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Stryntrappa's 3D campaign

This is a 3D campaign for Stryntrappa, a company producing and designing stairs. When shooting stairs you need lots of space, which is hard to find in the narrow hallways where stairs are usually placed, and it becomes quite expensive to build up these amazing environments in the real world, so design agency Elle mElle collaborated with 3D studio Pikcells and interior stylist Susanne Swegen to make these images. I was very curious about how to work as a stylist in a 3D project, so I asked Susanne to explain the differences:
"The biggest difference is that you can decide exactly what kind of house you want, and who lives there. One can have whichever ceiling height, wall texture, flooring and windows one prefers. And there is also the benefit of an incredible "prop shop", where you can get even the oddest vintage items that you could never find otherwise."
Sounds like a lot of fun!



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