Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Lightfilled Loft in Eindhoven

I was meaning to post this a long time ago, but somehow it got stuck in the draft pile... Better late than never though! This industrial style loft home, located in Eindhoven, belongs to interior stylist Renee Arns, owner of Out of the Blue concept store. I love the huge black iron windows, the rough ceiling and the giant pendants. The wall below, with the clothes hangers on the neatly painted white area, contrasting the raw concrete wall, is just perfect. Wishing there were spaces like this in Stockholm...
Photography by Paulina Arcklin, go here for more pictures of this space.


Menu 2014 collection

A bit bummed to be pushing down the pictures from the last post already, but this couldn't wait! I just saw these images from the new 2014 collection by Menu, and had to post them here immediately. Their collections are just getting stronger, and their photos more beautiful.
I love the fact that high quality, minimalist design is no longer an exclusivity for those with extremely well filled wallets, but is now available for anyone. Menu, Serax, Muuto, Iittala and Hay are a few great examples of this, and relieves us all from the curse of throw-away-ism. While their products might not all have the same superior quality as the most high-end brands, or the expensive design classics, it is definitely a big step away from what used to be on the market...

XXX, a favorite Berlin store and gallery

Today feels like a good day to show you some pictures from my favorite store in Berlin! I visited the XXX shop together with Desiree last year. We both absolutely loved it, and she posted about it here. Since my camera ran out of batteries I didn't get to shoot the whole space, so do click over to see more of this amazing shop/gallery/event space/apartment. However, these are my pics from the place, and I think you can see why I liked it so much...
If you are curious to go there, just know that it is really difficult to find. You have to go into the backyard, and look for the three small x's on the wall (hidden behind a truck when we were there), enter and walk up to the fourth floor where again you will find the x's, and ring the bell. It's definitely worth the hunt though!




Photos: Emma Fexeus

Stryntrappa's 3D campaign

This is a 3D campaign for Stryntrappa, a company producing and designing stairs. When shooting stairs you need lots of space, which is hard to find in the narrow hallways where stairs are usually placed, and it becomes quite expensive to build up these amazing environments in the real world, so design agency Elle mElle collaborated with 3D studio Pikcells and interior stylist Susanne Swegen to make these images. I was very curious about how to work as a stylist in a 3D project, so I asked Susanne to explain the differences:
"The biggest difference is that you can decide exactly what kind of house you want, and who lives there. One can have whichever ceiling height, wall texture, flooring and windows one prefers. And there is also the benefit of an incredible "prop shop", where you can get even the oddest vintage items that you could never find otherwise."
Sounds like a lot of fun!


Monday Mix #18

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String Bowl Shelves

The latest news from String are these plastic bowl shelves, suitable for plants or all the small stuff you have laying around the house. I can't quite make up my mind about these... What do you think, hit or miss?

Stockholm Living by Line Klein

I am so curious about this Stockholm home, who lives here? I guess we will just have to wait and see until it is published in a magazine... Or perhaps there are clues in the pictures? I am usually quite good at this game, but this time I can't figure it out. Can you?
Photo: Line Klein

Monday Mix #17

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Soft Minimalism Inspo from Fantastic Frank

While doing my weekly real estate surfing I found two nice flats at Fantastic Frank. Both are small and styled in a minimalist but still pretty soft way, not too graphic, just my style! Also, perfect inspiration as I am trying to clear out some stuff that has been accumulating since I moved in last summer. I refuse to get more storage furniture for the piles that are gathering on top of everything, instead I'm just going to get rid of everything that I don't love! Not that my place is very cluttered to begin with, but I feel like simplifying it even more, to start the year off clean and fresh.

Hidden goodies by photographer Jonas Ingerstedt

I somehow tripped over Swedish photographer Jonas Ingerstedt's portfolio on his German agent's site, and found pictures that I hadn't seen on his own site. Perhaps you have seen them before? Some of them are pretty old, but I still think they work quite well with the current trends.

