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Giveaway! Win a print from Nordic Art House

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congrats Isabelle!

I think it's time for a giveaway! How would you like to win a print of your choice from Nordic Art House? They offer a large range of great art prints and photos, all limited edition, by Swedish artists and photographers.

To win, just tell me in the comments below which art piece caught your eye, and why you should win it. The best motivation wins! The competition will be open until Friday March 9.
Off to Nordic Art House now to find your favorite! Below are some of mine...


  • Jonna says:

    Bilden på kvinnan längst upp till höger! Den påminner mig om min fina vän konstnären som försvann en dag. Att få sätta upp den bilden i mitt sovrum skulle göra mig glad varje morgon.

    2012-03-06 | 19:43:58
  • Louise Stenberg says:

    Wauw, i just fell in love with "on my way" by Mette Boesgaard. it is so girly and perfect! Love iiiit!

    2012-03-06 | 19:47:50
  • Stämningsfullt says:

    Jag vill gärna vara med!

    Jag älskar Lina Ekstrands verk och tror att 'Philosophy in the Boudoir' skulle bli den perfekta färgklicken i vårt annars så vita hem.

    Kram Vanja.

    2012-03-06 | 20:01:17
    URL: http://www.stamningsfullt.blogspot.com
  • Anna Viitala says:

    As a devoted Vespa driver, I just had to choose this: 'Vespa'. Giclée Art Print av Mads Berg. What a wonderful feeling in the picture! I can feel the smooth wind breeze in my face and see people smiling on the summery streets. Just lovely!

    2012-03-06 | 20:13:43
  • Line Reedtz says:

    What a great giveaway! My favorite is 'Monika' by Martin Nicolausson.

    2012-03-06 | 20:14:46
  • Ashley Tschudin says:

    As a new New Yorker with a nearly-unfurnished apartment I am constantly looking for visual inspiration to boost my new home. With so many prints available it was difficult to decide but ultimately this one caught my eye: 'Pencil Ink Pixels Love'. Giclée Art Print av Mette Boesgaard (as did 'Mod'. Giclée Art Print av Giulio Iurissevich & the last print you featured on the bottom right). Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    2012-03-06 | 20:16:50
    URL: http://cocktailchic.net
  • Karen says:

    'Untitled' av Laurent Denimal. Vudunderlig vakkert!

    2012-03-06 | 20:20:08
  • Alison Malcolm Flower says:

    Head over Heels by Aurora Kroon

    These Kick-arse shoes are sexy, loose, brilliantly observed - this painting looks easy/simple but is SO NOT.... Head over Heels appeals to women and men, and I LOVE it!

    2012-03-06 | 20:30:10
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.com
  • nuokku says:

    ´Fashion´, print by finnish graphic designer Pietari Posti, is something so beautiful and fragile that it should be decorating our office.

    2012-03-06 | 20:38:51
    URL: http://villavilja.blogspot.com
  • Isabelle says:

    Hi Emma!

    I definitely like 'Monika' made by Martin Nicolaussonthe !

    I saw it framed in some interiors of your previous posts, and I was truly intrigued by it!

    - A chrystallized egg that holds life -

    The artwork is printed in greytones but I imagine the colours when I look at it!

    Red, peach, pink and glowing..

    I would love to have this on my chalkwhite wall to dream away in : )


    2012-03-06 | 20:44:11
    URL: http://cinnamonday.blogspot.com
  • Sharon Vos says:

    Definitely the 'Multidimensional'. Giclée Art Print from Malin Bergström (http://www.artelimited.com/art-prints/multidimensional-giclee-art-print-by-malin-bergstrom.html?XBLG18800=ed5b4eb2e2b43b141b126b584e0d61b2)

    I love the graphic touch! The moodboard in my workspace has not yet a graphic poster. I would love to see this one hanging on the wall. Its also timeless and I love the color from this poster. It would fit to the style from my room.

    With love,


    2012-03-06 | 20:47:37
    URL: http://www.sharonvos.com
  • Anna Öman says:

    Jag hade älskat att få hänga upp Jonas Bergstrands "The Motorist" på väggen, bredvid min Olle Eksell poster - det är precis den rätta grafiska och lite maskulina känslan jag försöker skapa hemma. Den hade varit pricken över i:et!

    2012-03-06 | 20:48:53
  • Anonym says:

    HOLD DA OP, nogle lære print.

    Jeg har valgt dette nedenstående print, fordi den minder mig om min mor og jeg, og det forhold hende og jeg har til hinanden, den dag idag. I mange år prøvede jeg ikke at være hende og flygtede fra "mig selv"- men nu hvor jeg står og kigger mig selv i spejlet er vi et 'Donne coppia' af hinanden, ikke kun udseendesmæssigt, men også personlighedsmæssigt. Sagen er den at min mor idag er meget syg, og jeg ved at realiteterne idag er at jeg skal miste hende, - jeg har minderne og jeg har fotografierne, men med det samme jeg så dette billede faldt mine tanker på hende, og hvr ville det være specielt og helt fantastisk at have et print hængende i sin stue, et print som minder mig om hende, og har en dybere betydning for mig en som så.

