Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Airy apartment designed by Emma Persson Lagerberg

We all loved the pictures of interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg's own home, and lots of us dream of living in an apartment like that. Now you can, as there is a huge Malmö apartment for sale which she designed. With a whopping 170 sqm, all perfectly renovated, and a view that is described as "unreasonable", this shouldn't be hard to sell. I especially like the kitchen, with a marble splashback and worktop, a mix of white and steel cabinets, and the glass fibre Eames chairs in different hues.
I don't know if you are aware of this, but here in Europe, the license for the Eames chairs is held by Vitra, and their version of the chair is made in plastic, not fiberglass like the original. While the plastic shells are more flexible and therefore a little more comfortable, there is something very charming about the fiberglass version. Every fiberglass chair is unique, as the strands in the material have their own life that creates small "imperfections", and also a lovely glossy surface. The original chairs are very hard to find in Europe, but there is a Swedish retailer called Decoscope that imports them directly from the US manufacturer.


A home with feminine simplicity

Doesn't this look like the perfect home for a modern girl? Simple, but with feminine touches, and a few rough details like the wooden wall in the kitchen, that patch of bared brick wall in the bedroom and concrete floor. For sale through Stadshem.


Est Magazine + Northern Delights

The latest issue of Est Magazine is out today, looking great as always! It's one of my faourite e-mags, and I was so happy when they asked me for an interview about my book. You can read the whole seven(!) spreads here, together with lots of pictures from the book that haven't been published before. But don't forget to check out the rest of the magazine as well, because there are some really nice features!



Currently Coveting: Silhouettes & Spheres

It's all in the details

A few days ago, I published a link on Facebook to a beautiful home for sale, shot by Mikael Axelsson. I just saw that he updated his portfolio blog today with another home, so I had to check it out. While the general styling of this home wasn't exactly my style, I really loved the little detail shots.
A lot of thought seems to have been put in to these small vignettes, even if they look very relaxed, and they come off as personal and very stylish. It's just simple things, nothing extravagant, and most of them are easy to copy for your own home if you'd like. While finding a shark jaw like this might be hard, filling whisky bottles with homemade schnaps, putting them on a shelf and attaching some stamped paper tags (in this case seed sachets), or ripping stylish pics out of magazines, is very doable.
Styling: Rebecca Facey


Turn of the century meets concrete and steel

About a year ago, these pictures were shown in Swedish magazine Plaza Interiör, and I was so happy to be able to show a few of them here. Now the apartment is for sale, and pictures of the entire home are available, so I just couldn't resist posting a few of them again, with the addition of new ones.
What really does it for me in this space is the concrete floor and stainless steel kitchen, clashing nicely with the fin-de-siècle architecture. Also, the huge windows letting in lots of light, a great luxury for a bottom floor apartment.
Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!
Via A Faded Palette with thanks
Photography: Amelia Widell + pic nr 2 by Patric Johansson


Nazdrowje, an industrial style Polish restaurant in Stockholm

This industrial looking restaurant located outside of Stockholm, is designed by Rickard Lindvall who was inspired by old East European factories, hence the concrete, tiles and copper pipes. Be warned though, because what was meant to be a very stylish restaurant with a high class Polish kitchen, has now been turned into a horrible sports bar. The interiors are still there, but covered under a layer of kitch, sports team flags and flat-screen tv's. I would recommend just enjoying these photos, but skip the actual visit.


Merci opens online shop

Yay! Merci, the famous shop in Paris, finally has an online store with international shipping! It opened today, so the site might be a little slow at the moment due to the massive amount of visitors, but it's definitely worth to check out as it's full to the brim with beautiful items.



Simply Nordic, Scandinavia's best designers in one photo series

I simply love these images, showing designs by some of Scandinavia's best designers. Can you spot the work of Carina Seth Andersson, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Broberg & Ridderstråle or Daniel Rybakken?



Dreaming of down-sizing

I'm starting the week with a dream of down-sizing and moving to this tiny place with my kids. I'd love to live in a place like this, originally built as a shop and not a "normal" apartment. It even comes with its own small outside area, perfect for lazy summer afternoons.
I would like to turn this home into the world's smallest 3 bedroom apt, (it's only 45 sqm) so all my children have their own spaces, by putting up two walls in the bedroom. I think it's doable, even if the rooms would be tiny, or what do you say? The rest of the place needs no changes in my opinion, because the current owners have excellent taste. I just love the way they totally ignored the age of this 1940's building and put in some antique sliding doors, and then mixed it with super modern materials like concrete and steel.



Flip Around Table by Norm Cph

No one can have missed the fact that Danish design and architect studio Norm is one of my favorites after the many posts I have made about their projects. I follow them on Facebook where they just posted these pictures of their new Flip Around Table for Menu. It's a combined side table, stool and tray, and I think it would be perfect for small homes where multifunctional furniture is needed. The tabletop comes off and creates a tray with a handle when you turn it upside down.
And yes, I'm aware that this post is somewhat of a picture bomb, but all the photos were so nice that I couldn't pick just one or two!


Thomas Lingsell lives here!

