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Easy living with Naja Lauf

Going a bit soft today with pictures from Femina magazine. The first five pics are from Danish designer Naja Lauf's home and the bottom two are from an old dairy factory.

Photo: 1-5 by Iben and Niels Ahlberg and 6-7 by Pernille Kaalund

Pictures removed on request of the photographer.


  • Desiree says:

    YES! I like this home hehe

    Enjoy your first day of spring!

    2012-03-20 | 09:05:02
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Veronica says:

    I don't know how you manage to do it, but every room you post about, well I want to be there! Beautiful blog! If you ever need a graphic designer it would be a honour to work with you!

    2012-03-20 | 09:12:51
    URL: http://stuffveronicalikes.blogspot.it/
  • Elin - Ett Hem says:

    Ja. Jag skulle kunna bo där också! Så snyggt med mörk fog till klassiskt kvadratiskt kakel. Ha en bra dag!

    2012-03-20 | 09:25:06
    URL: http://www.etthem.blogspot.com
  • allesistgut says:

    Great style and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    2012-03-20 | 09:41:26
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Anneli says:

    Seeing these images this morning made me get some energy to get the living room sorted...today. I will do it now.


    2012-03-20 | 10:55:34
    URL: http://www.onemustdash.com/
  • Cristina Mas says:

    Very nice!

    2012-03-20 | 11:29:06
    URL: http://m2arquitectura.wordpress.com
  • Ice Beautiful says:

    Love the stairs and old wooden benches as shelves! Great picks!

    2012-03-20 | 11:43:54
    URL: http://icebeautifulhomes.wordpress.com
  • Ninni - Foto & Vardag says:

    så läckert och stilrent

    2012-03-20 | 14:23:26
    URL: http://ninnzanlee.blogg.se/
  • Anonym says:

    Fin detalje med det indbyggede skab ved køkkenbordet med lyset....tænker også den lange bænk med magasinerne er ret fint!

    2012-03-20 | 14:26:46
  • kat @ dot dot dash says:

    a gorgeously, simple beautiful home!

    absolutely in love with the clean lines, monochrome palette and touches of timber

    x kat

    2012-03-20 | 14:40:33
    URL: http://dotdot-dash.com
  • Daniel - Let me be inspired says:

    Hej Emma! Helt underbara bilder, vitt och fint hem! Ha en fortsatt bra dag!

    2012-03-20 | 15:44:10
    URL: http://www.letmebeinspired.com/
  • Dorte - KAiKU Cph says:

    Vi er helt enige - Naja Lauf's hjem ser fantastisk ud!

    Og Emma finder altid de flotteste fotos!

    2012-03-20 | 18:11:33
    URL: http://www.kaiku.dk
  • Nathalie - Regards et Maisons says:


    2012-03-20 | 22:45:56
    URL: http://regardsetmaisons.canalblog.com/
  • Judy Sederof says:

    I love this house, I want to live there.

    2012-03-21 | 09:32:15
    URL: http://thebrunswickian.com
  • johanna says:

    riktigt snyggt!

    2012-03-21 | 09:43:49
    URL: http://saltmonkey.blogg.se/
  • Gea says:

    Abooow vad snyggt!!!

    2012-03-21 | 10:01:25
    URL: http://Http://geea.blogg.se/
  • Oscar says:

    Really great styles, so beautiful.

    2012-03-21 | 11:59:49
    URL: http://oscaralsings.blogg.se/
  • Nili B says:

    so beautiful, yet cozy and simple. Another proff than one does not need to spend a lot of money to get beauty and luxury !

    2012-03-21 | 12:51:18
  • Sara Rekvik says:

    Kanonfint! Gillar dock inte kaklet badrummet. Fogen och kaklet har för skarp kontrast :)

    2012-03-21 | 14:27:01
    URL: http://Http://Rekvik.blogg.se
  • Nash says:

    Den första bilden är magisk!

    2012-03-21 | 14:30:39
    URL: http://nash.blogg.se/
  • Emmelie Eriksson says:

    Fy satan vad stilrent!

    2012-03-21 | 17:40:05
    URL: http://edownergard.blogg.se/
  • DAVID says:

    Mycket fint! Jag gillar kontrasten mellan de mörka och ljusa lådorna i andra bilden! :)

    2012-03-21 | 21:21:12
    URL: http://projectfairtrade.blogg.se/
  • purodeco says:

    Soft and beautiful!

    2012-03-22 | 00:31:31
    URL: http://www.purodeco.com/
  • Gea says:

    Snyyyygggt jag vill bo där!!!!

    2012-03-22 | 10:35:35
    URL: http://Http://geea.blogg.se
  • Naja Lauf says:

    Hi ! Thanks to Emma for showing my home - that is a big compliment and to all of you who like how I live - nice to read your comments ! You might also like the clothes that I design. Enjoy a look at the home page.

    2012-03-22 | 15:33:47
    URL: http://najalauf.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Hi Naja! How nice to see that you found the post, and lovely to hear that you like it! Unfortunately I had to remove the pictures so that Niels and Iben can sell them to more magazines, but it was nice having them here while it lasted... Your home looks absolutely wonderful!

    2012-03-24 | 00:02:06
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Anonym says:

    Oh and YES, I do love your designs!

    2012-03-24 | 00:02:34
  • i2sariah says:

    I like this house design

    2012-03-25 | 10:14:22
    URL: http://daftar-notebook.blogspot.com

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