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Saturday Sweets

I'm trying to prepare for a little summer vacation by working for two behind the scenes here, and that's why the blog posts are kind of few and far apart at the moment. I'm also preparing for the Blog'nhagen blog meet-up in Copenhagen next week, by trying to read up on the city and deciding which places I'm going to visit on my free days. Me and Annaleena are going to hang out in Copenhagen from Monday to Wednesday night, so if anyone has some city tips, feel free to share them in the comment section!
In other news, I am testing the new Samsung series 9 Notebook, and so far I am loving it! It's extremely lightweight, stylish, and very fast. It is actually so lightweight (less than 3 pounds/1,2 kg) that I get an urge to throw it like a frisbee every time I pick it up, but so far I have resisted... I am an Apple fan since way back in the 80's, but am seriously considering bringing the Samsung on my trip next week instead of my MacBook Pro, which feels like carrying around a pile of bricks in comparison. The only thing I'm not loving about the Samsung is the clickpad, which is acting a little weird, and I'm missing some of the gestures I use on the Mac, like pinching for zooming in on texts and photos. And then there is the Windows OS of course... Not my thing, and I will probably install Mac OS X on it very soon. But other than that, I'm very happy with the laptop!
Enough about that, let's look at some nice photos now! All photos from my Pinterest, where you can find the sources.


Summer feelings by Stellan Herner

While we are still waiting for summer to make an appearance between the heavy rain and cold winds, I found some inspiring summer photos, mostly old favorites, by Swedish photographer Stellan Herner.


Comfort Hotel Grand Central, Oslo

The new Grand Central hotel in Oslo, Norway, looks great! However, I wish they would have incorporated some more Norwegian designs, to give it a more local flavour. Norwegian design has really stepped it up in the last few years, so I think they should be proud and show it off!


Giveaway: Bincho Bottle from Sort of Coal

Time for a giveaway! Danish company Sort of Coal has some seriously cool products, made of Japanese coal, that can help you purify your home, food and water from pollution and bad chemicals, and instead add healthy minerals. To make it even better, their packaging and products are super stylish!

Now you have the chance to win a handmade Bincho water bottle with a Kishu Binchotan coal stick (worth €85) that will make your ordinary tap water into healthy mineral water just by putting it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

To participate in the competition  all you have to do is 'like' the Sort of Coal Facebook page and answer these two questions:

1. Why you would like to win a Bincho water bottle and a piece of Binchotan from Sort of Coal.

2. How you can recycle the Binchotan? If you need a little inspiration in answering the question, you can find it at Sort of Coal's site.

Submit your answers on Sort of Coal's Facebook page by writing a comment underneath the picture
Sort of Coal will pick a winner on July 2 and the winner will be announced on their facebook page.

This competition is sponsored and presented by Sort of Coal.

Plywood Interiors by mA-style Architects

Loving this project called Ant House by Japanese architects mA-Style. The entire interior of the house is made of plywood, with a smaller house shaped structure inside.
Via Dezeen.

Fantastic Mix

When I was looking through Fantastic Frank's site today I found so many amazing homes for sale that I decided to make a Fantastic Mix instead of my usual Saturday Sweets. Enjoy!

Fisherman's house by Norm

I believe I might have posted pictures from this home before, when it was featured in Dwell, but these particular shots were new to me, so I'm hoping you haven't seen them either. Shot by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, and the house was remodeled by Norm Cph. Great use of white!

Via Norm's blog on Bo Bedre

Tattersall Love Locations

British location agency Tattersall Love are on the look out for Scandinavian style homes in London, to use for photo shoots. If you have such a home, please contact them, and perhaps it will be your home featured in the next Elle Decoration...
Below are some of my favorites from their location library.


Hex tiles love

Creative Contrasts in Denmark

Jewellery designer Marie von Lotzbeck shares this Danish country house with her family, where she created a light and simple oasis for the mind and eyes, with lots of natural materials like wood and concrete. The strong contrasts of the black and white interiors are softened by green plants, rustic surfaces and wood tones.

Photography: Line Klein for FRI

Dortraum - Design an Ort und Raum

Do you remember the Christmas Calendar I had in December last year? One of the prizes was a white fire extinguisher, and the winner of that prize was Addy in Germany. He just emailed me to show me some photos of the fire extinguisher in his home, and I think it looks so good that I wanted to share them with you. Addy also told me that he just started a little side-business called Dortraum, where he designs and decorates homes, doing almost all of the work himself, from planning and researching to building and photographing. Check out his site for more photos.

Saturday Sweets

Whatever happened to the wonderful summer weather we had last week? A week ago I was laying in a deck chair, wearing a bikini and sipping on fruit smoothies. This weekend, it's 5°C and it's raining sideways... Time for hot chocolate, grilling marshmallows on sticks in the fireplace, and watching a movie. Not what I had in mind, but still pretty nice. I hope you are all having a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever the weather is like there!

Styling and photo: Today I Love

Photo: Line Klein

Blog love: Yvonne Koné

I have seen photos from the studio and home of Danish designer Yvonne Koné in RUM magazine before, and they are some of my favourite pics that I always go back to. So today, when reading Lotta Agaton's blog, I was so happy to see that Yvonne has a blog! Look at all these amazing photos from the factories and workshops where Yvonne's bags and accessories are being made!

Photography: Line Klein