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Sara Woodrow lives here!

As I was browsing Sara Woodrow's blog SMÄM looking for some new art prints (she is an illustrator and sells her prints here) I fell over the top photo here with the blue feather duster. I think it looks great, so I went looking for more photos from her home. Below are some favorites:



  • ellegentsia says:

    The plus garland is adorable and will be recreated in Toronto!

    Svar: I know! :) I'm making it too!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-11-19 | 13:23:17
    URL: http://www.ellegentsia.com
  • LISALOU says:

    I love your selection, and the piano is nice! I put you on my favorites blog thx :)

    2012-11-19 | 14:27:37
    URL: http://mamieboude.com/
  • Nina says:

    Love it!

    2012-11-19 | 14:46:15
    URL: http://www.retrobeans.com
  • Olga@StardustDecorStyle says:

    Love the colour scheme!

    2012-11-19 | 15:40:53
    URL: http://www.stardust-decorstyle.blogspot.com
  • michela says:

    J'adore the blue feather duster but also the plus garland...it's really fantastic!

    2012-11-19 | 18:15:47
    URL: http://www.home-trotter.blogspot.it
  • Art and Chic says:

    Awesome idea!

    2012-11-19 | 18:52:04
    URL: http://artandchic.blogspot.com/
  • whatdecoratesmyday says:

    Riktigt snyggt och perfekt avvägt!

    2012-11-19 | 19:01:45
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • smäm says:

    Men du!!!! Vad glad jag blir. Tack! Puss :)

    Svar: Du har ju så fint! Tack för bildlånet!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-11-19 | 20:13:27
    URL: http://xn--smm-rla.se
  • anordinarywoman says:

    Hej Emma,
    Love the last image with empty frames on the piano - just felt so right in the moment. Thanks for sharing :)

    2012-11-24 | 07:38:22
    URL: http://anordinarywoman.net
  • babette says:

    this is exactly the way i love canvas the best- turning its proud back at us!can you hear it mumble: 'you're so vain, you probably think this picture's about you...'?
    thank you for your perspective.

    2013-01-13 | 13:52:32
    URL: http://babetteversus13.blogspot.com/

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