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Happy Holidays for everyone!

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the big day here in Sweden, and I will be spending it with my family and then take some time off from the blog and everything else. You can still follow me on Instagram and Pinterest though, because as addictive as those medias are, I don't think I will be able, or want, to stay away from them completely during my time off. I'll be back here in a week or so with fresh new posts!
The pictures above are my own personal moodboard that I made as inspiration for decorating my home for the holidays. I still fool myself every year into thinking I will have time to make some cool DIY stuff, but no, it just never happens. I just put some spruce twigs in vases and hang twinkly lights in the window, and that will have to be it. I am happy with the results of my decorating anyway, and hope you are all ready to celebrate now!
Happy Holidays everyone! 

Mirror splashback and graphic art

Let's take a step away from the holiday preparations... Look at all the lovely deco inspiration in this apartment from Fantastic Frank. I love the wall art and the extremely impractical but super stylish idea of putting a mirror as a splashback in the kitchen! I usually prefer when form follows function, but in this case I'm willing to make an exception.
Via Trendenser, with thanks

Looking back at the trends of 2013

I was just looking through the Haiku Deck presentations I have made this year, and started to think of a new one, when I saw a deck that I thought would be fun to share with you. I made this at the beginning of this year, for a workshop on current Scandinavian interior design trends, and as the year is coming to an end it was fun to look through it and see if I had my finger on the pulse or was totally out there with my guesses... What do you think?

My Marimekko styling, all together

All the posts from the Holiday pictures I made for Marimekko Village are up on the site now, so I wanted to collect them all together here. Perhaps someone (like myself) still needs a bit more inspiration to get in the mood for the festive season...
If you are wondering what the bathroom/skincare/spa picture above has to do with xmas, well, it's about the big traditional Christmas Bath of course! You know, the one yearly bath that people had before we got into the habit of keeping ourselves clean every day. At least, that is the myth. I'm not so sure it's actually true, but only bathing once a year is an entertaining thought!
Styling: Emma Fexeus

Blog Tour Berlin #1

As you may have heard, this summer a team of nine design bloggers from all over Europe was formed, with the plan to tour the world in search for great design, nice collaborations with brands we like, and fun experiences to share with our readers. We started with a trip to Copenhagen, and last week it was time for our second stop; four days in Berlin. I will write more about a few chosen stops on our trip, but let's start with a general summary of the fun we had in the first two days! The picture above is from our favourite corner of the lobby in super cool design hotel Michelberger, where I also stayed a few days this Spring, and I was so happy to be back there. The atmosphere is layed back, the service great, the interior design totally stylish and relaxed at the same time, and we all loved the bar and lobby area to hang out after long days trotting around this huge city. My only complaint: ONE small mirror in a room for nine people?? No wonder it took us so long to get ready every day!
All photos are by Riikka Kantinkoski, or perhaps you know her as Weekday Carnival. It's such a luxury to have a professional photographer in the group, as we are always guaranteed to have nice pictures for our blogs from all of our experiences!
We started our Berlin blog tour with a visit to Cookies Cream, a top notch vegetarian restaurant that took us all by surprise when we were lead through dark alleys by our hosts at VisitBerlin, and then through a mysterious hidden club space full of dark nooks, strange interior details (think ostrich lamps, chains, a wedding booth and flickering fluorescent lights), to finally end up in a big white room, full of long communal tables and huge modern art paintings. Unfortunately, they had a "no pictures" policy, but you can take 360° tour here. And no, none of us (to my knowledge at least) tried the bedroom or the viewing room behind it.
The next morning started with breakfast and a styling challenge at Fashion For Home, where we were divided into two teams and created these settings from their big range of furniture and accessories. I teamed up with Igor, Anna and Desiree to make the second picture you see above. Quite relaxed and homey, and I think you can see pieces of all of us in there, while still managing to create a harmonious whole. Or what do you think?
Next on the schedule: Lunch at Etsy! Their office buzzed with creativity, as is to be expected I suppose, but it was so nice to see this space irl after seeing it on instagram and on blogs so many times. Lots of interesting details everywhere, and some examples of the products you can find on their site had also made it into the loft studio/office. You can find a few more pics from there on my Instagram, or check out our hashtag #designberlin for snapshots by all of us from the whole trip.
After a short shopping trip we went over to visit the headquarters of Fantastic Frank Berlin, who I am sure you have heard of already. If not, it's a Swedish real estate agency, focusing on perfectly (and sometimes very creatively) styled apartments with pictures that would fit in any international deco magazine, and they just opened their German branch this summer. I don't have any pics to share from their office, but above is one from their latest apartment for sale, to give you an idea of what they are all about.
Our last stop for the day, and one of my absolute favourites from my last Berlin trip, was Supergrau. This design brand has such a great shop/showroom, filled with minimalist products. Exclusive materials, beautiful lines and clever ideas are mixed into wonderful items, of which you can see a select few above. And below, two details from their shop, just to give you an idea of the atmosphere. It's this great mix of raw and clean that I love so much.

