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Happy 2013!

I tried to write this post so many times during the last week, but every time I sat down, a tiny person would come up to me and say "Mommy, can we read this?" or "Mommy, can we play?". So I did. Read and play I mean. And I really needed this time off. 2012 was busy, probably my busiest year ever. It started with the Interior Styling class at Beckmans Akademi, then we moved to this apartment closer to town, and then I worked most of the summer. As autumn started, I began working on my book that will be out this spring, and at the same time I did a lot of other fun projects and started a few that aren't quite finished yet but will be so much fun to show once they are launching!
I have high hopes for 2013, and right now I'm really looking forward to Stockholm Design Week and Meet the Blogger meet-up here in Stockholm, and after that I'm going to Iceland for Design March. I can't wait to revisit Reykjavik, as the last time I was there I was newly pregnant with that tiny person mentioned in the beginning of the post, and was too tired to really see or do much... This time I'll make sure to make use of every minute, and see everything that I missed last time! I'm hoping for many more travels throughout the year, and perhaps to see some other places than Copenhagen and Stockholm (although I love both of these cities, but something new would be nice too.)
I'd like to end this post and welcome the new year with a brief look in the rear view mirror. Below are some collages with pics from my favorite posts from 2012. Enjoy!
Ps. I'm announcing the winners from Advent Giveaway 3 + 4 today. Look here to see if you won!


  • Tamara González says:

    nice pics :)
    Happy new year! xxx

    2013-01-04 | 15:56:13
  • Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir says:

    Wow I understand the tiny person "problem" as I have 2 of those.
    I hope you will enjoy Iceland and DesignMarch, I am an Icelandic designer, although I don't think I will be able to showcase anything this year. Have lots of fun!

    2013-01-04 | 16:17:42
    URL: http://gudrunvald.wordpress.com
  • Nina says:

    Happy new year!! 2013 rocks!!

    2013-01-04 | 16:19:29
    URL: http://www.retrobeans.com
  • Pella says:

    Så superinspirerande! Älskar varenda bild i ditt collage och vill bara gå tillbaka och läsa om varenda inlägg! Önskar dig ett toppenår Emma och ser verkligen fram emot boken!

    2013-01-04 | 19:23:32
    URL: http://stilinspiration.blogspot.com
  • Lisbeth says:

    Dare I say: Congrats to the winners! 2013 will be lots of fun (according to the plans I'm making right now). Yesss!

    2013-01-04 | 19:26:09
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.se/
  • seventeendoors says:

    God fortsättning och så spännande med boken!
    Och Island, vilken dröm..

    2013-01-04 | 20:04:54
    URL: http://seventeendoors.blogspot.se/
  • Annett says:

    thank you so much Emma...stay on and and let us take part of your sensibility and good view of things..

    2013-01-04 | 22:02:29
  • Halsoprofilen says:

    Sjukt snygga bilder! inspo!

    2013-01-04 | 22:19:59
    URL: http://halsocoachen.blogg.se

    Gud vilken otrolig fin blogg du har och fantastiska bilder. Har fått mycket inspration från din blogg och jag följer den hejvilt! :) Ha en bra lördags dag så hörs vi säkert senare någon dag! Blogg och kämpa på, din blogg är underbar :) Många kramar från mig! KramkramJW

    2013-01-05 | 00:09:09
    URL: http://jeenkoo.blogspot.se
  • Ivi Petrou says:

    Happy New Year Emma!
    stay tuned and continue posting all these fantastic and interesting staff!!
    your blog is certainly an inspiration!!

    2013-01-05 | 00:32:00
  • Thomas says:

    Beautiful pictures as always!

    2013-01-05 | 10:14:43
    URL: http://studio8940.blogspot.com
  • In_tro2 says:


    Happy new year too...

