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Stylist: Thomas Lingsell

I have been following real estate agency Fantastic Frank for so long now that I have learnt to see the difference in style between their interior stylists, and I have to say that Thomas Lingsell wins the race in my book. He always manages to create that cosy, lived-in feeling that makes it so easy to imagine yourself living in the apartments he stages. The slightly flat pillows, wrinkled table cloth and casually placed accessories makes it look like real people are living there. Very stylish people of course, but stylish and relaxed at the same time is the ultimate goal for a home, right?
Below is one of his latest styling projects, for sale here.



  • Kimberly says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

    2013-03-01 | 01:09:43
    URL: http://kimberlykaian.blogspot.com/
  • Deco Review says:

    Liked the living room design so much

    2013-03-01 | 05:35:08
    URL: http://decoreview.com
  • Caroline @trend-daily says:

    I discovered Fantastic Frank through you Emma-it's wonderful and our Uk estate agents could learn so much from it-although we don't have so many beautiful homes!!! And this is just gorgeous!

    2013-03-01 | 08:00:32
    URL: http://Trend-daily.blogspot.com
  • Johan says:

    Var hittar man duken han använt på köksbordet?

    2013-03-01 | 08:40:50
  • Lisbeth says:

    Intressant. Detta är det bästa jag sett hos FF hittills. (Min teori om att dom första spektakulära stylingarna var ett PR trick, verkar stämma ;-) )

    2013-03-01 | 10:41:55
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.se/
  • anordinarywoman says:

    Not just excellent styling but also very nice collection of things as well as apartment. Great atmosphere. Thanks for sharing :)

    2013-03-01 | 11:10:51
    URL: http://anordinarywoman.net
  • Tamara González says:

    Like the living room! ;)

    2013-03-01 | 14:00:03

    Wow, tjusigt, älskar de bolliga hundarna ^^

    2013-03-01 | 14:39:47
    URL: http://lorissalovebomb.se
  • Galina Holmberg says:

    Vad fint! :)

    2013-03-01 | 17:53:48
    URL: http://galinas.blogg.se
  • Julia says:

    Gillar balansen bland de olika färgerna.

    2013-03-01 | 18:06:40
    URL: http://imjuliayouknow.blogg.se
  • Patti Borrelli @BeSoStyle says:

    Love these images...and love the natural, easy styling. beautiful!

    2013-03-01 | 18:11:21
    URL: http://www.besostyle.com
  • Emil says:

    Första bilden såg riktigt mysigt ut!

    2013-03-01 | 19:41:21
    URL: http://herrn.blogg.se
  • seventeendoors says:

    Lovely light in these pics, as well!
    Have a great weekend!

    2013-03-01 | 20:57:27
    URL: http://seventeendoors.blogspot.se
  • Emma Fransson says:

    Jätte fint!

    2013-03-02 | 09:58:02
    URL: http://emmafranssson.blogg.se
  • Emma Johansson says:

    Skåpen är närmast magiskt snygga!

    2013-03-04 | 21:41:01
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • Wien says:

    wish to reach the stylist by email

    Svar: Try his homepage on Fantastic Frank's site.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-03-21 | 05:10:45

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