Christmas Inspiration from Hitta Hem

I just can't seem to get started with the holiday decorations in my home this year. So far all I have is a candle holder and a tiny naked tree in a pot. Although, after seeing these photos from the blog Hitta Hem, I feel inspired to add a few more pieces, so perhaps a star and a hyacinth bulb or two will move in with us this weekend. The big tree will have to wait, as I am still trying to convince my daughter that we don't need three big trees in different colours...
Are you finished with your holiday decorations yet?

My Xmas Wishlist 2013

Society 6 cushion | Linnéa Svan bracelet | Acne vases
The last few weeks have been so busy (first the Marimekko styling and shopping event, then the visit at Vipp, and after that straight to a blog tour in Berlin) I have hardly had time to think about the holidays yet. Today it struck me though, it's only two weeks until Christmas! I need to start preparing, shopping, cooking and decorating!
But first things first, I thought, and started remembering all the things I have seen lately that never made it into my shopping bags. So here is my own little wishlist, with things I would love to see under the tree. However, just as usual, I'm going to have to buy this myself as we don't give gifts to adults in our family. Maybe if I wrap everything in the same paper I could be just ever so slightly surprised by the contents of the packages? ;)

Vipp Christmas Styling in Copenhagen

I was invited to Copenhagen this Tuesday, to visit the Vipp shop together with lots of other bloggers from all over Europe. I arrived a few hours late after missing my flight, so was thrown head first into a food styling challenge where I teamed up with Stephanie from 70percentpure, Malene from Boligcious and Heidi from Fru Fly. Styling five dishes and table settings, with 15 minutes for each setting, and a wonderful prop table to pick from, was fantastic fun, but also very difficult! Styling food is extremely different from products...
It was a great day, that ended with a five course xmas dinner cooked by star chef Mikkel Karstad, where I had a chance to chat irl to some bloggers that I've only had online chats with before. Thanks Vipp for bringing us together for this event!
The pictures you see here are the results of our team's efforts, shot by Anders Hviid. (Whose bag I accidentally stole, so sorry about that Anders!)


My Marimekko Christmas Table

Here are the pictures from the Marimekko Christmas event I took part in last week at their Stockholm Flagship store. I styled a table for a holiday dinner, and went for a fresh white and green theme with lots of plants. It was so much fun!

Giveaway: Menu Pots from Triitme

It's the season of giving so let's do another giveaway! I know you will love this one, as the prize is 4 Menu Pots, designed by Benjamin Hubert! The collected value of all four is over €300, and it has been provided by Triitme, an online store and e-mag full of great design products.
1. Register on the Triitme website
2. Tell me what's your favourite product in their webshop!
Good luck! The competition will be open until Dec 12.

Giveaway: Envelope bag from One Must Dash

It's Monday and time for a new giveaway! This week I teamed up with London based Swedish designer duo One Must Dash to arrange a competition for their cool "Not Another Bag" canvas tote bag with high quality leather handles, value £75. The bag is lined, and features an envelope print that makes it look like a huge letter.
To have a chance to get your hands on this great bag, just do these two things:
1. Like One Must Dash on Facebook. Or if you don't have a Facebook account, subscribe to their newsletter.
2. Tell me in the comments below what is your favorite product from One Must Dash and why you like it.
The competition is open for one week, until Dec 9. Good luck!

Monday Mix #15

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