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Flip Around Table by Norm Cph

No one can have missed the fact that Danish design and architect studio Norm is one of my favorites after the many posts I have made about their projects. I follow them on Facebook where they just posted these pictures of their new Flip Around Table for Menu. It's a combined side table, stool and tray, and I think it would be perfect for small homes where multifunctional furniture is needed. The tabletop comes off and creates a tray with a handle when you turn it upside down.
And yes, I'm aware that this post is somewhat of a picture bomb, but all the photos were so nice that I couldn't pick just one or two!



  • thecitygourmand says:

    The functionality of this table is impressive, and it looks great too!

    2013-04-11 | 14:29:54
    URL: http://thecitygourmand.blogspot.com
  • Tamara González says:

    nice pics!

    2013-04-11 | 14:39:15
  • michela says:

    love it!

    2013-04-11 | 14:58:55
    URL: http://www.hometrotter.it
  • Michela says:

    love it!

    2013-04-11 | 14:59:47
    URL: http://www.hometrotter.it
  • cornelia says:

    Fina saker!!!

    2013-04-11 | 17:52:01
    URL: http://corneliasfotoliv.blogg.se
  • Johanna JBackman says:

    Läckra händer! Dags att råna en skyltdocka alltså.. Eller vet du vart man kan införskaffa något liknande?

    2013-04-12 | 08:01:05
    URL: http://leverne.nu
  • Diidididiididiiii says:

    Hejsan! Jag diggar din blogg! skulle jätte gärna vilja ha en blogg som blir lite känd. Har du några tips? Jag hade en blogg förrut med typ 100 unika men nu har jag max 5 :$ Vill verkligen att folk ska börja läsa min blogg! tips? <3

    2013-04-12 | 10:37:34
    URL: http://www.dxdxshekhany.blogg.se
  • L says:

    Hej Emma!

    Jag undrar vad den fina lampan på bild nr 6 heter.


    2013-04-12 | 11:44:35
  • S O F I A says:

    Pallen var fin och handen var läskig :)

  • Tracy says:

    Great design. I love it!

    2013-04-12 | 17:50:51
  • Tracy says:

    Great design. I love it!

    2013-04-12 | 17:51:54
  • Petra says:


    2013-04-14 | 08:51:00
    URL: http://petraelisabeths.blogg.se/
  • MiraOchFelicia says:

    stilrent :)

    2013-04-14 | 18:15:40
    URL: http://miraochfelicia.blogg.se/
  • Lennart says:

    Very cool :)

    2013-04-14 | 20:30:08
    URL: http://mobilebloggers.nl

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