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Lightfilled Loft in Eindhoven

I was meaning to post this a long time ago, but somehow it got stuck in the draft pile... Better late than never though! This industrial style loft home, located in Eindhoven, belongs to interior stylist Renee Arns, owner of Out of the Blue concept store. I love the huge black iron windows, the rough ceiling and the giant pendants. The wall below, with the clothes hangers on the neatly painted white area, contrasting the raw concrete wall, is just perfect. Wishing there were spaces like this in Stockholm...
Photography by Paulina Arcklin, go here for more pictures of this space.



  • tinajo says:

    You always find the greatest inspiration! :-)

    2014-01-31 | 17:46:48
    URL: http://tinajoathome.com/
  • Elena says:

    I wish there were places like this in Barcelona as well!
    I love the contrast bewteen the raw aged concrete walls and the absolute white of the living space.

    2014-01-31 | 17:50:36
    URL: http://facingnorthwithgracia.blogspot.com
  • Ivan says:

    All I can see are heating bills.

    2014-01-31 | 18:31:10
  • Lys says:

    Those windows... Wauw. Amazing building!

    2014-01-31 | 19:38:48
    URL: http://modest-mix.blogspot.com
  • Laura says:

    Amazing loft! I just love the industrial splash!

    2014-01-31 | 22:18:07
    URL: http://www.tres-chic-design.com
  • rikke says:

    Helt fantastisk:)

    2014-01-31 | 22:50:28
    URL: http://rikkesroom.com
  • tinyinc says:

    love monochrome

    2014-02-01 | 21:01:18
    URL: http://tinyinc.wordpress.com
  • Alina says:

    Bara jag som tycket sånt här vitt, grått och inga färger är jättestelt och tråkigt? Modernt och trendigt alltså..men gud så deprimerande XD

    Svar: Du behöver inte läsa den här bloggen om du inte gillar stilen, det är helt valfritt. :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2014-02-02 | 15:48:01
    URL: http://https://www.facebook.com/halvneck
  • Emma Flygare says:

    åh så snyggt! :D

    2014-02-02 | 20:13:47
    URL: http://emmaflygare.blogg.se
  • Emmaaaaa says:


    2014-02-03 | 13:28:52
    URL: http://www.emmafoton.blogg.se

    Bra! Jag vill äga samma.

    2014-02-03 | 15:13:22
    URL: http://emilialu.blogg.se
  • Matilda - tonårsliv i rullsol says:

    Såå snyggt!

    2014-02-03 | 16:29:56
    URL: http://skogsrusset.se
  • Bea says:

    @ivan hahaha!! I like it although the colour looks like it has been sapped out

    2014-02-07 | 12:34:12
  • Dee dee says:

    I love, but the colour..... We'll not so much

    2014-02-18 | 23:16:19
  • karine says:

    Such dilapidated beauty! ;)

    2014-04-16 | 23:45:46
    URL: http://openyoureyes-stopover.blogspot.co.uk

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