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Stockholms Fotoantikvariat, a shop for rare and used photography books

I don't know if you remember this picture from my Instagram that I posted here a couple of weeks ago? I promised that I would go back there with a proper photographer so that I could share this very special place with you. I kept my promise!
Last Friday I met up with Mikael Axelsson (the photographer behind these lovely pictures from the home of the man behind Artilleriet) at Stockholms Fotoantikvariat and got to work. Well, mostly Mikael. I was rather just pointing at things I wanted him to shoot, and chatting with Karl-Erik Jagare, the owner of this inspiring place.
The shop is full of interesting little details, and I love the raw concrete floor that together with the aged, but very pretty, glass ceiling and the seemingly unorganized piles of books everywhere, creates a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere. The huge bookshelf is filled with hundreds of amazing photo books, and I could stand there for hours just flipping through book after book. I can really recommend this shop if you are in Stockholm, for inspiration, gift shopping (for yourself or a loved one) or just to chat with Karl-Erik and hear one of his many stories about the photographers whose work he is selling. There are also ever changing exhibitions here, showing both big names and promising up-and-coming talents. If you are not in town, you are in luck anyway, because there is a webshop!



  • Anna G. says:

    Fina bilder!

    2013-09-18 | 09:26:02
    URL: http://lamaisondannag.blogspot.fr/
  • elina says:

    fantastiskt. där vill jag vara.

    2013-09-18 | 16:32:24
  • Charlotte says:

    Love the place - love the pictures. Please take me there....

    2013-09-18 | 17:52:46
  • Charlotte says:

    Love this place - love the pictures. Please take me there...!!!

    2013-09-18 | 20:18:26
  • Charlotte says:

    Love this place - love the pictures. Please take me there....!!!!

    2013-09-18 | 20:21:20
    URL: http://charlotteschmidtolsen.com

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