    2013-01-05 | 10:29:05
    URL: http://www.in-tro2.com
  • Amber SJ says:

    great year in review mirror mix =D

    2013-01-05 | 10:33:54
  • Martine says:

    Love your blog and style. Your favourite pics from 2012 are great. I love black/Greg/wood and whites. And that mixed with some strange and good details.
    Have a good 2013 and hope to see more photo's in 2013,
    Goodluck with everything your doing and I think I am already a fan off your Book what is coming. So let me know PLEASE,
    Sweet Greet Martine
    Insta Martinev67

    2013-01-05 | 11:20:08
    URL: http://martinevianen.blogspot.nl
  • Desiree says:

    Thank you for another amazing blogging year! I am really looking forward meeting you in person and hangout a bit in February ;) I must been following you over 5 or 6 years now maybe and I love to see that your style is getting more refined with the years. I included your Beckmans styling picture in my own year review as well. Glad to see you are sticking to the old black-white-wood theme like myself, probably one of the reasons why I love to come here and keep coming back ;)
    hugs x onto another amazing blogyear !

    Svar: Thank you Desiree, for keeping such an inspiring blog! I'm excited to meet you, it will be so much fun! And thanks for using my Beckmans pic, I'm so happy you included it in your favorites!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-01-05 | 13:40:46
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Emma Johansson says:

    Som vanligt helt sinnessjukt snygga bilder!

    2013-01-05 | 13:52:42
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • Vanessa says:

    Åh vilka fina bilder! Älskar när inredningen går i vitt och svart! :)

    2013-01-05 | 15:36:58
    URL: http://valmer.blogg.se
  • Alexundra Kakansson says:

    Vilka härliga och inspirerande bilder! Gott nytt år!

    2013-01-05 | 15:41:09
    URL: http://alexundrakakansson.blogg.se/
  • Judith says:

    Thanks for sharing so many beauty in 2012, Emma! Very much looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm and to learn more about your upcoming book and all the other things 2013 will bring. Happy weekend!

    2013-01-05 | 16:21:19
    URL: http://www.joelix.com
  • Mathilda Dicksdotter says:

    Härligt med all mystik!

    2013-01-05 | 17:58:35
    URL: http://fashionnphotos.blogg.se
  • Alison Flower says:

    Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for your blog - it's an inspiration.... I love it. Enjoy Iceland. I've just come back from there and have fallen for it completely. The stunning scenery appeals to me as an artist/photographer and the people are wonderful. Scandinavian styling is everywhere - make sure you pop into the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik.
    Best wishes for 2013, Alison.

    Svar: Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to check it out! Happy New Year!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-01-05 | 18:14:26
  • Charlie says:

    Gott nytt år Emma. Hoppas 2013 blir lika inspirerande och spännande som 2012 ;)

    2013-01-05 | 23:40:58
    URL: http://hementreprenaden.se
  • Alicia och Matilda says:

    Vad tycker du det är som gör din blogg speciell? Inget illa menat men vad är din "inriktining"? Design? ^^

    Svar: Min inriktning är Skandinavisk stil och design. Jag letar upp guldkornen från de bästa stylisterna och fotograferna.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2013-01-05 | 23:58:53
    URL: http://inourfootsteps.blogg.se
  • molly says:

    Inspirerande bilder!

    2013-01-06 | 00:35:48
    URL: http://mollllys.blogg.se
  • Emma says:

    fin blogg :)

    2013-01-06 | 00:58:37
    URL: http://emmab.devote.se
  • Shadaim12.wordpress.com says:

    Älskar dina bilder :)

    2013-01-06 | 02:48:09
    URL: http://shadaim12.wordpress.com
  • Cowgirl says:

    Greetings from Canada -- I have enjoyed and been inspired by your blog for a while now and felt it was time to let you know. You have such a good 'eye' and being a big fan of 'black&white' I love everything! I am trying to bring some style to my rural MO-bile (read: old trailer) and can use all the help I can find -- thanks you for a lot of fab ideas!


    2013-01-07 | 00:01:11
    URL: http://www.cowgirltales.blogspot.ca/
  • Tracey@chalkboard living says:

    Happy New Year. I'm excited to meet you at Meet the Blogger. 4 days without my children and i may even get to see some things too, let alone enjoy the quiet flights! This will be my 3rd time in Stockholm so looking forward to seeing it from a design perspective. Tracey xo

    2013-01-08 | 00:06:37
    URL: http://www.chalkboardliving.com
  • K H says:

    God fortsättning

    2013-01-08 | 09:53:28
    URL: http://www.kaffehornan.se
  • ForeignReader7 says:

    I really like your blog Emma. Keep this way

    2013-01-14 | 22:53:14

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