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Giveaway: A print of your choice from RTA London!

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congratulations Eli Terese! Please contact me so that we can send you the print.


Time for a giveaway! The new online print gallery RTA London offers one lucky winner a print of his/her choice, in the size of 9.5" x 12" (or thereabouts as some of their prints are square), worth £ 87.50.

RTA London is an online gallery and print store run by British couple Tamsin and Robert Allen. Tamsin, an art director and designer by trade, makes graphic prints, and photographer Robert shoots edgy fashion pics and portraits, all available in the shop.



This is what you should do to participate in the giveaway:

 1. Like RTA London on Facebook.

2. In the comment section below this post, describe which print is perfect for your space and where you would hang it. Please add a link to the print of your choice.

The competition will be open until midnight CET next Tuesday, October 16.




  • Sanne says:

    My bedroom needs some rock 'n' roll!

    2012-10-09 | 17:27:30
  • Sonya says:

    Love your prints! And liked your Facebook page. I would like to win this print: http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/free-001

    It's perfect because it made me smile and it's so stylish at the same time, not many prints can evoke both reactions. It actually reminds me of when I come in from a good night out and how I dive to my sofa with my finery on.

    Hope I win :0)

    2012-10-09 | 17:42:25
    URL: http://www.whathouse.co.uk
  • Kim says:

    this is in all its simplicity just stunning

  • Camilla says:

    My home office because everybody needs inspiration....


    2012-10-09 | 19:46:59
    URL: http://www.styleitems.wordpress.com
  • Krissy says:

    I have a big ole blank spot at my front door that could use a little sprucin'... perhaps with this lovely lady: http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/skye-edwards-morcheeba ;)

    2012-10-09 | 20:24:58
  • Stine Dalby says:

    No doubt at all: Wyclef Jean would look amazing at my bathroom wall.


    2012-10-09 | 21:41:38
    URL: http://theminormajority.tumblr.com
  • Olivia Tang says:

    I love Fifties Rock 002 - Fashion Photography Print [http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/fifties-rock-002]

    It'd go over my bed-- reminds me of Marina from the L Word!

    2012-10-09 | 22:20:15
  • Ans says:

    My totally white home office space has a passionate need for this graphic:
    I'd love to look at it when I'm thinking about a new design.

    2012-10-09 | 22:53:48
  • Eli Terese Folden says:

    I would love to hang the portrait of Chris Cunningham on my bedroom wall, who I currently share with my 4 year old daughter and her poster of 100 dogs and 1 cat.

    2012-10-09 | 23:04:45
    URL: http://eliterese.wordpress.com
  • Julie Fønskov Thorsen says:


    I would choose this print, because I love how it has this totally random feel to it. Like it was the "failed" version of the real photo.

    I would hang it by the dinner table, where I have some free space, that needs a little fashion ;)

    2012-10-09 | 23:10:05
  • Frk. Løkkegaard - minimized says:

    Hurraaaaaa for the perfekt give away..... :-)

    This print will be perfekt in our new office and DJ' room. My boyfriend is a DJ, and I would love to give him this print in our new office, wich also is the room where he make all his music...

    I cross my fingers and toes, and hope i will win this one http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/music-003

    2012-10-10 | 00:21:04
    URL: http://minimizedstyling.wordpress.com/
  • Tracey Sheldrake says:

    I recently got into abstract art and this would look awesome in my bedroom along with my new curatins!

  • Frederik says:


    This is the one for me. I have long been looking for a nice piece of photo art, and this would definently spice up the office space. Fingers crossed!

    2012-10-10 | 01:33:23
  • Anonym says:

    "Dream on and on" would really love it for my studio.
    Thanks for the chance :)

    2012-10-10 | 05:44:06
  • Emily says:

    To bring nature (our wistaria) inside...

  • Christian says:

    I'd prefer "The devil has the best music!": http://rtalondon.com/collections/graphic-art-prints/products/music-002

    That print would perfectly fit the empty wall above my stereo system.

    2012-10-10 | 09:33:24
    URL: http://www.mission-wohntraum.de
  • Helen says:

    I like this one http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/stack-003 and I'd hang it above the huge stack of interiors magazines I have sitting in my office.

