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Vipp Christmas Styling in Copenhagen

I was invited to Copenhagen this Tuesday, to visit the Vipp shop together with lots of other bloggers from all over Europe. I arrived a few hours late after missing my flight, so was thrown head first into a food styling challenge where I teamed up with Stephanie from 70percentpure, Malene from Boligcious and Heidi from Fru Fly. Styling five dishes and table settings, with 15 minutes for each setting, and a wonderful prop table to pick from, was fantastic fun, but also very difficult! Styling food is extremely different from products...
It was a great day, that ended with a five course xmas dinner cooked by star chef Mikkel Karstad, where I had a chance to chat irl to some bloggers that I've only had online chats with before. Thanks Vipp for bringing us together for this event!
The pictures you see here are the results of our team's efforts, shot by Anders Hviid. (Whose bag I accidentally stole, so sorry about that Anders!)



  • Sofia says:

    Vilka härliga bilder!

    2013-12-06 | 08:28:30
    URL: http://fialinsstil.blogspot.se
  • Mathilda/Odalisque says:


    2013-12-06 | 09:02:34
    URL: http://odalisquemagazine.com/blogs/mclahr
  • 28 Quadrat, Lena Foerster says:

    Underbart! Så snyggt!

    2013-12-06 | 13:23:16
    URL: http://www.28quadrat.com
  • Jenny - Hemtrender says:

    Grymt snyggt, blev ett inlägg omedelbums hos mig:)
    Ha en fin helg!

    2013-12-06 | 16:37:20
    URL: http://hemtrender.com
  • Felicia Marthe says:

    Love your taste!

    2013-12-07 | 08:22:06
    URL: http://feliciamarthe.com
  • Miss Michaela - Skandal Beauty says:


    2013-12-07 | 15:21:49
    URL: http://SkandalBeauty.blogg.se
  • http://existera.webblogg.se - tankar, känslor, glädje, sorg, ångest, panik, kärlek. livet. says:


    2013-12-08 | 18:45:56
    URL: http://existera.webblogg.se
  • Felicia Marthe says:

    Wow! Vilka fantastiska saker!

    2013-12-09 | 11:42:46
    URL: http://feliciamarthe.com
  • Princess Lilla Lii says:

    Älskar dina bilder, man får så mycket inspo!

    2013-12-10 | 01:03:26
    URL: http://www.princesslillalii.blogg.se
  • Anonym says:

    Jeg liker mye fargene! De er en perfekt combinasjon!

    2013-12-10 | 12:40:56
  • Piko Interior says:

    Jeg liker mye fargene!
    De er en perfekt combinasjon! :)

    2013-12-10 | 12:42:03
    URL: http://pikointerior.com/en
  • Piko Interior says:

    Det er en perfekt combinasjon!

    2013-12-10 | 12:43:02
    URL: http://pikointerior.com/en
  • Inredningshjälpen says:

    Väldigt fina produkter och så inspirerande styling!

    Kram Anette/Inredningshjälpen

    2013-12-11 | 14:02:42
    URL: http://inredningshjalpen.com
  • Helen/Sivers basar says:

    Veldig fin styling! Så spennande oppgave!

    2013-12-11 | 18:15:06
    URL: http://siversbasar.com
  • Catrine says:

    Superfin styling! Jag undrar om du kan tipsa var man kan köpa snygga skärbrädor i trä, som liknar den som är på fotot här?
    Tacksam för svar!

    2013-12-12 | 20:13:08

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