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Follow that hashtag! #stylingcompetition

I just wanted to make sure that you have all seen the awesome styling competition that is going on over on Instagram right now. A whole bunch of my favorite stylists, photographers, bloggers and generally stylish and creative persons are having a friendly styling battle where they post still life pictures every day, and you don't want to miss it!
They use the hashtag #stylingcompetition, so I collected their photos in a little widget here, but do click over to check them all out! (There are photos tagged with #stylingcompetition that are not associated with this challenge, so some unrelated pics may pop up here.) Perhaps you will find some new inspiring people to follow!

One Pic Wednesday: Art wall at Da Daa blog

Apartment with brass cube by CKR

I just love this minimalist apartment designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, shown during Stockholm Design Week a couple of weeks ago. Full of angles and squares, but the materials; leather, brass and wood in different hues, soften the impression.

Styling for Ferm Living

As promised, the second part of the photos me and Riikka made for Ferm Living. Grown up spaces this time with a kitchen and living theme, and I'm showing the black and white settings here, while Riikka has a bit more color over at her blog, so click over there to see the rest! If you missed our kids rooms last week, check them out here.
We made this series of five still lives, adding more products to each shot, and ended up with an animation showing the process.
Which picture do you like best? Super minimalist, filled to the brim with products, or somewhere in between?

Monday Mix #20

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Black + Brown by A Merry Mishap

It's Saturday night and I'm trying to catch up on blog reading after a busy week, while at the same time preparing posts for next week since it's winter's holidays here, meaning I will be spending it running between Lego's, dolls and board games... And just in case you were wondering, no I did not miss the amazing apartment of Josefin Hååg that has been on every blog during the last week, neither did I miss the great work of Lotta Agaton's students where they styled String shelves in inspiring ways. I just didn't have time to blog them, and now I feel like it's too late. Time passes quickly in the blogosphere, and news get old way too fast.
What I did see in time though, and want to show here, are the last pics of these cabinets from the home of Jennifer from A Merry Mishap. She has made so many great images of these cabinets, and now when she is getting rid of them I am super curious to see what is next!

Kids work space, in cooperation with Ferm Living

Last weekend I went to Helsinki to visit Riikka. We had a styling assignment to work on, given to us by Danish design brand Ferm Living. Our mission was to create four photos, two with children's products and two that were more focused on livingroom or kitchen. But we had so much fun that we made a whole bunch of settings and ended up with around 30 images!
I am sharing the first ones here, showing my version of a work space for a kids room, and Riikka is showing another part of the childrens room on her blog so click over there to see more. The other pictures we made, for more grown-up spaces, will be up next week.

Elle Decoration launches online image gallery

One of my favorite Swedish deco mags, Elle Decoration, just launched an image gallery on their site, loaded with hundreds of images in different styles, that you can browse and search according to what room, function or season you need ideas for. Now I'm just whishing for some way to sort the pictures by color as well, and this would be a perfect source of inspiration.

Follow that guy! Kristofer Johnsson

Last year I started this category here, "Follow that...", which was meant to be a weekly column where I could share my favorite instagrammers/pinners/bloggers, but it got off to a rough start as one of the first persons I featured turned out to have stolen some of the images in their account. That made me lose my joy for it, and I stopped making these posts. I still liked the idea though, and I think the time has come to blow some life into this column again.
I'd like to start with a feature on Swedish photographer Kristofer Johnsson. He works a lot with Pella, and they always produce stunning images. Kristofer has an instagram account that you can follow here (that is where I found all the pictures for this post), a tumblr here and you'll find his portfolio here. Enjoy!

