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I believe it's almost that time of the year again... Spring! Every year when the temperature rises and the days get longer, I start to like colours. It's the same every year, and still every year I get worried that my tastes have some way changed into something weird that I'm not quite comfortable with. And I get these worried emails and comments from my readers, wondering the same thing. However, I think I have learned by now that this is a passing phase that I go through every year, and come out on the other side at the end of summer, still preferring the calm base of white, black, grey and wood. So don't get worried if you see a bit of colour on the blog in the coming months. It will pass. :)

With all that being said, here is a bit of soft colour for you! Check out the whole post on Dos Family for more pictures.

Photo: Jenny Brandt, Dos Family

Ps. Please let me know what you think of my new blog design! Good, bad? Any bugs?


  • Lisbeth says:

    Color is not for the faint hearted. Färg är en utmaning. Anta den! Finfin blogg funkar perfekt. Nu /L

    2012-03-02 | 18:52:01
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • Andrea says:

    very nice! and I love your new site design! Whats the name of the font of your headline? Looks awesome

    2012-03-02 | 18:59:03
  • Amanda says:

    New blog design looks great in Firefox! Not so great in Safari (I'm using Safari Version 5.1.2), looks messed up.

    2012-03-02 | 19:21:31
  • allesistgut says:

    Nice post. I liked the old design more. I find, the new one is a little overloaded. ;)

    2012-03-02 | 19:48:03
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • sofia says:

    En hälsning i farten - supersnyggt, gillart! Fast texten försvinner i kanten liksom, inget space liksom. Kan inte läsa bokstäverna i kanten. Det blir lite svårläst - skulle vilja ha texten mer centrerad och inte så utdragen. Mer mitt över bilderna plus lite till :) Fast det kanske bara är på min dator :) Kul att du har fixat - jag måste göra detsamma. Ja, gud vad jag måste göra det. Det ser ut som jag vet inte vad hos mig...Om man jämför. Ha finaste helgen!

    2012-03-02 | 20:03:52
    URL: http://mokkasin.blogspot.com/
  • Llamas' valley says:

    Congrats! I love this one much more than the previous one. Have a great new start and a sunny Spring :)

    2012-03-02 | 20:08:53
    URL: http://www.llamasvalley.com
  • Sidsel Petersen says:

    If you make you headline "Emmas Designblogg" bigger - maybe over a photo or something that would be great (cause now it feel kinda cramped in the top) otherwise i like it :)

    2012-03-02 | 20:15:31
  • Jeanette says:


    snygg ny layout!

    (det enda,,,kanske är att få lite 'luft' runt headern :)

    Känner igen fenomenet, med årlig kick för färg vid den här årstiden,,,, särskilt krispiga Gröna nyanser.....men gråskalan bäst!

    2012-03-02 | 20:32:23
    URL: http://jbyimage.blogspot.com
  • Johanna Larsson says:

    Fina bilder! Din blogg ser lite konstig ut i min webbläsare. Jag kör google chrome vilket fler och fler gör idag. Men tanken är kanske att det ska se ut såhär? Vad vet jag? men texten går från sida till sida av skärmen och bilderna känns ganska små i mitten. Och du saknar en riktig header. Bara liten textrubrik... Men jag gillar din blogg ändå! :)

    2012-03-02 | 20:38:02
    URL: http://madebyjohannalarsson.blogspot.com/
  • Linda says:

    hej Emma

    first i was waiting for the site to load correctly, before i noticed somethings´s changed over here. for me, the new design is almost a bit too bold, to straight in your face, with the sharp black and white and the bold letters. and i don´t like, again , just me, the "elsewhere" buttons, especially not the first one. i don´t know what it is exactly, but to me the design doesn´t perfectly fit the content. somehow. but i lovvve your photo!

    hugs from germany

    2012-03-02 | 21:16:11
  • iris says:

    Hi Emma, I really really really love your blog ans Pins on pinterest!

    2012-03-02 | 21:27:27
    URL: http://interieuradvies.blogspot.com/
  • Traveling Mama says:

    Could you just install an auto pin on your blog? IT would save me sooo much time! LOL! Really, I love everything you post and a little color in our lives here and there can certainly not be a bad thing! Your blog looks great! Super sleek, clean, simple, and modern. Perfect!

    2012-03-02 | 21:37:13
    URL: http://www.travelingmama.net
  • EliseT says:

    i like it, allthough on my screen the text on the left hand side ought to come about 1mm to the right (the first letter is just about "eaten" by the edge). the look to me is very early '90s, supersimple, veryvery different to all "macaron, cupcakes"-blogs.

    cannot describe how much it actually means getting rid of the adverts on top (i know advers bring in cash, but for reading it does nothing good what so ever).

