Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Artist Ylva Ogland

A few days ago I received this book about Swedish artist Ylva Ogland from the publisher Orosdi-Back. Contrary to most art books, this is a small paperback book, and it's part of a series of books about other Swedish artists and illustrators. There is also a similar series about Swedish architects and designers, like Estrid Ericsson (founder of Svenskt Tenn) and Axel Einar Hjorth. I truly enjoyed the small format of the book, it made it feel more available and not as precious as a huge coffee table book. Of course it also makes it possible to bring the book with you to read on the bus/train/in a café.

I had never heard of Ogland before, but her work really captured me. I love the very twisted and quite macabre settings she creates, and how she includes her entire family in her work and seems to have no limits whatsoever between her personal and professional life. You can read and see more about this on her own site. Below are some shots from the book, mostly from her home, but the bottom pic is from an exhibition.


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