String at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Our blogger apartment at Fantastic Frank

I have so much to show you from last week, we had so many great experiences and creative sessions during our Design Blog Tour, and also of course my favorites from the Stockholm Furniture Fair! But I want to start with a tour through the "apartment" I styled at Fantastic Frank's office for our big party where over a hundred bloggers, designers and other cool people came to hang out with us. We had a wonderful evening, but our energy and moods the day after were perhaps not as high... Luckily we had planned a movie session with Bang & Olufsen, so we just spread out on the floor and enjoyed their amazing sound system while watching an action movie and stuffing our faces with candy, trying our best not to fall asleep. Best "after design week" event ever!
I aimed for a "real home" look instead of super styled and flashy, and collaborated with brands from different ends of the price range, as this is how people actually decorate their own homes. Spend a little more on something, and go for more affordable alternatives on other things.
Above you can see shelves filled with products from Granit and No Early Birds, and a speaker from B&O on the floor. In the second picture you will find furniture from No Early Birds with accessories from Granit.

I also brought quite a lot of accessories from my own home, like candles, art prints, books and magazines, Annaleena's pyramid and an old t-shirt, to try and make it a little more personal. Our party turned out to feel just like a good house party, complete with a neighbour coming down to pull the plug on the sound system and people sitting on beds, floors and desks all over the place. So I'd say I reached my goal!
The beds from Auping were put to good use both during the party and in our movie session. Super comfy, and this one was adjustable, so perfect to watch tv in.
Most of the furniture came from One Nordic Furniture Company, a new brand that are just opening their first Stockholm office this Spring. They collaborate with well known designers and have that distinct Scandinavian look to all their products, but what I like most is the clever assembly of their flat-packed pieces, that never requires any tools and is always super quick and easy. After styling with Ikea pieces for many years, that is truly something I value!
So many people asked me during the evening where the art was from. Now I have the answer! The artist's name is Emilia Ilke, and you can find her portfolio and online shop here.

Basic and clever Stockholm home

While I collect the thousands of impressions, thoughts and images I have from Stockholm Design Week and our Design Blog Tour I'd like to show you these photos shot in a very beautiful and cleverly designed Stockholm apartment by Imberg Arkitekter. The pictures aren't new so you might recognize them already, but I believe the photographer, Pia Ulin, re-edited them for the feature in Elle Decoration, to make them a bit brighter and less moody. Perhaps to suit a bigger audience?
I actually featured this home on the blog two years ago already when it was for sale. It belonged to Sara Mortensen who is now part of Lotta Agaton's team, and I heard she is now renovating a new apartment, so that will be exciting to see when it is finished!
I am still super impressed with the solution in the kids room here, and the kitchen is my idea of perfection, totally basic and simple but with nice details to warm it up a bit.


Thursday Tip: RK Design and K is for Black

I have two talented friends who are making these really cool graphics for Society6, a webshop where you can buy art prints, cushion covers, mugs, clocks, t-shirts and you name it, with thousands of different motifs by hundreds of artists and designers. One is Riikka, who goes by the name RK Design there, and the other is Anna, who's selling prints branded K is for Black. They are both making some really cool stuff, so I think you should check them out!

GamFratesi for Lightyears

Danish/Italian designer duo GamFratesi are this years guests of honour at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair that opened today, and are also presenting several new products at the fair. This is their new table lamp Volume for Lightyears, who always have the most amazing pr pictures!

Sara Medina Lind lives here!

This is the Stockholm home of graphic designer and photographer Sara Medina Lind. I found it via Elv's, who found it over at Plaza, so now I'm waiting for the full home feature in their magazine... You can also follow Sara on Instagram.
This week is Stockholm Design Week, and the Furniture Fair starts today. Me and our Design Bloggers United team are crazy busy as they are all coming here to take part in the fun events that Allan and I have arranged for them! We've created a pretty full schedule, running around the city from morning 'til night, so I'm loading my bag with a bunch of snacks to keep energy levels steady... Today me and Allan are decorating our "Bloggers Apartment" in Fantastic Frank's headquarters where we will be hosting a party on Thursday evening, and when we are finished there today we'll head out to visit press events and meet some other bloggers. I'm really looking forward to the coming days, and I'll make sure to tell you all about it afterwards!


Monday Mix #19

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