    'Donne coppia'. Giclée Art Print av Daniel Egnéus


    2012-03-06 | 21:04:20
  • Hande Karaaslan says:

    Totally loving "Rödluvan IV" by Daniel Egnéus (http://www.nordicarthouse.com/sv/art/rodluvan-iiii-giclee-art-print-av-daniel-egneus.html?grp=564365)

    The modern Alice in Wonderland feel, the illustration style and the brush of color makes me happy and I would love to see this in my room every day!

    2012-03-06 | 21:06:19
  • Rasmus says:

    Hi Emma.

    I have been a fan of Mads Berg's illustrations for a while. Some day I have to own his illustration "Byens Puls", but sadly it isn't represented on Nordic Arthouse's webshop.

    Then I would definitly go for Mads Bergs "Copenhagen". I love his graphics and the atmosphere surrounding this artwork.

    Being from Copenhagen myself, it would fit nicely in my livingroom!

    This is the print: http://www.nordicarthouse.com/sv/art/copenhagen-giclee-art-print-av-mads-berg.html

    (My second choice would be the photo of the staircase you chose for this post)

    2012-03-06 | 21:08:01
  • Amelia says:

    My favorite one is "Inspired by Mia", it looks so gently and what's the most important thing: it would perfectly fit to my new room, which was painted a few days ago. I would be very pleased to have it on my wall :)

    2012-03-06 | 21:16:20
  • Emil says:

    Har länge sneglat på U&Me av Reith Olsson(http://www.nordicarthouse.com/se/article.php?id=18800&art=7230078&grp=483304) skulle behöva något till mina tomma sovrumsväggar och gillar de raka grafiska linjerna i motivet, men än så länge har snålheten segrat.

    2012-03-06 | 21:18:18
  • Anonym says:

    Well here I go again... I love the 'Blue Hour' Giclée Art Print av Mette Boesgaard. My motivation? she looks so distant, so cold, so blue, elegant and stylis ... this is why I love it.

    thanks a lot for your blog, I cannot live without it. kisses from Spain

    2012-03-06 | 21:29:58
  • Rafaela says:

    I want Fotografi av Reith Olsson

    Artikelnummer: F0154

    why should I win it?

    Did you see my living room? It would fit there like "budali šamar". And don't know right translation, but let we just say it would fit perfectly. Oslo, main reason why I wont it is because my doughter name starts with M, and this remainds me at that letter.

    2012-03-06 | 21:30:03
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • Anonym says:

    sorry I do not have any url blog my name is Cristina (cris.martinsa@gmail.com)

    2012-03-06 | 21:31:12
  • Carla Huysmans says:


    I choose the fluo African lips photograph:

    Fotografi av David Lundmark

    Artikelnummer: F0184

    It would bring back nice memories of the years I lived in Africa, every day again and again. How terrific would that be!

    2012-03-06 | 21:38:06
  • Catarina says:

    'Untitled' by Photographer: Mattias Johansson. I just barely started decorating my home and I love the Empty and the Possibility that were left in that picture. I would put it in my bedroom with the certainty of never getting tired of looking at it.

    2012-03-06 | 21:41:12
    URL: http://www.lifeasamoodboard.blogspot.com
  • Jo says:

    I love the 'Untitled' Giclée Art Print av Daniel Egnéus! There are maaaany wonderful pieces here, hard to pick just one...

    2012-03-06 | 22:04:06
    URL: http://helvi.tumblr.com/
  • Cecilie says:

    I have chosen this picture as my favorite:


    I have a very close friend who has just got terminal cancer. This picture reminds me to keep up the hope and spirit, even though it might seem hopeless... When I look at this picture I feel more encouraged and I remember that I have to turn my face against the light at the top of the stairs instead of turning against the dark hopelessnes.

    Kind regards, Cecilie

    2012-03-06 | 22:05:14
  • Jo says:

    and I was supposed to add that I love the 'Untitled'. Giclée Art Print av Daniel Egnéus because I'd just loved to have it on my wall, not just my Pinterest. As much as I love stuff online, real life wins in art!

    2012-03-06 | 22:05:53
    URL: http://helvi.tumblr.com/
  • Sara says:

    "Donna I" av Daniel E eller "Black Ink" av Mette B. Fantastiska konstverk! Jag inreder ytterst Sparsamt och kastar inte upp massa saker på väggarna för att fylla ut. Men en av dessa hade jag öppenhjärtigt välkomnat hem! Tack för att man får vara med och tävla!

