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The Hive 2013

So, I spent the weekend in Berlin at this bloggers conference called The Hive. Since I have been to this kind of event before, my expectations weren't really too high. I mean, I've been blogging for almost eight years now, so there isn't really all that much that you can tell me about blogging that I don't already know. However, sometimes it's good to be reminded! So, I didn't go there for the speeches or workshops, I went for the energy, inspiration and meeting like-minded people.
As I expected, most talks were aimed at beginner bloggers, people just starting their first blog not having a clue about anything. I did enjoy some of it anyway, just because the visuals were nice or the speakers were really enthusiastic about their subject. My highlights were the video blogging workshop held by Katrina Tan-Conte from Zero the One, and the speech about creating a kick ass media kit by Isa and Claudia from Haupstadtmutti. The most stylish presentation however (which I managed to miss because the previous speaker went on overtime), about how to monetize your blog, was held by Desiree from VosgesParis. You can see all her slides below, and if you want to read her notes as well you can head over here.
You can find most of the Hive 2013 presentations online here, if you are curious to learn more.


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