    2012-10-10 | 13:11:12
    URL: http://www.designhunter.co.uk/
  • Pella says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I love all of the black & white fashionprints! But the stylish portrait of Naomi Watts is my favourite and I have the perfect spot for it in my bedroom.

    2012-10-10 | 21:34:39
    URL: http://stilinspiration.blogspot.com
  • Marina says:

    My living room needs this one:

    So do I.

    2012-10-11 | 03:31:34
  • Noemi says:


    ..i need this one! it's made for my livingroom, above the tv!

    2012-10-12 | 15:03:35
  • Karole says:

    this flying lady would be perfect for my hallway.PERFECT!!

    2012-10-12 | 15:17:30
  • Markku says:

    http://rtalondon.com/products/artist-006 Would fit perfect to my B&W living room :)

    2012-10-12 | 15:27:03
    URL: http://www.markkupyymaki.com
  • Alexandra Brancovean says:

    I need this in my office. http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/stack-003
    I really love it.

    2012-10-12 | 16:27:00
    URL: http://paradise-trustnoone.tumblr.com/
  • Ladaea says:

    I would choose the Chris Cunningham portrait: http://rtalondon.com/collections/portrait-photo-prints/products/chris-cunningham.

    It would hang above my medium gray couch from Bolia with a mixture of other black-and-white pieces, most importantly, the eyes poster from chokladfabriken. I think the juxtaposition of Cunningham's human eyes with the graphic ones will be the perfect amount of playfulness.

    Also love Cunningham's music video for Björk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxBO28j3vug, and so does my husband. I would surprise him with the portrait!

    2012-10-12 | 17:24:30
  • camilla says:


    I would hang it in my hallway
    to remind me and my guests
    that it is good to not stay home
    and safe all the time!

    Let´s dare to be wild!!!

    2012-10-12 | 21:43:58
  • Reidunn says:

    I would love to have this decorating my kitchen wall: http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/wyclef-jean

    I love the whites in this dark dark photo

    2012-10-12 | 23:35:01
  • Alyssa Wolfer says:

    The print 'Trapped 002" is a striking depiction of the contradictions embedded in modern notions of femininity. She is bound but defiant and quietly gathering her power. I'd love this print in a birch frame set on the ledge atop the coat rack in my entryway.

    2012-10-13 | 16:58:43
    URL: http://koslys.com
  • Anastasia says:

    To my bedroom Let Your Dreams Fly http://rtalondon.com/collections/graphic-art-prints/products/dream-002

    2012-10-14 | 16:06:29
  • Kris Heath says:



    We just moved house and we still have one room packed to the ceiling with boxes, and, well, junk. It's obviously the least essential room at the moment, so the kitchen is up and running, the bedrooms are sorted, the living room is all set out and decorated, but the 'music room' has the boxes in.

    I packed a lot of non-essential stuff before we moved, so my guitars, vinyl, record player and drum kit have been stored away for nearly 6 months now. As soon as the room is clear, the drums are coming out and that print is going up on the wall above the fire, and we're all going to make some noise.

    2012-10-14 | 23:10:19
  • Mi says:

    This one is delicate but still a strong picture. Looks very modern! It would look great and create a beautiful contrast above our old Pirkka kitchen table.


    2012-10-14 | 23:45:23
  • Emma says:

    This black/white print would look gorgeous hanging over my bed. The Dark colors would look perfect up against my white brick-wall. http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/artist-004

    2012-10-15 | 12:09:25
  • laura says:

    "The Traveller" http://rtalondon.com/collections/art-photo-prints/products/traveller-001

    2012-10-15 | 16:11:10
    URL: http://tisainijamuudjutud.blogspot.dk
  • Orsi says:

    I am looking for an art print in my daughter's room and this:
    http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/abstraction-003 would be simply awesome!!

    2012-10-15 | 19:47:44
    URL: http://hannaszobaja.blogspot.com
  • Noora says:

    The traveller is my favourite! http://rtalondon.com/collections/browse/products/traveller-001
    And probably I would hang it my living room, which really misses some nice art like this one.

    2012-10-16 | 12:16:36
  • Noora says:

    My favourite is the traveller, and I would hang it on the wall in my living room which misses some nice art like this picture.

    2012-10-16 | 14:17:39

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