or letting them win and stop existing. While many of you actually do have a choice in whether or not to get involved in this battle for equality, freedom to express who you are and a society free from racism, I sincerely hope that you are on my side. Because in this case the old saying is very true; you're either with us or against us. I'm ending this post with a quote by George Orwell, and that is all I have to say here about the subject so I am closing the comments for this post. However, feel free to comment on Facebook, just know that I will remove any prejudice or oppressive statements!