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Jo lives here!

I just noticed that Line Klein and Yvonne Koné made a new home feature together, and it's up on Yvonne's blog now! The home owner is Jo, one half of Danish goldsmith duo Line and Jo. As you can see from the pictures, she is very into shoes, jewelry and fashion. I think there is a different pair of shoes in almost all the photos!

Blog Love: Stil Inspiration

I just have to make sure that none of you have missed the wonderful blog that Pella Hedeby edits; Stil Inspiration. It's one of my absolute favorites, and exactly as the name tells you, it's full of very stylish inspiration. Pella blogs not only about her own projects in her work as an interior decorator and stylist, but also makes wonderful inspiration posts with mood boards and nice mixes of pictures. Check it out!
Below are some of Pella's own photos, all styled and shot by her.


Stylist: Josefin Hååg

Super busy this week, but just had to pop by here to show you these pictures!
Great styling and photo by Josefin Hååg from the blog 20 kvadrat.


Interior Wish List Challenge

I saw this challenge over at Pella's blog Stil Inspiration a few days ago, where she challenges other bloggers to post their top five interior/furniture wishes, and I loved her choices. As you know, I don't blog about products here, so I figured I would just have to skip this challenge. But the temptation grew too big, I couldn't stop thinking about it! It seemed like so much fun! So here it is, my wish list as it looks tonight. Tomorrow it might look different, but this is what popped up in my head right now.
I'm still unsure, perhaps I should have resisted the urge to post this and kept to my principles about not promoting products. What do you think?
1. Halo wall lamps by Nina Bruun
2. Vapeur table lamp by Inga Sempé
3. Inspiring 3D render by Bertrand Benoit
1. Styling by Glen Proebstel
2. Cutting boards and trivets from RK Design
3. Tati series from Asplund
1. Crux blanket by Pia Wallén
2. Black paint by fashion brand Tiger of Sweden
3. Styling and photo by Daniella Witte

Loft space with raw materials

While searching for ideas and inspiration for my own home, a loft apartment with slanted ceilings everywhere and a completely open floor plan (totally impractical when living with three kids), I stumbled over this place. It's the home of Italian architect duo Marcello and Maria Pia Zappador of architect firm Amorfo.
This is very close to what I'd like my home to look like, but unfortunately our ceilings are about 1 meter lower than theirs, and where their space extends into little loft rooms, our space ends. And we definitely don't have their amazing outdoor space. But I can still dream, right?
I'm inspired by their use of materials, where everything is left in it's original raw and untreated state. And I love the little video from their home that they posted on their site. I also made a photo album of some of my favorites from their commercial spaces on the blog's facebook page, check it out if you like.
Oh and about the giveaway from RTA London, I can announce the winner now! Congratulations Eli Terese! Please contact me so that we can send you the print.


Blog Love: Loppelilla

I just found the Norwegian blog Loppelilla. I know it's been around for a long time, but I always passed it up because of the name ( = Little Flea), thinking it was just another one of those overly cute retro/country style blogs. But it's not! It's a beautiful, quite minimalistic blog, with wonderful photos all shot by the blog owner herself. Below are some of my favorites, but there are many more on her blog. Enjoy!

Turn of the century meets modern

I just stumbled over this gorgeous apartment for sale through Bolaget. As you can see, I had a very hard time picking out just a few of the photos, but I hope you enjoy the massive picture bomb!
I was thinking just yesterday that I want to get rid of some of the brown details in my home and make it more graphic black and white. But seeing these photos, with lots of brown hues on the details like cushions and ceramic pots, leather furniture and wooden floors, makes me rethink my decision. It sure adds a lot of warmth to the interiors, and that is always nice in the colder months. Perhaps I just need more plants and shiny white surfaces to freshen it up a bit?


Tenka + Louis = Super stylish

When I visited artist Tenka Gammelgaard in her Copenhagen home this summer, she showed me a magazine from Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen, with photos from her home styled with their lights. And as you can imagine, it looked great! These lamps really fits her style, and as Tenka said herself, she wouldn't have said no to keeping them all. You can see a behind the scenes story on Tenka's blog here.
If you are in Copenhagen in the coming month, make sure to pop over to Louis Poulsen's showroom to check out Tenka's exhibition there, together with more photos of her home.
Photography: Jacob Termansen


Giveaway: A print of your choice from RTA London!

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congratulations Eli Terese! Please contact me so that we can send you the print.


Time for a giveaway! The new online print gallery RTA London offers one lucky winner a print of his/her choice, in the size of 9.5" x 12" (or thereabouts as some of their prints are square), worth £ 87.50.

RTA London is an online gallery and print store run by British couple Tamsin and Robert Allen. Tamsin, an art director and designer by trade, makes graphic prints, and photographer Robert shoots edgy fashion pics and portraits, all available in the shop.



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Fantastic Frank teams up

I just saw the pictures from real estate company Fantastic Frank's latest endeavour, a team up with two design companies; Swedish design duo Design by Leftovers and Danish &Tradition, and gallery/art agency Young Art, furnishing a Stockholm loft apartment for sale. While Design by Leftovers' opulent style isn't quite to my taste, I do love &Tradition's simple and stylish products! I'm attaching my favorite photos below, but if you are curious to see more, just click here.


Original details in Lund, Sweden

Let's start the week with some love for all the nice details in this 1940's apartment for sale through Bolaget. The beautiful cabinet pulls and electrical sockets etc were probably removed in a renovation somewhere along the years, as it usually happens, but the current owners had the good sense to install new ones made in the original style, most likely from Byggfabriken. The details in the interiors also inspire me, with pretty still lifes everywhere, but without looking too staged.
Ps. The little dymo tag on the drawer in the first pic reads "Travel Far" which I think is kind of cute and also a nice reminder of your previous and coming vacations.