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Real or not? 3D graphics have come a long way...

Do you remember the photos of &Traditions new designs that I showed you in a post a few weeks ago? I just got an email from an architect who used a 3D-rendering software to reproduce the images because he was so inspired by them, so he tried to catch the wonderful light in the photos. Meaning, he created these pictures himself, from scratch, on his computer, to look almost exactly as the original photos. I think it's just crazy how far 3D graphics has come in the last few years! No one could tell that these are not photographs, and I almost can't tell the difference between these and the originals. Can you?
I actually studied 3D graphics briefly in college, but let me tell you, pictures like these weren't even imaginable back then, and even though we had some great software, these results would have been impossible even for the most talented persons. (I was not among those talented persons. I was happy if I could make an image that someone could see what it was supposed to depict. Like a ball, or a snowman...)
All images by Lasse Rode at Xoio studio



  • Est Magazine says:

    WOW! These are amazing ♡

    2013-02-20 | 09:05:55
    URL: http://www.estmagazine.com.au
  • ronja says:

    ÄLSKAR stolarna

    2013-02-20 | 10:06:52
    URL: http://willjafy.blogg.se
  • Rosa van den Kerkhof says:

    This is great! How detailed, and the light... Amazing!

    2013-02-20 | 11:54:10
    URL: http://www.studionest.nl
  • Casper says:

    Holy crap that's incredible! Could've fooled me!

    2013-02-20 | 12:34:58
  • Lone says:

    whau - the only thing that caught my eye was the curtains... amazing - I too studied 3d visualization, and remember my very first computerrendering - it was finished with colourpencils... much has happened :)

    2013-02-20 | 13:00:10
  • Maria - Nordic Design Collective says:

    Wow! I agree, there is no way I would've guessed they were animated... Impressive!

    2013-02-20 | 15:06:39
    URL: http://www.nordicdesigncollective.se
  • Tamara González says:

    nice photos!

    2013-02-20 | 16:22:38
  • Madde says:


    2013-02-20 | 17:27:06
    URL: http://maddepadde.ipublish.no/
  • Desiree says:

    I recently came across some of these pictures< think it was from a kitchen, as well and even emailed the guy to ask if it was real or designed Thought it was pretty amazing!

    2013-02-20 | 22:28:38
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • ilze björk says:

    Fina bilder !

    2013-02-20 | 22:54:52
    URL: http://bjorkilze.blogg.se/
  • Cecilia says:

    Do you know what software was used to create these images? I'm looking to try out a new 3D software.

    2013-02-21 | 20:42:19
  • Charlie says:

    Jösses, där ligger man i lä. Riktigt häftigt, nästan så att 3D bilderna är snyggare än de riktiga fotografierna, framförallt närbilden på lamporna :)

    2013-02-21 | 22:16:14
    URL: http://www.hementreprenaden.se
  • Cinderella Patch says:

    Wow... so you mean that from the photos he was able to use 3D technology to reproduce them? sorry I 'm graphically challenged.
    I love the use of books as part of the statement!! So many beautiful books why not show them off!!

    2013-02-21 | 22:24:05
    URL: http://cinderellapatch.blogspot.com
  • Elena Gardin says:

    Oh my... The second picture is so real. Still remember when I was cutting pages to make views back at the architecture school. And I'm not so old!

    Lovely post.


    2013-02-22 | 07:42:23
    URL: http://facingnorthwithgracia.blogspot.com
  • Jessica.O says:

    sjukt snygga bilder!

    2013-02-23 | 14:27:55
    URL: http://jessicao.blogg.se
  • belli carlsson says:

    gud vilken enkel och fin design du har på bloggen och du är riktigt inspirerande! :)

    2013-02-23 | 15:15:23
    URL: http://bellicarlsson.blogg.se
  • Bec says:

    3rd picture - would LOVE to know where the couch is from?

    2013-02-24 | 10:57:46
  • jessica och jenny says:

    Åhh vill ha den där lampan!!!

    2013-02-24 | 18:48:14
    URL: http://jennyjessica.blogg.se
  • jessica och jenny says:

    Åhh vill ha den där lampan!!!

    2013-02-24 | 18:48:14
    URL: http://jennyjessica.blogg.se
  • ...tillParis says:


    2013-02-25 | 00:46:59
    URL: http://Tillparis.blogg.se
  • Michela says:


    2013-02-25 | 01:12:16
    URL: http://www.home-trotter.blogspot.com
  • Richie says:

    Really cool, would love to know what render tools he used!

  • patricia fernandes says:

    Really cool

    2013-03-27 | 22:09:59
    URL: http://www.urbanoid.pt

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