    2012-03-06 | 22:10:41
    URL: http://latexsara.blogg.se/
  • Martina I says:


    Vilken underbar tävling! Jag har en storfavorit hos Nordic art house som jag inte vet hur många gånger jag har klickat in mig på och det är Monika! Håller på att få ihop till en tavelvägg och Monikan skulle passa utmärkt som en masterpiece. Så nu håller jag tummar och tår och hoppas, hoppas, hoppas...

    2012-03-06 | 22:26:04
  • Tessa says:

    I really like "donne coppia" (page 1), "as I am" (page 8) and "blue hour" (also page 1), of which three I like "blue hours" the best. I really love this splatter technique of drawing, it's really simple and abstract looking, yet still you can see these people in it. I love this simplicity, it also reminds me of those fashions drafts designers make, simple but beautiful.

    I would love to have "blue hour" hanging in my bedroom! It has the same blue collor of a chair which stands also in my bedroom. I bought it a few week ago, just felt in love with the collor. So "blue hour" will fit in perfectly :)

    2012-03-06 | 22:33:37
  • Jonas says:

    Jag skulle vilja vinna 'Fauna' av Anna Grape. Jag tycker att den var fin och tycker om de mjuka fina färgerna.

    2012-03-06 | 23:11:01
  • Louise says:

    'Wreckless' av Mikel Nilsson. Jag tycker att den är väcker många tankar. Jag bor i en hamnstad och tänker ofta på färjorna med sin besättning och passagerare, på hur fåglarna och faunan påverkas av dem. Samtidigt som tavlan är melankolisk så ger de små färgrutorna hopp. Gult är en accent som passar i vårt vardagsrum och denna tavla behövs att vila ögonen på så att TV:n inte alltid behöver vara på!

    2012-03-06 | 23:11:45
  • anna says:

    'Monika' is so much powerful and intriguing!

    For me this egg works like a hypnotic drug... It's hard to take my eyes off it. I just neeeed this print on my wall...

    2012-03-06 | 23:22:39
  • Rebecca Elfast says:

    The Elisabethan Giraffe av skickliga Daniel Egnéus skulle jag välja om jag vann, den skulle jag placera i vårt funkiskök! Vi har inte satt upp ett enda konstverk på väggen hemma även om jag målar själv och vi bott i över ett år. Detta kanske skulle kunna bli starten så att resten av väggarna går av sig självt?

    2012-03-06 | 23:33:47
    URL: http://www.rebelform.se
  • Anastasia says:

    I loved the Cityscape I from Daniel Egnéus. It' s really inspiring the way it conbines strict geometric lines and buildings with these dreamy shades and colours... And the lady down right on the top of it just makes it the city I whould wanna live in!!

    2012-03-06 | 23:43:58
  • frankie says:

    i really like this one:

    Fotografi av Mattias Backström

    Artikelnummer: F0108

    Titel: 'Untitled'

    Fotograf: Mattias Backström

    my life´s kind of dark right now, so maybe this photograph can shine a little light. love how the photographer plays with light and dark and focus.

    2012-03-07 | 00:05:02
  • Sandy J says:


    because i'm in the middle of a breakup and i might have to move out. i'll need some decoration on my walls to make me feel less alone....

    2012-03-07 | 00:14:16
  • Nanna says:

    My close friend and I recently moved into a small apartment together. We had been looking forward to this, but unfortunately, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Our differences are what makes us so great friends, but it has caused quite a bit of trouble in the roommate department. "I think the EXACT opposite" is something I am saying a lot these days.

    One of the things that we have been able to agree on, however, is how we want to decorate our walls. "'Black Mountains, White Mist'. Giclée Art Print av Malin Bergström" is pretty much the essence of what we have been looking for, but we are both studying with low paying jobs, so buying expensive art isn't exactly a possibility right now. If we won, we would be the happiest(until I tell her, that no way in hell I am going to have a giant chandelier in my living room) friends alive. She is great, by the way. Maybe I am the bitch here.

    2012-03-07 | 01:17:56
  • Dix says:

    Wow! I am about to finish redecorating my bedroom with a very imposing white wardrobe. I would love a colour splash on the wall and love 'Untitled'. Giclée Art Print by Amelie Hegardt which has a swathe of orange that just captured my eye.

    2012-03-07 | 01:59:53
  • Federica says:


    my name is Federica, I'm far from home because of work... I should move to the appartment with my boyfriend this week but they send my to USA so I should wait... I saw " on my way" http://www.nordicarthouse.com/sv/art/on-my-way-giclee-art-print-av-mette-boesgaard.html?grp=564365&XBLG18800=0c325b3555f4e922c17a3d5a741eac88

    and I think it will be perfect because rapresent me coming back home "OUR new home" with my heart in my mind......

    2012-03-07 | 02:08:02
    URL: http://emmestyle.blogspot.com
  • Sigrid Rosendahl says:

    Billedet af ægget fangede med det samme min opmærksomhed! For mig illustrerer det, at selvom alle mennesker kommer fra samme baggrund (et æg), har vi alle forskellige facetter og er helt unikke. Jeg ville elske at have sådan et billede på min væg herhjemme, da jeg netop studerer mennesker i min uddannelse (antropologi).

