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Saturday Sweets

Joseph Dirand Architecture

Interior Architect Joseph Dirand's work is an old favorite of mine. He does everything from homes and hotels to scenography, all in a toned down and minimalistic but still quite classic way.

The graduation shoot

Here are some of the pictures from our graduation shoot at Beckmans Akademi. I know that some people worried that we would all come out as mini Lottas, copying her style, but I think those worries are gone when you see these photos, right? Everyone in the class definitely has their own personal style! I think they are all really great! All photos are shot by Petra Bindel with retouching by Elin Strömberg.

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Styling: Sanna Catenacci

Styling: Anna Gorecki

Maruyama House

Ok, so I can't keep filling my blog with Lotta's photos, it's starting to look ridiculous. Here is something completely different for you. A Japanese wooden house, designed by Atelier Sano.

Photo by Koji Sakai, via Contemporist

I won!

Today was the last day of class at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans Akademi. It was also the day when Lotta announced which picture from our graduation project (styling a set photographed by Petra Bindel at Färgfabriken) that would be published in Plaza Interiör. As it turned out, she chose three pics instead of just one. And my photo was among the chosen ones, along with Maliin Stoor's and Monica Hökars' photos! I still can't quite believe it!

Unfortunately this also means that I can't show the winning photos here before the magazine is in stores. But I promise to blog it as soon as I can! Luckily, there are 11 great photos from the rest of the class that weren't chosen for the magazine, and hopefully I will get my hands on them soon...

But I can't make a blog post without pictures now, can I? Of course not. So I figured this would be a good time to show you some of our teacher Lotta Agaton's less known photos. Most of her images have been around the bloggosphere a billion rounds, but these haven't, so I think they feel quite fresh. Enjoy!

New pics for Lotta Agaton Shop

News from photographer Per Gunnarsson

I am sure you are all familiar with the name Per Gunnarsson by now, as he is one of the photographers often hired by Norwegian IKEA Livet Hjemme. I have showed his pictures here several times before, but since he just updated his portfolio I think it is time for a new post! Here is some of his latest work. Enjoy!

Stockholm Studio/Home

This Stockholm home has been photographed many times with different interiors and owners, and I can see why... It is very special with it's nooks and crannies, indoor windows and a private terrace outside the kitchen in the most central part of town. It used to be a work studio of some sort, but is now transformed into a great home with industrial details. See all pictures here.
(Here is another incarnation of this place, shot by Per Gunnarsson and styled by Susanne Josephson)

Styling: Per Wennberg

Aesop interiors

Skin care brand Aesop has stores all around the world, all different and designed for their specific locations. Very inspiring!

All images via Dezeen.

Share Design

I just heard that the photos I shared this Saturday from the Australian Interior Design Awards are from the house of Miranda Lansell, one half of the duo that founded Share Design. Haven't heard of Share Design? Well, it's quite new, so I don't blame you, but you really should go have a look. Share Design is a great resource of stylish pictures, but what makes it unique is the fact that if you hover your mouse over the photo you will see links to many of the products. This makes it super easy to actually get the same style in your own home! They also have a great library of products that fits the modern, Scandinavian style.

The home of the other half of Share Design, Interior Architect and Designer Shareen Joel, is actually also shortlisted in the Australian Interior Design Awards. How is that for proof that they both have great tastes?

The top three photos below are from Shareen's projects and the bottom two are from Share Design, shot by Tina Stephansen and styled by Pia Møller.

An old favorite

I have been seeing these images floating around the internet without sources since I posted them in 2007, and since I still really like them, I thought I could give you the background... The pictures are from a Stockholm loft that was for sale through estate agency Lagerlings in September that year. It's a wonderful and unique home with a tower room, a big roof terrace with sauna and shower, and an enormous beautiful kitchen. Back in 2007 the whole loft conversion trend hadn't exploded here yet, so these kind of spaces were very rare.
Unfortunately the new owners ruined the apartment, as you can see here. Let's just hope that they haven't made any permanent damage and that it can all be restored when they move out...