One Pic Wednesday: At Nathalie's place

Extreme Monochrome in Copenhagen

I challenge you to find even the tiniest brightly colored detail in this home! There are no other colors outside the neutral white, gray and black scheme, at least not that I can spot. To me, this is very relaxing and easy on the eyes, and the warm white and gray hues keeps it from becoming sterile. Also, the vintage and antiques really ups the warmth, without them this would have looked extremely boring!
The apartment is located in Copenhagen and belongs to stylist Ingeborg Wolf and her partner Claus Larsen. They took lots of inspiration from the raw and minimalist but super exclusive style of Rick Owens, built some furniture themselves, and added a few dividing walls and industrial indoor windows to create the look they wanted.
As a stylist myself I can totally relate to her choice to create a neutral home where one gets an opportunity to rest from all the impressions from work and the outside world. Sometimes this awareness of your environments, and the need to take in and also produce so many products, patterns, scenes, colors and spaces every day gets overwhelming, and all you really want when you come home is a blank empty space...


Monday Mix #16

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Monday Mix, one day late... Why does the year always start off with a hysterical rush? And why are all the design fairs happening at the same time? I am in the middle of arranging a blog tour taking place during Stockholm Design Week, which leaves me no time to cover either Formex, Cologne or Design Trade... Luckily, lots of other bloggers are doing that, so we can all still our curiosity anyway. It's so nice to see all these new products and brands being launched now!

Butchers and Bicycles Copenhagen showroom

Hot off the press! New cargo bike brand Butchers and Bicycles, established in November last year, just opened this amazing showroom in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. I have never seen a bike shop like this, but then again I have never seen one run by the former head of design for Menu, so I suppose this was to be expected. It's shock full of modern Danish design, and the walls of this converted 19th century stable are of course clad in classic butcher style tiles, suitable for the area.
I have considered getting a cargo bike, to get around the city with my daughter in an easy way and also to load with props for styling jobs as I don't have a drivers license, but was a bit discouraged by their weight and stiffness. They just don't seem enjoyable to ride. But after watching the video on Butchers and Bicycles' site, I am excited to go on a test ride with this, as it seems to be something completely different! Hopefully I will have time for a visit next time I am in Cph.


Nendo's new desk accessories


These are the latest news from Japanese design house Nendo for their own brand by | n, a range of desk accessories and office supplies, with some very clever details.
The marks on the rulers are fading from white to black, to be seen easily on any color backgrounds. Pie chart shaped sticky notes with a bigger adhesive area to solve the problem of square and rectangular sticky notes that can be easily ripped off when their corners are caught. Paperclips that come connected and are detached one by one for use, keeping desktops tidy. The paperclips are made of paper so that they're easy to detach and can be recycled along with the paper. And so on and so on... Very clever, and very stylish!


Joanna Laajisto lives here!

This is the Helsinki home of interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhänen. I have written about Joanna's projects before, and their old home here, so I was excited to see pictures from their new apartment.
I met Joanna and Mikko last year when they were in Stockholm for a vacation, and took them to my favorite coffee place. And when I went to Helsinki in the autumn, Joanna was so sweet and showed me her favorite coffee spot! Now this could be a nice tradition, to meet up with internet friends for the best coffee their city has to offer, don't you think?
Anyway, this is where Joanna and Mikko lives with their two children. A bright city apartment filled with light and a mix of Californian and Finnish style, and with Mikko's photos on the walls. While the base is all white and subtle tones of gray, the atmosphere is balanced by some vintage furniture pieces, and small black details add a graphic touch.


Fresh New Year!

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Welcome to a fresh new year! I hope you too are feeling rested and inspired after the holidays. I love January as it feels like we have a totally blank canvas to fill with whatever we want! I have a lot of exciting plans for 2014, but my main goal is to keep focused and avoid spreading myself too thin... I wish for this to be a year of balance, freedom and creativity and will do all I can to make it so. What are your goals for the year?