    2012-03-07 | 07:33:00
  • Pernille A says:

    Jeg har set printet flere gange, og er blevet fascineret hver gang! 'Monika' lavet af Martin Nicolaussonthe, er så fantastisk med de mange dimensioner af små figurer - hvilket fantastisk udtryk! Jeg har intet hængende på min væg i stuen, så det print ville gøre mig meget glad og stolt over at have hængende!

    2012-03-07 | 07:48:45
  • Marie-Louise says:

    Er helt vild med Monica, som du også selv har valgt. Det vil passe perfekt ind i min helt hvide lejlighed. Er lige flyttet hjemmefra så der hænger ikke meget på væggene!

    2012-03-07 | 08:08:33
  • Anna says:


    Jag önskar mig den här eftersom den påminner mig om att vilt knata vidare med näsan mot ljuset - det går inte att bromsa sig ur en uppförsbacke!

    2012-03-07 | 08:19:20
  • Heidi says:

    'Leaking Light'. Giclée Art Print by Mikel Nilsson was my favorite. And why I shoul win, well I should winn because i just moved together whit my boyfriend and it havent always been easy. Two people how had lived alone for sime time have their own stuff and own ways. That`s why we decided to get rid off most of our own stuff and pick new things together. But there is one thing that we fight about. When i graduated i bought my self a painting by Katja Tukiainen. I just love it but the boy hates it. So maybe i could let him to pick the piece from arte limited and i could keep my painting.

    2012-03-07 | 08:28:14
    URL: http://muotoja.blogspot.com
  • Awesome Sophie says:

    'Fascination'. Giclée Art Print av Aurora Kroon is the one I fell in love with.

    I love color and I love art. I have the weirdest art hanging in my livingroom that make people question my sanity - such as an actual fighting panda and a scary face being formed by smoke.

    I have my own hobbydesk where I do all my creative stuff like diy projects and sewing, but also one of my biggest hobbies; nail polish (which is what my blog is about). When I saw 'Fascination', I knew it had to be mine. I have the perfect spot for it and it would just have the best time with my 200+ nail polishes chilling out around it.


    2012-03-07 | 08:28:43
    URL: http://myawesomebeauty.com
  • Camilla says:

    Jag älskar alla men 'La Stanza Sforzesca' var ju underbar! Jag flyttar hemifrån snart och det vore suveränt att ha något vackert att sätta på väggarna!

    2012-03-07 | 09:21:57
  • Daniel says:

    As an Concept developer, i love to be inspired by straight and logic artwork. The stairs fit perfectly. Black and white, in a logic and bauhaus-way.

    2012-03-07 | 09:40:55
  • allesistgut says:

    Hej, what a great giveaway. "Copenhagen" by Mads Berg caught my eye.

    I can live without this print, but I don't want to live without it! :)

    2012-03-07 | 09:50:23
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Elin says:

    Jag har en nystartad fotografifirma vilket gör att jag söker inspiration i allt jag ser. Denna kickade i gång min kreativitet på stört och fick mig att längta till kamera och färg!


    2012-03-07 | 09:58:14
  • Patricia says:

    Dear Emma, I so love the picture ARIETE by Daniel Egneus. It fits perfect to my rooms for I am a great fan of manga style faces. And Iwould love to win this special item as it is my zodiak sign Aries and my birthday is in April. What a super gift would this be? :-)

    Kind regards and have a nice day, Patricia from Cologne/Germany


    2012-03-07 | 10:02:28
  • Cecilie - lovendesign.dk says:

    Billedet med trappen fangede mit øje! Vildt flot. Sad med det saamme og tænkte på hvordan jeg selv måske kunne lave sådan et billed.

    Virkelig flot med det slørede skåret over af en trappe, hvor de sorte kulører så bliver helt klare..

    Love it! uh lad mig vinde.. så vil det blive forår hos mig ;-)

    2012-03-07 | 10:05:15
    URL: http://lovendesign.dk
  • Emelie says:

    Vilket sammansträffande! Som nybliven bostadsrättsägare efter en evighet i diverse studentvarianter och andrahandsboenden så googlar jag för tillfället frenetiskt all form av inredningsinspiration (What to do när man går och bara väntar på inflyttnignsdatumet liksom...). Igår trillade jag in på Nordic Art House och blev omedelbart förälskad i David Lundmarks fotografi. Med tanke på alla mindre roliga flytt- och inredningskostnader jag har framför mig så var jag dock klok och satte hjärtat på paus, men nu håller jag istället tummarna för världens bästa inflyttningspresent!

