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Fantastic Mix

When I was looking through Fantastic Frank's site today I found so many amazing homes for sale that I decided to make a Fantastic Mix instead of my usual Saturday Sweets. Enjoy!


  • ally says:

    oh lalalalalalala! i have yet to go to this site, as fear of spending my entire day lusting after properties! (but i love that second to last property, i can hardly stand it!)

    2012-06-16 | 19:47:46
    URL: http://ohosanna.blogspot.com
  • Elin - Ett Hem says:

    Verkligen en fantastic mix!

    2012-06-16 | 20:06:51
    URL: http://www.etthem.blogspot.com
  • johanna says:

    verkligen en fantastic mix!
    love it!

    2012-06-16 | 21:14:40
    URL: http://todayyouinspiredme.blogspot.com
  • CollectingDesignIN says:


    2012-06-16 | 21:25:54
    URL: http://collectingdesignin.blogspot.no/
  • equanda says:

    nice!! i love all your inspiring stuff!!!
    today i took some photos of some details at my home. the colors fit in with this photos :).
    if you like, you can have a look at my last post.

    2012-06-16 | 22:32:29
    URL: http://screen-book.blogspot.de/
  • HOME-TROTTER says:

    What a great mix!!! Now I can't resist and I have to go and visit this web site!!!!

    2012-06-16 | 22:59:45
    URL: http://www.home-trotter.blogspot.it
  • caroline @trend-daily says:

    This site looks amazing-thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to take a look now! :-) Caroline

    2012-06-17 | 00:04:48
    URL: http://trend-daily.blogspot.com
  • dervla @ The Curator says:

    ahh I would die for that last bedroom!

    2012-06-17 | 05:42:03
    URL: http://www.blogcurator.blogspot.com
  • DAVID says:

    Bordet i den fjärde bilden gillar jag inte alls, men annars är det riktigt coola inredningar! :)

    2012-06-17 | 10:00:37
    URL: http://ProjectFairTrade.blogg.se
  • jennifer says:

    grymma frank!!!

    2012-06-17 | 10:03:51
    URL: http://etthornaveden.blogspot.com
  • Jos says:

    Så härligt!

    2012-06-17 | 11:05:26
    URL: http://josefindysenius.spotlife.se
  • ApetitPois*design says:

    Wouao. This is gorgeous. Lots of white, timber, natural light. I want all of them!

    2012-06-17 | 11:35:34
    URL: http://www.apetitpoisdesign.com/
  • Michael says:

    A bit too spartan for my taste

    2012-06-17 | 14:52:49
    URL: http://lifeofcray.com
  • Lasse says:

    Looks like advertising to me...

    Svar: I would never post any hidden advertising, so I can assure you that I haven't been paid to post this. If I would make any sponsored posts I would clearly state that so that everyone would know it. If you can't see a sign that says "sponsored by" or "in cooperation with", the post is only filled with stuff that I like and wanted to post, and has not been paid.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-06-17 | 19:08:48
  • Veronique says:

    Amazing photos and great selection!


    2012-06-17 | 21:02:30
    URL: http://www.pretpenser.com
  • Jo says:

    Blimey, some people get blessed with all the cleverness, what an incredible site.

    2012-06-18 | 11:35:33
    URL: http://www.tootasinfoot.blogspot.com
  • Desiree says:

    <3 these homes

    2012-06-18 | 18:31:00
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • ArcticSummer says:


    2012-06-20 | 00:35:10
  • studio karin says:

    OH MY! Vilken ska man ta, jag tar en av varje tack. :O

    2012-06-20 | 16:59:52
    URL: http://studiokarin.blogspot.com
  • Daniel Mueller says:

    Wow, pretty cool pictures, espacially the big room with the centered round table.

    2012-06-25 | 12:31:48
    URL: http://www.jenniches-treppen.de

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