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Giveaway: Fog Linen cotton blanket from Babyssimo

This giveaway is closed! A winner will be announced soon.
Let's start this sunny week with a giveaway! The prize is a soft cotton blanket by the Japanese brand Fog Linen Work (130x205 cm, value €99.90), generously offered to you by my sponsor Babyssimo.
Babyssimo is a webshop, based in Germany, carrying a carefully selected range of baby and child products from all over the world. Many items are only available in small quantities, as they are handmade with love by small scale producers and independent designers. But it's worth a look even if you don't have kids because they also have a category for adults where you will find beautiful interior and spa products, as well as magazines and books like Kinfolk and Cereal.
To enter the competion, follow these two steps:
1. Subscribe to Babyssimo's newsletter. (You will find it at the top of their site.)
2. Tell me in the comments below which product from the Babyssimo webshop that is your personal favorite and why.

This competition is open for one week, until May 20.


  • Anne Sophie Bertelsen says:

    I really like the Fog linen cotton blanket, beacuase i reminds of my childhood, where I used to have a blanket looking like that.

    2013-05-13 | 18:17:03
  • Erica says:

    I love the fog linen Cotten blanket! It would look lovely layered at the foot of my bed.

    2013-05-13 | 20:12:16
  • Mathilda Schöfl says:

    Love it

    2013-05-13 | 21:05:01
    URL: http://mathildis.blogg.se
  • Emma! says:

    Jag gillar faktiskt "fog linen cotton blanket"-filten mest! Riktigt snygg men samtidigt så mysig. Hade passat väldigt bra i min studentlägenhet, perfekt att dra över sig under sena pluggkvällar soffan tillsammans med en stor kopp rykande te!

    2013-05-13 | 21:43:11
  • Anna says:

    Hi, i really like most of the products they have, but my fafourite is for my son the jumper :Reversible Snuggle Fleece "Striped" x

    2013-05-13 | 23:16:04
    URL: http://annakuspark.blogspot.co.uk
  • Nikoline Henningsen says:


    I love this hammock! its so perfect if you have twins!

    2013-05-13 | 23:22:48
  • Minna says:

    Fog linen cotton blanket. Looks so nice and cosy.

    2013-05-14 | 05:26:38
    URL: http://pupujajavaahtokarkkeja.blogspot.com
  • Kath says:

    Som over liker jeg "fog linen cotton blanket" veldig godt (elsker tepper), og ellers så var elefanten red-purple veldig søt. Ville passet perfekt for lille.

    2013-05-14 | 05:54:35
  • Vronie says:

    I love this panty. http://babyssimo.de/collections/babykleidung-junge/products/louis-louise-hose-sternchen
    It's so sweet. <3

    2013-05-14 | 08:01:55
  • magda says:

    I love the hase boo throw. it is such a refreshing statement in a childs room.

    2013-05-14 | 09:11:49
  • margot says:

    i love the hanging cradle!! that would look great in my hanging from the beams in our hanging apartment!

    2013-05-14 | 10:25:47
  • n. c. says:

    Love this linen elephant because of its simplicity, design and textures!

    2013-05-14 | 13:14:49
    URL: http://thehumblepress.net
  • Miranda Kewming says:

    I love Tocoto Vintage Roman Sandals...so gorgeous for an Australian summer & i would love a matching pair x

    2013-05-14 | 13:46:50
    URL: http://www.makeinteriors.com.au
  • Anne says:

    Hanging cradle is beautiful

    2013-05-14 | 13:59:27
  • Ellendellen says:

    Jag är uppväxt i ett hem där "hålfiltarna" var de bästa filtarna. Så självklart är jag sugen på en "Fog Linen Baby Blanket till min lilla tös som förväntas dyka upp inom några veckor. En matchande till vår säng vore inte helt fel heller ;)

    2013-05-14 | 14:48:19
  • Kaire says:

    All the Fog linen things and baskets and acatca dishes. They are very nice.

    2013-05-14 | 16:36:13
  • Kaire says:

    I like the Fog linen cotton blanket. They are very nice.

    2013-05-14 | 16:45:16
  • Henriette Andersen says:

    Uhh, skulle det ikke være Fog Linen, har jeg forelsket mig i deres April Showers Babydecke Dot Nude. Så fin farve!

    2013-05-14 | 17:57:55
    URL: http://thingswepass.tumblr.com
  • noe says:

    I adore this tiny elephant: so simple!