    2012-03-07 | 10:23:32
  • Josephine Öhrn says:

    Emma - jag önskar mig en tavla med ett diamantägg i grå grafik. Önskar och blundar hårt. /J

    2012-03-07 | 10:37:12
    URL: http://lajosephine.robustcommunication.se/
  • Sabina says:

    Difficult choice, but my eyes were caught by Mattias Johansson's photography (ship and the sea) at first sight. So empty and full of mystery! I fall in love with it immediately.

    Thank you for your great blogg!

    Many greetings from the Czech Republic


    2012-03-07 | 10:39:52
  • modflowers says:

    I would love Housetree by Mattias Adolfsson, for my 8 year old son. He would love the detail and we would make up lots of stories about the housetree's inhabitants.


    2012-03-07 | 11:05:00
    URL: http://modflowers.wordpress.com
  • MEG says:

    Hypnotize me the different shades of gray and the stairs zig zag line of the Filip Herbst photography (F0189).

    I'm sure that I never tire of looking at.

    2012-03-07 | 11:21:56
    URL: http://micasatucasasucasa.blogspot.com
  • Gudrun says:

    This one is my favorite


    I love the period and the colors in this one, also, Stockholm is my favorite city

    2012-03-07 | 11:50:16
  • Maria says:

    åh vilken fin giveaway!! Jag önskar min ett Monster av Andreas Norrefjord. Tänka sig att jag fyller år imorgon så detta hade ju varit en härlig födelsedagspresent.

    Håller tummarna.

    Kram från Maria.

    2012-03-07 | 11:58:24
    URL: http://riazzoli.blogspot.com/
  • laura says:

    I like 'Merde' by Sac Magique . A mix of irreverent art, humor and colour, with a caribean touch! It would look perfect in my workspace at home, so inspirational, so joyful!

    2012-03-07 | 12:01:42
  • Siobhan says:

    I love the 'No.2' giclée art print by Karin Ronmark. Great great giveaway! Why do i love it...the mountains, the map, the sense of adventure...the owl!! Thank you.

    2012-03-07 | 12:07:07
  • Suubi Njuki says:

    Hiya! This is so hard!! So may lovely prints I hope I get one!!

    I recently moved to my own place(3weeks ago!) and I am searching for a colour scheme.. tending towards black & white but I think this print :'Fashion'. Giclée Art Print by Pietari Posti would add a really cool pop of colour. Choose me please :-)

    I also loved: 'Fascination'. Giclée Art Print by Aurora Kroon, 'Haute Couture'. Giclée Art Print by Aurora Kroon.. the list goes on!!

    2012-03-07 | 12:45:39
  • Beatrice says:

    "Gun" by Jonas Bergstrand!

    Powerful, fierce, dark. It would meet our black leather sofa and fall in love with it.

    Supporting love,


    2012-03-07 | 12:50:48
    URL: http://twitter.com/beatricemartini
  • Maria says:

    Jag vill gärna vara med. Om jag vinner skulle "Monika" passa perfekt hemma hos. En enkel och stilren tavla.

    2012-03-07 | 13:07:03
  • Constanze says:

    I love 'Monika'. It would be great to have 'Monika' in my kitchen.

    Since over 10 years I did not eat eggs because of the scandalous keeping conditions for chicken. But it would be great to have this wonderfull egg on my kitchen wall :).

    Greetings from Leipzig

    2012-03-07 | 13:38:30
    URL: http://hausgemacht.blog.de/
  • Kristina says:

    Jag skulle definitivt välja "Monika" av Martin Nicolausson! Den är fantastisk och skulle passa alldeles, alldeles perfekt över den nya soffan i vardagsrummet!


    2012-03-07 | 13:55:04
  • Tanya says:

    Wow, it was really hard to pick just one favourite. What a fabulous website. But after three rounds of narrowing it down I ended up with 'Rock me Amadeus No.1' by Naja Conrad-Hansen and I.

    I would love this print because after two and a half years of dating (including one year of transatlantic long distance) my boyfriend and I have finally moved in together. So far we have been busy furnishing our new apartment with mainly second hand furniture. However my boyfriend did save up for one big item - a very large, black, flat screen TV in our otherwise white with splashes of colour living room. So now I am on the quest for something else to be the focal point of the room instead of the tv. And I think this would be the perfect start.

    2012-03-07 | 15:00:43
  • Helena Freitas says:

    The simplicity of the stairs lighten up by a string of light is just wonderful ! I would be great to have it travel overseas and land on my wall down in Brazil !

    Untitled by: Filip Herbst

    2012-03-07 | 15:16:54
  • Traveling Mama says:

    I would LOVE to have that Copenhagen print by Mads Berg. I would give it to my husband because he has been wanting it for a long time after seeing it in a friend's home. He has been so patient and kind to me over the last almost 13 years of marriage. He is so gentle and forgiving and quick to tell me that he loves me. I would love to give something to him as a surprise so he would know that I am thinking of him and still love him dearly!

