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Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst

If you have been following blogs for a while, I'm sure you have heard of Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst. She works a lot with interior stylist Anouk B, but also shoots for Bloesem and Est magazine, and of course for print magazines. Marjon just published a newsletter with pictures from her features for sale, so if you are a magazine looking for content, just check it out here. What you perhaps didn't know is that she recently opened a  webshop, selling her own graphic prints. I think they are fab!
Below is a selection of images from the newsletter, the first and last are styled by Anouk B, and the others are home visits. What I love about all of these pictures is the relaxed feel, a little imperfection teamed with simplicity and honest materials really does it for me. How about you?



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