    2012-03-02 | 22:13:02
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thank you so much for the feedback everybody! I really appreciate it!

    Guessing from your comments, it seems the layout looks very different in different browsers... Unfortunately I don't know what to do about that. I am not very good with html code. But I will try to find someone who is good at web design to look at it!

    2012-03-02 | 22:13:09
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    In my browser, Chrome on mac, it looks like this:


    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some screen dumps of what it looks like in your browsers!

    2012-03-02 | 22:17:55
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Nancy says:

    hi emma~I agree with Linda's comment above: the banner is a bit harsh on the eyes, especially since your posts are usually are so much softer! Other than that, it looks great!

    2012-03-02 | 23:26:33
  • Krisse says:

    Hey! I love your blog! This new design does not work on Chrome though. For example your picture is on the bottom of the page after the comments. The links, the categories, the archive are all after your picture etc.

    2012-03-03 | 00:38:15
    URL: http://melkeinkuinuusi.blogspot.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Krisse, I have Chrome, and it works for me. This is so weird... Perhaps I should switch back to the old design?

    2012-03-03 | 00:58:34
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • MINNA says:

    I really like the new design, looks great. I have the same "color" problem. My closet is full of black clothes and I´w started miss something else. It´s the spring fever.

    2012-03-03 | 08:31:27
    URL: http://www.timeoftheaquarius.com
  • Weronica - En mammas dag says:

    Jag kör Google Crome och allt ser fint ut för mig. Kul med ny design!

    2012-03-03 | 08:52:27
    URL: http://www.enmammasdag.com/weronica
  • annton says:

    the new design is brilliant; it is strong enough to be noted, but silent enough to give the content room to blossom. and, a little bit of color is perfect.

  • Anonym says:

    Such a nice place to live in! So clear!!!

    The decoration is simple, not to much furniture! Love it!

    2012-03-03 | 09:21:15
  • thesuperordinary.com says:

    Här ser allt bra ut! Passar dig och dina fina inspirationsbilder du visar oss!

    Jag krånglar ju mest hela tiden med min egen sida. Hittar aldrig något tema där jag kan få större bilder. Men igår gjorde jag det! : ) Äntligen.. Hoppas nu på att slippa byta mer. Känner själv hur jobbig jag är..

    Trevlig Helg Emma!!

    2012-03-03 | 09:32:43
    URL: http://www.thesuperordinary.com
  • Smilla says:

    i like the new blog design - and i'm using safari 5.1.2!

    2012-03-03 | 09:55:47
  • Micke says:


    Tack för en jättebra blogg. Den nya designen funkar fint i Safari. Jag undrar om någon vet varifrån hyllan på bilden längst ned kommer ifrån?

    Tack på förhand,


    2012-03-03 | 09:57:40
  • Cherry Blossom Girl says:

    I really like the new design in here! Looks great.

    The new header is awesome!!! I liiike :)

    2012-03-03 | 10:47:46
    URL: http://cherry-blossom-world.blogspot.com/
  • Annie says:

    I adore the new blog design! So punchy and simple. I spontaneously "ooh!" -ed when I clicked on it.

    Happy March!

    2012-03-03 | 11:43:06
  • Cheri says:

    The new design looks great. Simple, clean and lets the photos stand out front & center!

    2012-03-03 | 13:49:17
    URL: http://merchant4.com
  • Katz says:

    I have been a long-time reader and a fan.

    The large font you used for your left and right columns drown the content in the middle column and makes the blog very busy and crowded. Not only they are large fonts, but they are capital letters, making them look doubly large. The large icons of Pinterest, Facebook and the other d word in black pull my attention to the side, distracting me from reading the content.

    I love your blog, and I look forward to reading more as you tinker with your new design!

    2012-03-03 | 13:56:44
  • designoform says:

    Ett tips! Om ni har så att texten går från sida till sida och sidomenyerna är under allt innehåll. Prova att uppdatera sidan på den lilla "cirkelpilen" eller f5 så ska det nog fungera! :)

    2012-03-03 | 14:57:16
    URL: http://www.designoform.com
  • Lasse says:

    The new design is great but i liked better the way that the link pages opened in a new tabfirst... Then the banner is also maybe a little too harsh, the font too big on the sides making the page look too busy in general.