    2012-03-07 | 15:24:42
    URL: http://www.travelingmama.net
  • Esther Konrad says:

    'Red Girl'. Giclée Art Print by Johan Röstwall speaks to me. May-be even makes me feel strong.

    2012-03-07 | 15:32:38
  • Veronica says:

    There are several prints that I like but i think that one i like most of all.


    I would love to win this giveaway, because this print would look so cute in my kitchen!

    2012-03-07 | 15:56:48
  • Tove Wendelin says:

    Åh, i mitt nyinredda sovrum som numera är helvitt och svart så skulle det passa fint med att inviga det med en ny fin tavla. Mina ögon har under en längre tid vilat på Out Of Control' av Naja Conrad-Hansen som jag bara varit lite för snål (läs ekonomisk) att köpa själv. Älskar alla detaljer i bilden, man kan aldrig stirra sig blind nog på den! Den skulle hänga p-e-r-f-e-k-t över min fina gamla omålade vita byrå.

    2012-03-07 | 16:28:03
  • Sara says:

    I found four different photos I loved and they were all untitled and all by Filip Herbst! Hmm.

    2012-03-07 | 16:29:29
    URL: http://saraandcompany.ca
  • Marika Lunden says:

    Amelie Hegart - all her work! It is just so feminine and under secret in many ways.

    All the works of Lina Ekstrand - shame on me but I found her here in Nordic ARt website an it was love in the first sight. Especially - This side of paradise or Bounjour Tristesse (remainding me about one of my favourite authors - Francoise Sagan)

    'Preconscious'. Giclée Art Print by Niklas Lundberg , I dont know why but I see my husband there - we have had a very difficult time (not in our relationship!), but always when I had a feeling just something will happen or something bigger than me"rolling over" me, he just was for me there.

    2012-03-07 | 16:43:38
  • Katie says:

    'Housetree'. Giclée Art Print av Mattias Adolfsson. I love how the tree is constructed out of houses and not the other way around. If I won this print, I would display it in our chiropractic office - Quality Life Center. We have a tree as part of our logo.

    2012-03-07 | 16:44:59
  • Viorica Cernica says:

    'Monika' Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson

    I am an artist myself so I have enough paintings to hang on the walls. But what give me the most pleasure is to collect art myself. I bearly have any of my own works hanging. Instead, I make exchanges with other artists and try to buy when I can afford it. This print really inspires me. It's angular yet curvy, minimalistic yet detailed and full of texture. Also I like it's darkness and the feeling of volatility it gives. It's like stone that would break into millions of pieces of glass.

    2012-03-07 | 16:59:40
    URL: http://www.viorica-cernica.com/
  • Wendy says:

    "'No 3'. Giclée Art Print by Karin Rönmark" would look absolutely stunning in our living room that we hope to finish renovating this year. Lots of white with rosewood Scandinavian furniture and accent colours of pale green & aubergine. This would be the gorgeous finishing touch!!

    2012-03-07 | 17:08:39
  • Samantha Kachel says:

    I am very partial to Monika, I can't help but love it! As a young college student, I unfortunately couldn't afford art this beautiful, even though my dream is to someday have quite the collection of prints and paintings. But what an honor it would be to have this piece as the start of my collection!

    2012-03-07 | 17:33:21
    URL: http://www.youofdesign.blogspot.com
  • Paula says:

    I love 'Monika'. Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson!!

    I should win this giveaway because im a poor textile design student with too many bare and white walls around me. I seriously need something beautiful and artsy on my walls! Please pick ME!!:D

    2012-03-07 | 18:32:30
  • Roxanna says:

    I still find 'Out of Control' to be fascinating. It's not a print I would normally lean towards, but I think it's an inspiring print. I would be reminded daily to hold my head up high despite all the distractions that can occur throughout my day.

    2012-03-07 | 18:36:31
  • Andreas says:

    'Monika'. Giclée Art Print av Martin Nicolausson

    I should win this giveaway because I'm rich with too many cluttered colorful walls. I seriously need something a bit dull, preferably in grey.

    2012-03-07 | 20:07:17
  • jessica says:

    so hard to pick between so many but by feeling i choose LAND OHOY, brings my child point of view into how to start everyday and enjoy as a child.

    2012-03-07 | 20:32:37
  • Anna says:

    Jag flyttar in i en ny lägenhet om 2 veckor och skulle gärna få bära 'Bataleon'. Giclée Art Print av Karl Grandin över tröskeln... Tavlan gör varelserna så oharmliga att jag nog inte kommer vara mörkrädd längre!


    2012-03-07 | 20:59:43
  • Heidi says:

    Kjære Emma,

    Takk for at du leverer en blogg som topper listen min uke etter uke! Jeg elsker "Monika" av M. Nicolausson - det hadde gjort seg på mine bare, hvite vegger, som enda ikke har fått gleden av å bli "påkledd". Fortsett å gjøre den gode jobben - du både gleder og inspirerer meg.



