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I won!

Today was the last day of class at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans Akademi. It was also the day when Lotta announced which picture from our graduation project (styling a set photographed by Petra Bindel at Färgfabriken) that would be published in Plaza Interiör. As it turned out, she chose three pics instead of just one. And my photo was among the chosen ones, along with Maliin Stoor's and Monica Hökars' photos! I still can't quite believe it!

Unfortunately this also means that I can't show the winning photos here before the magazine is in stores. But I promise to blog it as soon as I can! Luckily, there are 11 great photos from the rest of the class that weren't chosen for the magazine, and hopefully I will get my hands on them soon...

But I can't make a blog post without pictures now, can I? Of course not. So I figured this would be a good time to show you some of our teacher Lotta Agaton's less known photos. Most of her images have been around the bloggosphere a billion rounds, but these haven't, so I think they feel quite fresh. Enjoy!


  • Josefin Hååg says:

    Åh grattis Emma!! Vad fantastiskt roligt för dig.. er..! Längtar tills bilderna blir officiella.

    Och vad kul att se lottabilder som inte är söndersnurrade!

    Grattis och fin kväll till dig!

    2012-03-28 | 22:08:47
    URL: http://20kvadrat.blogspot.se/
  • Nena says:

    Congrats Emma! Can't wait to see the picture.

    2012-03-28 | 22:19:44
    URL: http://www.lily.fi/palsta/likainen-parketti
  • Weronica - En mammas dag says:

    Så roligt! Spännande att se bilderna sedan!

    2012-03-28 | 22:20:59
    URL: http://www.enmammasdag.com/weronica
  • pernilla plaza Interiör says:

    GRATTIS! Vad kul!

  • lilla.u says:


    Du har stil ...

    2012-03-28 | 22:33:57
    URL: http://llillau.blogspot.com
  • Britt Zophia says:

    Tillykke, glæder mig til at se dem!

    2012-03-28 | 22:38:10
  • Daniella says:

    Vilken härlig känsla det måste vara inom dig nu!! Grattis! Ser såå mycket fram emot att få se era bilder. Kram D

    2012-03-28 | 22:40:49
    URL: http://daniellawitte.blogspot.com
  • sofia på mokkasin says:

    Det är självklart att du gjorde det, grymt duktiga du!!

    Jag har ju gått och missat hela kursen, måste spana runt här på allt fint ni gjort. Och å så spännande det ska bli att se vinnarbilderna!

    Grattis - du är så bra!


    2012-03-28 | 22:48:22
    URL: http://mokkasin.blogspot.se/
  • Tobias says:

    Congrats - thumbs up - carry on Tobias

    2012-03-28 | 23:21:14
    URL: http://www.solebich.de/user/15185/blog
  • Share Design says:

    Congratulations Emma, you deserve it!

    2012-03-29 | 02:15:17
    URL: http://www.sharedesign.com
  • LAu de Casalil says:

    Bravo Emma, this course is rellay made for huge talents as you... Hurry to see whole work!!

    2012-03-29 | 07:02:41
    URL: http://casalil.blogspot.com
  • Annixen.. says:

    Grattis, du ÄR så DUKTIG Emma så det kom inte som en överaskning ;) Ska bli så kul att se bilderna sedan!

    2012-03-29 | 07:23:19
    URL: http://annixen.blogspot.com/
  • thesuperordinary.com says:

    Grattis Emma!!

    Såå roligt! Ser fram emot att få se bilderna : )

    .fin dag!


    2012-03-29 | 07:47:45
    URL: http://www.thesuperordinary.com
  • allesistgut says:

    Congratulations. I'm really excited to see the winner pictures!

    2012-03-29 | 09:25:52
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Anna Gillar says:

    Stort grattis Emma!! Spännande att se i print sedan!! Kram, Anna

    2012-03-29 | 10:32:44
    URL: http://Annagillar.blogspot.com
  • Maryam in Marrakech says:

    Wowza that is fantastic! So very exciting and I can't wait to see!

    2012-03-29 | 10:59:40
    URL: http://www.mymarrakesh.com
  • studio karin says:

    Men vad roligt!!! Grattis Emma, det har du garanterat förtjänat, och jag är såååååååå nyfiken :))) kram Karin

    2012-03-29 | 12:48:40
    URL: http://studiokarin.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    All the best... obviously you won ... !!! Congratulations!!!


    stephaniehadrath.blogspot.com shbyhadrath.blogspot.com

    2012-03-29 | 20:17:28
  • Yeshen says:

    the photo of the glassware is fantastic, something I hope to emulate one day. Grattis for your success!

    2012-03-30 | 11:30:49
    URL: http://www.nomliving.com
  • Desiree says:

    Congratulations to you!!! I always knew you had it!


    2012-04-01 | 19:39:31
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • b says:

    emma, thank you for a wonderful blog.

    this sounds like such a fun class, i wish i was not all the way in north america.

    i don't think we have any similar courses here :(

    2012-04-19 | 00:28:08

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