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External Reference, living in a photo studio

I was very inspired when I saw this project by Spanish architecture firm External Reference, showing a flexible residential/working space in an old warehouse in Barcelona. The structure of the dividing wall is amazing, and the whole idea of living in a photo studio/showroom really appeals to me. This is what the architects say about their project:
Domestic space affects the user very personally and has been discussed extensively over the history of architecture.  At present; new lifestyles, new families and more flexible professional routines, have favored the emergence of a unique user profile, one that is complex and involves having a clear understanding on personal needs. This is the case of the inhabitant of this residential and work space: an industrial designer, active art director and one who is very involved in the world of fashion, advertising and performing arts. Our user raised the idea of devoting a warehouse to hold a photo shoot studio, office space, meeting room, space for auditions, castings, fashion shows, and finally, a home. Therefore, creating a space that one would be able to live, work and play in.
Hop over there for more pictures of this place, full of clever multi-functional solutions.


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