    Looks totally different on safari than firefox, don't wich way i like better?

    Thus said it is still one amazing blog you have!

    2012-03-03 | 17:12:03
  • Johanna Inspiration says:

    Hej! Härligt med ny design, jag kör safari och jag tycker det ser superfint ut. Bloggen fick lite mer tyngd med den nya designen. Känns bra tycker jag.

    2012-03-03 | 18:00:40
    URL: http://johannasinspiration.blogg.se/
  • Anna Gillar says:

    Superfint Emma! Grattis till ny utformning, gillar skarpt! Kram

    2012-03-03 | 19:26:25
    URL: http://Annagillar.blogspot.com
  • Monts Gimferrer Quintana says:

    Hi Emma, I agree with Katz the logos on the left are so big and bold that distract the reader from the text & pictures. Maybe have a milder colour or smaller Icons so your pictures & text stand out more.

    I have Chrome and the fonts seem a bit blur.

    But put that aside I love your blog and input a lot !!....

    RE: Colour. I am glad I am not the only one that feels that was about colour, might be that I got into scandinavian design so much in black and white than everything else feels tacky or over the top and I don't like it, i guess is waiting for that picture that feels just right. Then again I can't force a taste....

    2012-03-03 | 19:59:07
    URL: http://pinterest.com/gimferrer/
  • Camille says:

    Love the new design, but I agree with the girls who said the things about the logos on th left.

    2012-03-03 | 22:18:36
    URL: http://www.fashion-gazette.fr
  • jenny says:

    Hej, i Ipaden ser den nya designen mycket konstig ut, inte alls som ditt screen shot, texten gar valgigt langt ut i kanterna och inga banners..

    lycka till, jag hatar teknologi, annars hade jag nog bloggat jag med....

    / jenny

    2012-03-03 | 23:02:12
  • Jenny says:

    Hej, i Firefox går texten väldigt långt ut i kanterna varför den blir svår att läsa. Inga annonser syns heller. Men jag gissar att det har med webbläsaren att göra.. Fin blogg annars!

    2012-03-03 | 23:10:00
  • Mary Jo says:

    Hi Emma, I love the new blog design. Clean and simple with the emphasis on the images. Nice! The wrapping text is a nice idea, but I think I would like it to wrap with a margin. It is a little hard to read right up to the edge. I am so glad you are NOT following the trend of putting witty text on top of your images. I can't wait for that trend to die. Big, clear, crisp, well curated photos. Well done!

    2012-03-04 | 14:59:38
    URL: http://stillblog.net
  • Anastasia says:

    Älskar din blogg! :D

    Besök min blogg & checka in min nya bloggdesign!



    2012-03-04 | 15:02:05
    URL: http://luckyfourteen.blogg.se/
  • Linnéa - finheter says:

    Love your new design! No bugs that I have seen so far. But I do miss your old header...

    2012-03-04 | 21:08:21
    URL: http://finheter.blogg.se/
  • Sidsel says:

    just checked the site in Safari - where it looks great!!

    - but with Chrome - not so great ..

    2012-03-04 | 22:54:31
  • varvara says:

    hi...I just wanted to let you know...your site looks totally different on MAC OS browsers...

    have a nice day

    2012-03-05 | 12:05:16
  • ominodipolvere says:

    the new blog look: clear, smart, simple to read

    very nice

    I 'll continue to follow you

  • Lykke says:

    I like the new design! its clear and simple but i think it needs small adjustmens. the headline needs a bit letter spacing and the typeface on the buttons (About, Sponsors, ...) is to big. Don't switch back please!

    2012-03-05 | 20:00:17
    URL: http://heldundlykke.blogspot.com/
  • Marie says:

    Just love the kitchen!

    2012-03-05 | 21:10:45
    URL: http://momarorie.blogg.se/
  • Pies Pianista says:

    I loved old image of your blog, it was softer, for me more adequate to the content of your posts. The new design is too aggressive for me (in mozilla, in internet explorer it looks ok).

    But of course your posts are great always:)

    2012-03-06 | 09:04:04
    URL: http://psinkawmiescie.blogspot.com/
  • Betina Luna says:

    Love the sofa table!!!! To die for!

  • Anonym says:

    the design looks good for me (chrome). I love the pics on this post.

    2012-03-06 | 13:53:57
    URL: http://evedeko.blogspot.com/
  • Astrid says:

    Grattis med ny design! Det ser kjempefint ut!

    2012-03-13 | 07:52:13
    URL: http://hei-astrid.blogspot.com

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