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Comfort Hotel Grand Central, Oslo

The new Grand Central hotel in Oslo, Norway, looks great! However, I wish they would have incorporated some more Norwegian designs, to give it a more local flavour. Norwegian design has really stepped it up in the last few years, so I think they should be proud and show it off!



  • l i l l t h i l d a ♥ says:

    Hoppas att du hade en superbra dag igår! :)
    Ska du göra något kul idag? :)

    2012-06-23 | 13:36:33
    URL: http://lillthilda.se
  • Olivia says:

    det ser mysigt ut!

    2012-06-23 | 14:13:17
    URL: http://typisktolivia.blogg.se
  • Felicia says:

    Hoppas du hade en grym dag igår! Älskar din blogg

    2012-06-23 | 14:16:16
    URL: http://fepe.blogg.se
  • Monsterscircus says:

    Nice suites! My eye caught the hallstand, and the wall art! Yes it would be obviosuly to combine with some of the norwegian Designs, to promoto how norwegian designers interpret some of their impressions. Great inspiration, have a wonderful day

    2012-06-23 | 14:19:51
    URL: http://monsterscircus.wordpress.com
  • natalie says:

    beautiful place I would love to stay here. thanks

  • Lisbeth says:

    Håller helt med. Mer norsk design åt folket! Dom har länge levt i skuggan av resten av oss nordbor. Skön midsommar! /Lisbeth

    2012-06-23 | 15:17:14
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • Lisbeth says:

    PS: måste sponsorerna i högerfältet "blinka"?

    Svar: Ja, de vill det. :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-06-23 | 15:18:24
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • CollectingDesignIN says:

    I know this hotel!
    It is very funny!

    2012-06-23 | 16:49:31
    URL: http://collectingdesignin.blogspot.no/
  • inner-outerbeauty.com says:

    Vad kul att se! Skall till Oslo i höst, kanske här man skall bo:)?

    2012-06-23 | 23:22:40
    URL: http://www.inner-outerbeauty.com
  • Stephanie says:

    Beautiful! The faceted mirror in the 2nd image caught my eye- anyone know who makes it?

    2012-06-24 | 00:03:28
    URL: http://www.greytheblog.com
  • HOME-TROTTER says:

    Very nice interiors. Thanks for sharing!

    2012-06-24 | 00:13:11
    URL: http://www.home-trotter.blogspot.it
  • Kansei says:

    Genial....me encanta ese toque taurino .

    2012-06-24 | 11:16:39
    URL: http://kansei-estudiodecocinas.blogspot.com
  • Judith says:

    Ohhhh these look so much better than the rooms at their sister-hotel Comfort Hotel Xpress (also in Oslo) which have a more regular modern hotel room look. Thanks for sharing, Emma!

    2012-06-25 | 00:00:59
    URL: http://www.joelix.com
  • julie @ tractorgirl says:

    golly! they have some lovely chairs....

    2012-06-25 | 03:08:01
    URL: http://tractorgirl.com.au
  • miranda@sharedesign.com says:

    Such beautiful spaces! Thanks for sharing Emma.

    2012-06-25 | 05:48:16
    URL: http://sharedesign.com.au
  • Lina Steén says:

    Åh vad inredningssugen jag blir.
    Synd bara att man har en budget som sätter stopp :)

    2012-06-25 | 11:14:50
    URL: http://linasteen.blogg.se/
  • Mie Trampoline says:

    c'est génial , quelle hauteur magnifique

    2012-06-25 | 11:18:39
    URL: http://www.mietrampoline.canalblog.com
  • Fani says:

    An amazing place! I like it!


    2012-06-25 | 13:16:22
    URL: http://decopuntosuspensivo.wordpress.com/
  • nicole says:

    fin blogg :)

    2012-06-25 | 20:53:39
    URL: http://nevinns.blogg.se
  • dervla @ The Curator says:

    Love the all black walls - seeing that everywhere at the moment!

    2012-06-25 | 20:59:40
    URL: http://www.blogcurator.blogspot.com
  • DAVID says:

    Det svarta rummet: Ovanligt, men jättesnyggt!

    2012-06-25 | 21:26:58
    URL: http://ProjectFairTrade.blogg.se
  • Enander says:

    Skitsnyggt ställe!! :)

    2012-06-26 | 08:33:12
    URL: http://enander.blogg.se
  • Per Olav says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Love this Hotell.

    2012-06-26 | 17:01:22
    URL: http://www.familiesirkus.no
  • Niki Fulton says:

    Brilliant, I love the look of this hotel and Norway is fairly easy for us Scots to get to so I will add it to my 'must visit' list. I agree with you about Norwegian design - I always look forward to visiting the Norwegian stand at 100% Design in London as the recent work has been fantastic.

    2012-06-26 | 18:45:35
    URL: http://www.unifiedspace.com
  • Anonym says:

    wow! that looks incredible. i wonder if every room is unique in its style and decoration ?

    2012-07-01 | 09:05:22

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