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Giveaway: Prints from Arte Limited

Giveaway time! Let's have some fun on Instagram with Arte Limited, an online gallery for photography and illustrations, working closely with their artists to produce the highest quality of fine art prints. They represent both established artists that you already know and new interesting names that are on the way forward.
To enter the competition, snap a photo of the space where you would like to hang one of their artworks, upload it on Instagram, write which print you would want there, and tag the picture with #artelimited. Three winners will be chosen by Arte Limited in one weeks time, July 9. 
I was looking through the images on their site the other day, in search for something to hang on the wall in my three years old daughter's room. I found quite a few suitable prints, with illustrations cool enough for adults and at the same time interesting for children. But then I saw the one. You know, the perfect one. It's the big print in the collage below, with the horned girl. Not only is it nice to look at and has plenty of attitude, but it when I read the name of the illustration I just knew it had to be this one. You see, my daughter recently invented an invisible friend, and this friend's name is Arietta. I've never heard this name before, and I don't know where she got it from. Can you believe the name of the print is Ariete?! It just has to be my daughter's pretend friend in the picture, don't you think?


  • wendy skinner says:

    Great Giveaway and Great selection!

    Svar: Thanks, happy you like it!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-07-03 | 16:39:53
    URL: http://www.mylittlenico.com
  • Sofia says:

    Fina :-)

    2013-07-03 | 18:00:50
    URL: http://lovejournal.blogg.se/
  • oktoberkind says:

    Great give-away, cool competition and love your story about "Arietta" :-)

    2013-07-04 | 09:07:35
    URL: http://oktoberkindblog.blogspot.dk/
  • Åsa says:

    Great competition, off cause I participated, but who did win? Love your blogg by the way!

    Svar: Thanks, happy you like it! The winners are drawn by Artelimited, so I don't know who won, sorry.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-07-11 | 23:47:01

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