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Kinfolk style dinner in Copenhagen

I just got back from three days full of fun events in Copenhagen, where I participated in a blog tour arranged by Allan from Bungalow5 and the new design fair Design Trade. On our first evening there we were invited to a dinner in the beautiful home of set designer and stylist Nathalie Schwer. Nathalie has previously worked for the US based magazine Kinfolk, and if you have ever seen that magazine you know we were in for a very special treat. Everything was so lovingly and delicately arranged, from the flowers to the food, and we all had an amazing time!
The evening was sponsored by Broste Copenhagen, another one of Nathalie's clients, Le Creuset and Simply Chocolate, and it was all documented by photographer Line Klein, who I am sure you all recognize by now as I have been showing lots of her images here before. I would like to share some of her pictures from the evening with you, to let you have an idea of what we experienced. Enjoy!



  • Elena says:

    This looks gorgeous. Perfectly arranged and the sneak peek of the food looks so yummy!


    2013-06-07 | 06:55:12
    URL: http://facingnorthwithgracia.blogspot.com
  • allesistgut says:


    2013-06-07 | 09:15:15
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Martin says:

    I like the plates very much. And the proportions of the tiny pots create an almost surreal setting!

    2013-06-07 | 09:23:28
    URL: http://modernistberlin.blogspot.de/
  • My world apart says:

    Beautiful pictures .. for a nice evening with friends!

    2013-06-07 | 09:57:34
    URL: http://myworldapart.com
  • Marit Polderman says:

    wow! it was so much fun to follow this on instagram and on blogs of you all!
    Great you had a nice time!
    hug Marit (homemarit.blogspot.nl)

    2013-06-07 | 10:52:29
    URL: http://homemarit.blogspot.nl
  • Camilla/Stilitiden says:

    Vackert! Fick Kinfolks magasin av min svärmor från USA, fin inspiration verkligen, konstnärliga överraskningar och blommig inspiration. Har du förresten sett de fina industristolarna Chaisses Nicolles som nu säljs i Sverige (Artilleriet eller omvägen via mitt inlägg idag)?

    Ha det gott!

    2013-06-07 | 11:06:32
    URL: http://www.stilitiden.se

    Delicious photos!

    2013-06-07 | 12:02:09
    URL: http://www.feelinspiredblog.com
  • Harry says:


    2013-06-07 | 13:41:58
    URL: http://www.nattstad.se/harry
  • bydahlin says:

    Loving the summer flowers! Just perfect for this season! Looks great.

    2013-06-07 | 19:22:54
    URL: http://bydahlin.wordpress.com
  • tinajo says:

    Looks beautiful! :-)

    2013-06-08 | 09:10:56
    URL: http://tinajoathome.com/
  • Uriel says:

    SUPER fina bilder

    2013-06-08 | 17:02:55
    URL: http://uriels.blogg.se
  • Cornelia says:

    I love Copenhagen design... I used to live their and their design markets are just amazing!!!! The lamp actually one of the interior thing thatI personally would connect with Denmark :) Good post! xx

    2013-06-09 | 00:11:57
    URL: http://pralindrome.blogg.se
  • Nikita says:

    Woow det ser helt fantastiskt ut med sina bilder vad har du för kamera? Man vill inte sluta titta på dem haha

    2013-06-09 | 11:51:18
    URL: http://www.stylebynikita.blogg.se
  • caisa salmonsson says:

    Tack för en riktigt bra inredningsblogg!
    Jag har länkat några av dina bilder (hänvisat till dej) Hoppas det är ok?

    2013-06-09 | 21:14:34
    URL: http://ccaisas.blogspot.se
  • Tina says:

    Vilka snygga bilder!!

    2013-06-10 | 12:52:12
    URL: http://photobytina.blogg.se/

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