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Blog love: Yvonne Koné

I have seen photos from the studio and home of Danish designer Yvonne Koné in RUM magazine before, and they are some of my favourite pics that I always go back to. So today, when reading Lotta Agaton's blog, I was so happy to see that Yvonne has a blog! Look at all these amazing photos from the factories and workshops where Yvonne's bags and accessories are being made!

Photography: Line Klein


  • Judith says:

    OMG I absolutely LOVE Yvonne Koné's designs (saw them first at &Pagne in Copenhagen last year). Stunning pictures! Thanks for sharing, Emma!

    2012-06-01 | 15:55:45
    URL: http://www.joelix.com
  • Yna says:

    Great photos. I like the color of the images.

    2012-06-01 | 16:41:48
    URL: http://ynas-design.blogspot.com
  • Michela says:

    Lovely photos. She produces in Italy?!?! Great choice!


    2012-06-01 | 16:42:50
    URL: http://www.home-trotter.blogspot.it
  • veronika POLLARD says:

    just checked her blog, so many great photos! thanks for sharing

  • Monsterscircus says:

    Yes she is really something, and really innovation at her field. Have a lovely weekend.

    2012-06-01 | 23:45:57
    URL: http://monsterscircus.wordpress.com
  • Helle says:

    Great tip. Thanks for sharing!

    2012-06-02 | 00:32:30
    URL: http://reflectionaction.com/
  • inner-outerbeauty.com says:

    Thx for sharing, what a craftmanship!

    2012-06-02 | 11:15:39
    URL: http://www.inner-outerbeauty.com
  • Lisbeth says:

    Tack för tipset! Vill också säga att jag kommer att sakna dig på FB. Och att jag verkligen gillar dina vardagsbilder. Så där lagom privata. Inte alltför övertydliga, utan lite hemlighetsfulla. Gillar.

    2012-06-02 | 13:23:45
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • Mary Jo says:

    I really like these tool photos. They are engaging.

    2012-06-03 | 17:10:44
    URL: http://stillblog.net
  • Sarah says:

    It’s amazing how beautiful machinery can be!

    2012-06-05 | 00:54:18
    URL: http://sarahbangerstylist.blogspot.com.au/
  • Kris says:

    Oh yeah, I'm Danish and I'm really in to Yvonnes stuff. She's really just fantastic and her work is incredible - no doubt about that.

    2012-06-05 | 10:03:34
    URL: http://pengeweb.dk
  • Gitte says:

    So cool - real craftsmanship. I would love a day in that studio - working with leather. Thanks for sharing. I will check Yvonne's blog right now.

    2012-06-05 | 10:15:04
    URL: http://www.objectsanduse.com/blog/
  • Geeta says:

    Thank you for sharing her wonderful blog!

    I loved the the incredible images showing the factories where her work is made!

    2012-06-06 | 16:50:51
    URL: http://LANGUAGEjewelry.com
  • ApetitPois*design says:

    The pics are amazingly. Dark and strong. LOve it!

    xx, APP

    2012-06-08 | 09:03:57
    URL: http://www.apetitpoisdesign.com/

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