    2012-03-07 | 22:37:53
  • yulia says:

    I think I like the 'Stone V'. Giclée art print by Martin Nicolausson the most.

    2012-03-07 | 22:57:10
  • Kasper Linde says:

    Being on the verge of moving in with my girlfriend for the past two years nothing would fit our new home like the "on my way" print by Mette Boesgaard (http://www.nordicarthouse.com/sv/art/on-my-way-giclee-art-print-av-mette-boesgaard.html?grp=564365).

    Being the less decorative of the couple, I would simply love to be able to surprise her by bringing something to our new home that will remind us just where we are going - the right way.


    2012-03-08 | 00:38:33
  • Marina says:

    'Haute Couture'. Giclée Art Print av Aurora Kroon, #847, I really like this one. It reminds me of a simple line drawing that can convey so much (think Picasso's line drawing of a women). I know exactly what is happening in the picture, what the feeling is, it says everything all with in a few lines and colors. WOW!


    2012-03-08 | 04:02:58
  • Amber says:

    Like "Monika '. Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson..

    I deserve to win because every nest needs a egg... it reminds me of an small exhibition I went to years ago that was all tiny birds nests. It made me full of wonder about the utility and delicate splendour of a bird’s nest. The 'Monika' art print makes me feel the same way..

    2012-03-08 | 04:14:43
  • Emma says:

    Vilken fantastisk tävling! Mattias Backströms "Untitled" får mer än gärna flytta hem till oss och pryda den vita väggen i vardagsrummet!! Din blogg är oerhört inspirerande och jag kikar in varje dag!!

    2012-03-08 | 08:07:42
  • Anita says:

    Det är min favorit:


    Jag älskar Köpenhamn, det vore så fint hemma hos oss!

    2012-03-08 | 08:25:03
  • marlene says:

    Dumpad. 8 mars. Jag behöver definitivt en kvinna på min vägg som påminner mig om hus stark jag egentligen är. Cherry av Anneli Olander hade hjälpt.

    2012-03-08 | 10:02:54
  • Anna D says:

    Äntligen har vi sparat ihop så att vi har kunnat köpa oss ett litet hus. Ett litet hus men betydligt större än vår lilla lägenhet som vi trängdes i tillsammans i flera år. Men det lilla huset har fler och större väggar än vad vi hade tidigare så våra väggar ekar tomma.

    'Untitled' Giclée Art Print av Hampus Ericstam- skulle göra sig väldigt vacker i vårt vardagsrum. Den har i mitt tycke allt för att pigga upp en vardag och ett annat så vitt hem - den har färg, påhittighet och en slags längtan.

    2012-03-08 | 10:29:07
  • L says:

    My favorite (and i looked through everything!): 'Untitled'. Giclée Art Print av Hampus Ericstam

    Why: the print reminds me of youth. sometimes i feel so old & when life gets monotone, i want this splash of primary colors to remind me to be young.

    2012-03-08 | 10:33:49
  • Georg says:

    Dear Emma,

    congrats to your blog-redesign. And thank you for all the lovely rooms you’ve shown us over the past few years!

    „Monika“ caught my eye - the dark and yet cosy atmosphere of this print is amazing.

    Best wishes from Vienna!


    2012-03-08 | 11:07:09
    URL: http://www.diesellerie.com
  • Josefina says:

    Hej Emma!!

    Jag vet att min chans till att vinna är minimal, men man måste ju försöka! Jag ska flytta till min första lägenhet i slutet på mars början av april (jag är 27 år, så ÄNTLIGEN!). Det jag äger just nu är en säng och en byrå så detta print: http://www.nordicarthouse.com/sv/art/untitled-giclee-art-print-av-hampus-ericstam.html av Hampus Ericstam skulle bli en bra början till mitt HEM! Tavlan skulle jag försöka styla på det här sättet: http://husligheter.elle.se/files/2012/02/AABEB2.jpg

    Tack för en underbar blogg, du inspirerar mer än du tror! Ha en bra kvinnodag!!

    2012-03-08 | 11:08:28
  • Johanna says:

    Jag föll för Mattias Backströms 'Untitled". Lamporna i detta fantastiska fotografi skulle kunna lysa upp (hehe) vår hall som i dagsläget inte har nån bra belysning (skitdålig faktiskt) men vi har heller inte råd att dra in detta för stunden tyvärr.

    Tack för en bra blogg!

    2012-03-08 | 12:11:04
  • Ester says:

    Estonia is celebrating Womens day today, something of a Soviet relic. It means that everywhere you can see sickening-sweet images of prettyness. It somehow undermines the power and confusion what it really means to be a woman...your post made me think about that and be inspired by the more darker and stronger imagery. I would really love to have either "Preconscius" or "Red Girl" on my wall.

    And keep up with your blog, it's one of my favorites!

