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Styling with &Tradition at Norm's studio

During our Design Trade blog tour in Copenhagen we were invited to a brunch at the loft studio of Norm Architects, where we were challenged to use products from &Tradition to style a picture to be shot by photographer Rune Lundø. We also had the pleasure to meet interior stylist Stine Langvad and hear the inspiring story of how she works.
As there were very few props, basically just some coffee table books, I had to get creative. So I sneaked a couple of unfinished prototypes from the office and found some old papers in the trash bin, took a photography lamp and some studio wall supports and made a super simple still life with those. I love the wall I propped it all up against, and I think that without the old fuse boxes this picture would be extremely boring...


  • Paul says:

    I love the way that you have styled this image! You are very talented.

    Svar: Thank you so much Paul!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-06-22 | 21:40:38
  • Cornelia says:

    Adorable as always!

    2013-06-23 | 10:07:35
    URL: http://pralindrome.blogg.se
  • owls house london. says:

    what a clever composition, just lovely.

    2013-06-23 | 10:45:54
    URL: http://www.designsourcebook.net
  • Gerard @WalnutGrey says:

    Such a fun morning Emma in a very cool space. Your whole image just clicks. Love it! x

    Svar: Thank you so much Gerard! It's too late now, but I wish I had skipped the notes on the wall and just kept it bare... I guess I'm a bit over the whole tape thing, but it's so easy to use. :) Your image is really great, one of my favorites!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-06-23 | 14:43:44
    URL: http://www.walnutgreydesign.com
  • christian says:

    well done ..... love all your work ...

    2013-06-24 | 06:24:57
  • Lucia Albertine says:

    Beautiful, I love it!:)

    2013-06-24 | 12:41:52
  • caroline @trend-daily says:

    brilliant as always!

    2013-06-24 | 22:15:21
    URL: http://trend-daily.blogspot.com
  • Amber Maxwell says:

    Great work Emma =D

    2013-06-26 | 03:20:10

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