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Classic style, the Pella way

Super talented interior stylist and decorator Pella Hedeby just got her first feature published in Residence magazine, and she got the cover too! Congrats Pella! I know we are going to see more from her in the future, and I can't wait for that, but until then, let's enjoy these wonderful pictures. (To see more, go to Pella's blog; Stil Inspiration.)
The setting here is a very classic Stockholm apartment, with big windows, high ceilings and white walls to emphasize the light. Many of the original details have been saved in the renovations bringing a beautiful contrast to the modern furnishings. The outcome is, as always with Pella's work, graphic and quite minimalist, but still far from sterile thanks to the herringbone parquet flooring and vintage wood details.



  • onira says:

    Love the table !

    2013-03-07 | 07:59:16
    URL: http://12beaufort.over-blog.com
  • belli carlsson says:

    så vackert!

    2013-03-07 | 09:13:58
    URL: http://bellicarlsson.blogg.se
  • Inramad inredning ~ Lantlig stil i drömvillan ♥ says:

    Älskar den lilla apan! :)

    2013-03-07 | 09:21:46
    URL: http://bloggeninramadinredning.se/
  • thecitygourmand says:

    Wow, this is fabulous work. Love those dining chairs, very elegant

    2013-03-07 | 09:48:32
    URL: http://thecitygourmand.blogspot.com
  • Marie Bergman says:

    Riktigt fina bilder =)

    2013-03-07 | 10:24:11
    URL: http://mariebergman.se/
  • Tamara González says:

    Love the sitting room!

    2013-03-07 | 12:06:16
  • En annan Sara says:

    Anyone who knows where I can buy the coat hanger that's on the wall next to the bed?

    2013-03-07 | 14:53:41
  • Chiara says:

    What a stunning apartment. I love the white with the black contrasts. It's a very inspirational space!

    2013-03-07 | 14:59:33
    URL: http://www.wineandolives.co.uk
  • Emma Johansson says:


    2013-03-07 | 19:55:48
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • Robin says:

    Sjukt fint! :) Very nice :)

    2013-03-10 | 20:15:42
    URL: http://nibor.blogg.se/
  • Architectonista says:

    Inspiring interior! I just wanted to drop by to tell you I’ve nominated your blog for the Inspiring Blog Award! You can visit http://architectonista.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/inspiring-blog-award/ to see a post about it. Thanks!

    2013-03-11 | 01:39:03
    URL: http://architectonista.wordpress.com/
  • Anonym says:

    Den svarta klädhängaren heter hayman och kommer från SMD Design, www.smddesign.se.

    2013-03-11 | 19:49:09
  • lina says:

    underbara bilder!

    2013-03-12 | 15:42:27
    URL: http://angenamt.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    Beautiful house!

    2013-03-12 | 17:06:05
    URL: http://cafelab.blogspot.it/
  • Lise says:

    Love the windows in the first picture!

    2013-03-13 | 17:35:45
    URL: http://lisee.ipublish.no/
  • Rickard says:

    Anyone know where I can find the lamp over the dining-table? Looks really fab!


    2013-03-15 | 21:22:24
  • susan farrar says:

    I LOVE black and white . I work with black and white or lots of colour , but always return to black and white, Love adding a tiny bit of green as well just to lift the look. The plants do that here its great Thank you for sharing Susan Farrar

    2013-03-19 | 11:08:35
    URL: http://www.farrarartdesigns.com

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