When I met stylist Thomas Lingsell the other day he told me a really funny story of how he just bought a new apartment, totally on a whim! It turned out that one of the homes he styled for Fantastic Frank became so nice that he couldn't resist the urge to move in, so he bought it, right there on the spot! I think it's hilarious to think that he actually sold it to himself.
In other words, this means that his previous home is up for sale now, and I think it looks really nice so I wanted to show it here. I heard that Thomas is going for a completely different style in his new place, he says it's going to look like a decadent old lady is living there. While I think that is a brave move and am excited to see it, I think his old apartment is more my style. Many people think, after seeing my blog, that my own home is very minimalist, decorated in only black and white, but the truth is that I have a bunch of vintage stuff and quite a lot of wood. If I had the space and no kids, my home would probably look a lot like this, just with less colorful art on the walls:

Ps. Just in case you are wondering, this post is not sponsored by Fantastic Frank, and neither are any of the other posts I have made about them. I just really like what they do.

Per Olav lives here!

I'm happy to be the very first to show these previously unpublished photos from the home of interior stylist Per Olav Sølvberg! He shares this house in Bergen, Norway with his wife Ragnhild and their three small children, and it works as their base for creative projects like making these books about fun family games and activities. I found Per Olav through his instagram, which I think is really worth checking out.
I'm only sharing a few of the photos here, because I'm thinking that maybe some magazine would like to run this story, but there are many more, showing a lovely house where the focus has been on creating family friendly shared spaces with lots of places to play, be creative or just hang out together.



Orient pendants, and a change of rules

A few weeks ago, I posted a question on facebook, asking what you wanted to see more of, and what you liked best about the blog. I got many great answers, and one recurring wish was more products. I've been thinking about that, and since my "no products" rule has sometimes been holding me back from posting great images, I decided to let go of it. From now on I will occasionally post about products. But only if the photos are really nice and I like the product, and not because some company tells me to blog their things. I hope you all are ok with this decision!
Tonight I'd like to present these exclusive new pictures from Lightyears, a Danish lighting brand that always have excellent photos and hire only the best stylists for their product shots. I think this is really important if you want to be seen in the blogosphere, where images are the only thing that counts.
Below the pictures of the new Orient pendants, designed in 1963 by Jo Hammerborg and relaunched exactly 50 years after its creation, is a little collage I made of older pictures from Lightyears, just to give you a feel for what they do.
Styling: Gitte Kjær


Giveaway: NS2 Air Speakers from Nocs

Giveaway time! This week you have the chance to win a set of NS2 Air Monitors from Nocs worth $449. Designed in Sweden, and with a sound quality that matches it's great design, the speakers are available in a big range of colors to match your home. They are active speakers with AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your Mac, PC, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You can see them in the pictures below, which I styled in cooperation with Fantastic Frank.
To see the rest of this apartment, have a look here. I had a great afternoon in this sunny functionalist home together with stylist Thomas Lingsell and photographer Andy Liffner, and I hope to be able to work with them again in the near future!

To enter the competition and have a chance to win a set of Nocs NS2 Air Monitors in the color of your choice, follow these simple steps:
1. Follow Nocs on Instagram (username nocsdesign)
2. Snap a photo of the spot where you would place your new speakers, upload it to Instagram and tag the picture with #nocs
The competition will be open for one week, until April 14. Good Luck!

Therese Sennerholt lives here!

Talented and successful graphic designer Therese Sennerholt lives in this wonderful apartment in Stockholm, decorated with a confident hand and a great eye for contrasts. She just finished the renovations, and it looks amazing! The old frames of the apartment are painted in a pure white, and mixes really well with the modern furniture.
Styling: Lotta Agaton


Intsight, new website, new project

One of my favorite Spanish interior design studios, Intsight, just launched their whole new site, where I found their latest project, the interiors of an office for Iconista, an advertising agency in Barcelona. I love the simplicity, and the black and gold details contrasting with the all white background, and the graphic patterns created by the cords from the lighting are really striking. I think my favorite image is the one of the shelves with the books and the strange rabbit, and it reminds me I really have to read that book!


Creative People Projects

I love getting sneak peeks of the homes and studios of creative people, and so far I have been getting my fixes from Freunde von Freunden and Where They Create, but yesterday I found a new source via Bloesem. It's Creative People Projects, based in Singapore, and they only have a few house visits up on their site yet, but it looks promising.
These were my favourite images from the site, and I can see now that I got a bit stuck in the details, the same way I do when I shoot pictures myself. I guess some people are more for photographing, and looking at, landscapes, architecture or city scenes. Others, like me, are zooming in on all the little details in a scene, like the way the pictures are taped to the wall, or the thumbed inspiration books on a work table. Which one are you?


Studio Blackhaus, 3D images with personality

I'm back from a short, but very relaxing, Easter break, with some 3D pictures by Blackhaus
Blackhaus is a young Brazilian based studio directed by Deisi Bernardi, Fernando Gasperin and Lucas Rachewsky. They combine design, photography, cinema and technology for the creation of high end digital sets and are specialized in architecture, interior design, furniture and accessories. As you can see from these images, they put a lot of work into the details of the textures and lighting, making them look extremely realistic. I just wish these were real environments, because I would love to move in... I really like the styling, the mix of old and new gives it that personal and homely touch that is often lacking in 3D images.
You can find more images at their Cargo and Facebook sites while they are working on their new homepage.