    2013-05-14 | 17:59:45
    URL: http://thehumblepress.net
  • julie says:

    Definitely this amazing fog linen cotton blanket!

    2013-05-14 | 21:11:24
    URL: http://www.davidegolia.com/
  • julie says:

    definitely this amazing fog linen cotton blanket!

    2013-05-14 | 21:14:26
    URL: http://www.davidegolia.com/
  • amo says:

    I'm into the Tocotó Vintage Ballet Slippers, cause they would perfectly match my Repettos !!!

    2013-05-14 | 21:39:31
    URL: http://melle-amo.blogspot.fr/
  • amo says:

    I'm into the Tocotó Vintage Ballet Slippers, because they would perfectly match with my Repettos!

    2013-05-14 | 21:41:45
    URL: http://melle-amo.blogspot.fr/
  • Helga says:

    The fog linen goat bag is cool - I like the simple print and I also love goats!

    2013-05-15 | 06:12:59
  • Mias says:

    http://babyssimo.de/collections/kuscheln-deko/products/belle-boo-wandaufkleber-hot-air-balloons?locale=English Love this one! Easy to dream away! Lovley colors.

    2013-05-15 | 14:21:19
  • Mias says:

    http://babyssimo.de/collections/kuscheln-deko/products/belle-boo-wandaufkleber-hot-air-balloons?locale=English wonderful colors! easy to dream away:)

    2013-05-15 | 14:24:33
  • mary mc keown says:

    really like the prints esp.graphic print /rain/

    2013-05-15 | 15:46:40
  • Aga says:

    Camilla Lundstedts affischer gillar jag mest! :)

    2013-05-15 | 16:25:39
  • Henriette Johansen says:

    I like the Cowshed bath & shower gel so much. It's so nice on the body when you shower :-)

    2013-05-15 | 19:05:57
  • RIKKE says:

    hmm... sikken et dejligt tæppe. Det minder om dem vi har på danske sygehuse eller plejehjem, mærkeligt, men sandt.

    2013-05-15 | 21:07:51
    URL: http://www.rikkehermansen.blogspot.com
  • Nick says:

    I love the Kimono Onesie "Goat", absolutely adorable!

    2013-05-16 | 05:06:59
  • Marion says:

    Love the April Showers blankets. All of them.

    2013-05-16 | 12:34:57
  • Radmila Ustych says:

    How great! i have a crush on bibs, i especially love the Tuck-away Bib "Giraffe"

    2013-05-17 | 22:07:39
  • jone says:

    Do you know what is written on the blanket? "Senovinis" means "ancient".

    Svar: Haha, no I didn't know that!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-05-17 | 23:31:27
  • Georgia Franco says:

    É divino! Maravilhoso! Eu adoraria ter um desses na minha cama! E o site é um sonho.

    2013-05-18 | 00:24:14
  • Georgia says:

    Divino! Maravilhoso. Eu adoraria ter uma manta como essa na minha cama.

    2013-05-18 | 00:26:04
    URL: http://georgia.franco%40gmail.com
  • Reetta says:

    Fog linen cotton blanket, it would be perfect at summer house as well as in city studio.

    2013-05-18 | 19:29:00
  • Johanna says:

    Fog Linen Table Cloth. It's perfect for a garden table.

    2013-05-18 | 19:37:39
  • Tabitha P. says:

    I signed up for the newsletter. I love the Fog Linen Badeteppich "Massage" - natur b/c it looks super soft!

    2013-05-18 | 20:10:23
  • Emily says:

    Love the blanket. Also the fog linen towels. And the japanese linen elephants. Oh! And the elephant baby blanket in gray. All lovely.

    2013-05-19 | 03:56:24
  • Sara says:

    The grey-white linen elephant soft toy - I would like to buy it for our baby son, who we are expecting to come out on Aug 3rd. :)

    2013-05-19 | 13:42:35
  • Benedicte says:

    Woooo the fog linen blanket is beautiful but I also truly love the reversible blanket "BOO"...a d o r a b l e !

    2013-05-19 | 21:21:08
  • Thelma says:

    This blanket would be perfect in my new appartment in Sthlm.
    Thanks for wonderful blog!

    2013-05-20 | 00:37:07
    URL: http://www.thelmargret.com
  • Lisa says:

    Many cosy things for me and the baby, but the Fog Linen Chambray Linen Towels look lovely!

    Now signed up for Babyssimo's newsletter.

    2013-05-20 | 11:18:46
  • Leanne says:

    This blanket is my favorite.

    2013-05-20 | 21:27:51

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