Australian Interior Design Awards

Are you interested in seeing some great design and architecture? I stumbled over the site of the Australian Interior Design Awards, and discovered that it's full of amazing pictures! They have archives ranging back to 2004, so it might take you a while to look through all the categories...

The Perfect Home

This is exactly how I would decorate my own home if I had one! I honestly feel like I could move in and not change or move one single thing in this home from the latest issue of Plaza Interiör. Everything from the concrete floors and the white tiles to the Eames chairs, Tom Dixon light, OSB board table (with 23 coats of varnish to get a durable surface) and the stainless steel shelf is exactly what I would choose myself!

Plaza Interiör has quickly risen to become one of my favorite Swedish deco mags and they have just launched a great new issue. I think it might be my favorite issue ever, so check it out if you can! If not, you can see some pics on their site.

Styling: Anna Malmgren and Cecilia Bengtsson

Studio Toogood

I am a huge fan of British designer and stylist Faye Toogood and her design company Studio Toogood. Her work is like noone else's, poetic and raw at the same time. Below you can see some of her work, both interiors and styling.

Easy living with Naja Lauf

Going a bit soft today with pictures from Femina magazine. The first five pics are from Danish designer Naja Lauf's home and the bottom two are from an old dairy factory.

Photo: 1-5 by Iben and Niels Ahlberg and 6-7 by Pernille Kaalund

Pictures removed on request of the photographer.

Table settings by StyleCookie

Lo + Petra

I loved these shots by Petra Bindel the second I saw them in her portfolio at Agent Bauer, but I was very surprised when I saw who the stylist was. It's Lo Bjurulf. Don't get me wrong, I really like most of her work, but her style is usually more feminine and "frilly". This is clean and cool. Perhaps she is taking a new direction? I am curious to see what will come from her in the future...

Still Life practice 2

We had another still life practice yesterday at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. Our mission was to create an advertising photo for one or several products from Lotta Agaton Shop. It was lots of fun, and so exciting to see how much everyone had developed! Elin Strömberg was our photographer for the day, and she did a great job again, as you can see below. I am really happy with my photo this time, I feel like I found my style now.

This weekend is spent at Färgfabriken, shooting the graduation projects. I am already done, and I must say it feels good. I think the photo will be ok... I will publish the photos from this later, as they all need to go through some retouching etc.

Below are yesterday's still lifes. Enjoy!

Styling: Anna Gorecki

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)

Styling: Klara Kristin

Styling: Maliin Stoor

Styling: Monica Hökars

Elisa Ossino Studio

Are you ready for something amazing? I had never heard of this design studio before, their name is Elisa Ossino, and their work is the best I've seen in a long time. I had a hard time trying to find words to describe their work properly, but then I read their presentation and there it was: "We choose a light and empty approach connoted by a strong scenographic character that refers to installations."
This my friends, is great styling. It makes my heart beat faster and gives me a slight stomach ache. Perfection. I could hardly pick any favorites, their whole site is full of them. Take a deep breath and dive in.

Hygge House

Perhaps you've seen this home around already, but it's too good not to show here. Located outside Copenhagen, designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. Make sure to read the article too, to find out what hygge is.
Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, via Dwell

Clever space for sale

I saw this apartment for the first time a few months ago, on the site of the architects responsible for the renovation, but now that it's up for sale I found it again and would like to show it here. It's full of great space saving solutions, I especially like the bed construction in the kids room, which you can see in detail on the site of Imberg Arkitekter.

The Closet Voyeur, Tarde o Temprano

I got a comment on the post about Lifecycling below, from a photographer named Bere Hernández exploring the same concept in Mexico and Paris. I love this way of experiencing different countries by getting sneak peaks in people's homes! This site is called Tarde o Temprano, and it's full of great photos of homes and fashion.

The photos below are all from the home of graphic designer Erika Dirand, but you should really take some time to explore the rest of the features as well, because there are many different styles and homes shown, so I'm sure you will all find your own favorites.

