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Thursday Tip: Printlove by Vorstin

If you are a bit tired of wall posters with quotes and letters, but still like the graphic black and white style, this might be for you. Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst has created these art prints, all handmade on high quality paper. The X is the symbol of Amsterdam, my favorite city in the world, but it's also a universal symbol for love or kisses, so these fit me just perfectly!


  • wrida.blogg.se says:

    Skit snyggt! Jätte fin blogg!!

    2013-08-29 | 22:12:14
    URL: http://wrida.blogg.se/
  • Sandra - Breakaway - live från USA says:

    Så stilrent och fint! Men hade nog inte passat i mitt färggranna hem ;)

    2013-08-30 | 22:01:49
    URL: http://www.breakaway.se
  • Frida says:

    Sjukt snyggt för att vara så simpelt. Alldeles lagom bara!

    2013-08-30 | 23:54:22
    URL: http://fridasofi.blogspot.com
  • theRoundButton says:

    Nice work. Thanks for the post.

    2013-09-01 | 23:42:20

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