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Weekly Wants #2: Vipp + Merci

At the beginning of summer when I was in Copenhagen for the DesignTrade Blog Tour, we visited Vipp and got to see their new bin that was just launched this week. It's a collaboration with Parisian lifestyle store Merci, transferring and translating Merci's iconic paper bags to Vipp bins, to be sold during Paris Design Week. If you can fall in love with a waste basket, I did. I want this so bad, but it's only made in a very limited edition, so we'll see...
I got curiuos about the company behind the graphics, Be-Poles, a small graphic agency based in Paris and NY. While browsing the many wonderful cases on their site I came across these photos from their studios, and wanted to share them with you. It looks like an amazingly creative place to work, don't you think?
Photography: Benoît Linero



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