    2012-03-08 | 12:58:45
  • Sari says:

    The Motorist'. Giclée Art Print av Jonas Bergstrand

    For my dad who was a rally driver when he was young.

    2012-03-08 | 15:50:05
  • Siri says:

    Tusen takk for et herlig tips! Jeg har kost meg i flere timer og har hatt flere besök allerede på denne siden. Mange fine bilder, men min favoritt er helt klart 'Imagine'. Giclée Art Print av Giulio Iurissevich. Jeg synes bildet gir meg en helt spesiell stemning og jeg tror jeg aldri kan bli lei av det. Måten kunstneren har fanget inn menneskene på viser at han har et talent.

    2012-03-08 | 16:24:41
  • Katherine Schumacher says:

    I love 'Untitled' by Cecilia Lundgren. I am lying around trying to recover from cancer surgery feeling bad about loosing my hair when I saw this print. She looks fierce and unstoppable which is how I hope to soon be feeling!

    2012-03-08 | 19:15:54
  • Jenny says:

    Jag kom i kontakt med Amanda Mendiants målningar första gången i skatebutiken Stale som fanns/finns i Umeå. Detta var sent 90-tal/tidigt 00-tal och jag fascinerades redan då över de starka kvinnorna som ofta förekom i målningarna. Därför skulle jag vilja ha en av de tre Mendiant-trycken att ge till min syster som kan behöva påminnas om att hon är superstark ibland!

    2012-03-08 | 19:51:12
  • Elin Banke says:

    Ny lägenhet är köpt med väggar som en orörd målarduk,

    en tavla från Nordic Art House skulle göra uppsynen mer mjuk

    Om ett Filip Herbst-fotografi av en trappa vi fick möjlighet att hänga,

    vardagsrummets storlek och djup vi skulle kunna förlänga!

    A new apartment has been bought with big white walls as most often,

    an artwork from Nordic Art House its appearance would soften

    If a Filip Herbst-photography we got the opportunity to hang,

    the size and depth of the livingroom definitely sprang!

    Vi skulle bli väldigt glada om vi fick chansen att vinna det fina svart-vita fotografiet på en trappa av Filip Herbst!

    2012-03-08 | 21:23:32
  • Laura Hunnewell says:

    I love the stairs photo! It would be a constant reminder to have my front staircase rebuilt! And once I do that, proudly display the photograph!

    2012-03-08 | 23:24:34
  • ming says:

    Det er kanskje kvinnedagen idag, men det betyr ikke at min storebror ikke fortjener en fødselsdagspresang! Jeg tror han ville like "Monika" som du har valgt ut her oppe.

    2012-03-08 | 23:36:38
    URL: http://ming.blogg.no
  • Carley Georged says:

    So many have caught my eye! such talent! but…..'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. Giclée Art Print av Lina Ekstrand had me staring !

    2012-03-09 | 00:56:23
  • Christine says:

    hej! hopefully I am not to late! I love this one: 'Monika'. Giclée Art Print av Martin Nicolausson. The artprints are simply amazing!

    2012-03-09 | 11:21:13
  • Maiju / my2ndhandlife says:

    Hi there! To make a choice from NAH´s collection is nearly inhumane, but after careful thought, I´d go for

    'Nightlife'. Giclée Art Print av Karl Grandin.

    Weird, fun, graphic, black & white. That´s my thing!

    Have a happy weekend!

    2012-03-09 | 19:46:31
    URL: http://thesecondlifeofmine.blogspot.com/
  • Jane says:

    I thought, I won't participate in this giveaway. But I just love one of the prints from Nordic Art House. The one I love is 'Untitled'. Giclée Art Print av Anna Grape. This print will give fun and joy to my kitchen and little bit of childish vibe.

    Thumbs up for me!

    2012-03-09 | 20:03:58
  • Annalisa says:

    Traffic by Bo Lundberg, perfect in my living, so I can dream to live in a metropolis...

    2012-03-09 | 21:12:55
  • Iluminado says:

    it's hard to say. it's better to watch... but surely the second image top right took my attention right away.

    I do not know if it is just an aesthetic matter of the behavior of light or even the nicety of the ray of light reaching the dark side... but certainly I know my nickname and my profession. ILUMINADO.

    all the best

    2012-03-09 | 22:35:54
  • Johanna F says:

    Vilken lycka. Vi renoverar just nu våran hall och har bestämt oss för vitt. Jag tänkte att jag kunde piffa upp med nån snygg tavla. Men det var inte det lättaste, har googlat som en galning efter tavlan jag har sett i mitt huvud men som såklart inte går att beskriva förän man ser den. Och ikväll såg jag den. Rödluvan VI, underbar.

    Jag är Ialf ny läsare på din blogg och kommer fortsätta följa, ha det gott!

    2012-03-09 | 23:30:05
  • Martin says:

    Jag gillar verkligen bilderna. Supersnygga :)

    2012-03-10 | 11:09:50
    URL: http://www.vinylform.se

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