Kitchens by Susanna Vento

Artist Ylva Ogland

A few days ago I received this book about Swedish artist Ylva Ogland from the publisher Orosdi-Back. Contrary to most art books, this is a small paperback book, and it's part of a series of books about other Swedish artists and illustrators. There is also a similar series about Swedish architects and designers, like Estrid Ericsson (founder of Svenskt Tenn) and Axel Einar Hjorth. I truly enjoyed the small format of the book, it made it feel more available and not as precious as a huge coffee table book. Of course it also makes it possible to bring the book with you to read on the bus/train/in a café.

I had never heard of Ogland before, but her work really captured me. I love the very twisted and quite macabre settings she creates, and how she includes her entire family in her work and seems to have no limits whatsoever between her personal and professional life. You can read and see more about this on her own site. Below are some shots from the book, mostly from her home, but the bottom pic is from an exhibition.

Lifecycling, like a Japanese Selby

I found this new to me site called Lifecycling, through another relatively new find of mine; See hear say. Lifecycling is like a Japanese version of The Selby or Freunde von Freunden. In other words, great photos of interesting homes, but far from the glossy pictures we see in magazines.

Photography: Osamu Masc

DIY Coat rack by Riikka

I have been looking at these pipe coat racks from Granit and Mimou for some time now, but I think they are a little expensive considering the material they are made of. After all, it's just a couple of pipes screwed together. So I was very happy today when Riikka of Weekday Carnival posted these photos of a similar coat rack that she made herself. Click on over to her post to read about the materials you need to make one!

Today at Beckmans...

...we had the great pleasure of listening to photographer Petra Bindel's lecture about photography, inspiration and collaboration. She also showed us some of her latest work, a shoot styled by Lotta Agaton for the online shop of Rädda Barnen (Swedish Save the Children). The location for this shot is the home of designer and architect Daniel Franzén, you can see more of his work here.


Stylist Daniella Witte

Have you heard of Swedish interior stylist, photographer, blogger and shop owner Daniella Witte? She is so gifted, and I really think you should have a look at her blog! If you like what you see, I believe you will be happy to hear that she is soon opening a web shop, making the carefully chosen products in her store available to a wider audience.

Extras from Malmö

Avotakka Magazine

Thanks to Likainen Parketti and Anna G, I was reminded of the Finnish deco magazine Avotakka. They have quite a big archive of pictures from recent articles on their site, in a mix of different styles ranging from traditional and country to modern and boho chic.

Giveaway! Win a print from Nordic Art House

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congrats Isabelle!

I think it's time for a giveaway! How would you like to win a print of your choice from Nordic Art House? They offer a large range of great art prints and photos, all limited edition, by Swedish artists and photographers.

To win, just tell me in the comments below which art piece caught your eye, and why you should win it. The best motivation wins! The competition will be open until Friday March 9.
Off to Nordic Art House now to find your favorite! Below are some of mine...

Photographer Björn Lofterud

Swedish photographer Björn Lofterud just updated his portfolio. Below are my favorites. Enjoy!

Interior stills by photographer Thomas Popinger

Sara, Kristian, Frank and Vira live here!

I believe it's almost that time of the year again... Spring! Every year when the temperature rises and the days get longer, I start to like colours. It's the same every year, and still every year I get worried that my tastes have some way changed into something weird that I'm not quite comfortable with. And I get these worried emails and comments from my readers, wondering the same thing. However, I think I have learned by now that this is a passing phase that I go through every year, and come out on the other side at the end of summer, still preferring the calm base of white, black, grey and wood. So don't get worried if you see a bit of colour on the blog in the coming months. It will pass. :)

With all that being said, here is a bit of soft colour for you! Check out the whole post on Dos Family for more pictures.

Photo: Jenny Brandt, Dos Family

Ps. Please let me know what you think of my new blog design! Good, bad? Any bugs?

Flat for sale in the old post house

I just found this flat for sale via the blog Kakform, and since I can't stop drooling over it, I thought you might like it too. The ceiling height and the windows are amazing, and that rug! I want it so bad!