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Giveaway: A print of your choice from L'Affiche Moderne

One of my sponsors, French online gallery L'Affiche Moderne, has generously offered to give away a big print of your own choice (worth €59) to one lucky winner! All you have to do to have a chance to win is to tell me in the comments below which piece of art in L'Affiche Moderne's collections best corresponds to your summer mood and why. It could be melancholic, ecstatic, or anything in between... Just link to the picture that you feel best represents your summer feelings, and tell me a little bit about your thoughts. I will pick a winner on July 27. Good luck everyone!
Below are a few of my own favourite summery prints from their shop.


  • WhiteBrickWall says:

    Wow, it's such a coincidence that you are doing this giveaway! I was just looking at their children's artwork yesterday and thought they are so lovely and whimsical. They really brightened up my mood.
    This summer, even with such wonderful california weather, I am stuck indoors studying for my MCATs. More often than not, I am in a room, buried in my books, knowing that there is sunlight and fun awaiting me from afar. To top it off, my heartbreak from a failed relationship added to my gloomy mood.
    This photo represents my feeling well: shadowy from my point of view, with sunlight peering through from afar...taunting me...

    2012-07-13 | 01:33:31
    URL: http://whitebwall.blogspot.com
  • Frank says:

    I love Facade study, “Elementary school in Nordvest” Copenhagen by Sundin Elisabet because of how it reminds me of the urban planning thesis I'm preparing.

    2012-07-13 | 02:21:45
  • Nora says:

    This one : http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/68-black-white-art-dufay.html by Alice Dufay

    I must admit, my concept of a special "summer mood" has disappeared, owing to living in Singapore for 8 months now. It's allways summer here. Always hot and humid, sweaty and sticky. Even when it's raining, and it rains quite frequently.

    But that is exactly why this picture appeals to me. It's the exact opposite of a dreaded Singaporean summer heatwave. Clean, white, fresh and cooling. No frills or fancy colours. And if those are rubber rain boots she's struggling with, that just makes it all the more Singapore appropriate. ;)


    2012-07-13 | 02:26:10
  • Louise says:

    I like "When the World Sleeps" (Dan-ah Kim) and the three you chose above. That Stripes (2) is great!

    2012-07-13 | 03:12:42
  • Louise says:

    Oops, forgot to say why "When the World Sleeps"....it reminds me of the driving trips this summer, and how wonder-filled I feel when I'm looking at a place with fresh eyes and am a bit out-of-sync with local habits.

    2012-07-13 | 03:15:40
  • Pascale says:

    Oh I love western union, as an artist myself and loving collage this is a fantastic piece

  • Sara says:

    For me it's a toss-up between "Morning Mountains" by Matthews Doug and "White Circus 01" by Varsi Matteo. I like "Morning Mountains" because it reminds me of what I wish summers where I lived were: warm days with cool evenings where you'd wear a sweater to keep warm. "White Circus" gives just the blistering feeling that summer where I live is right now: scorchingly hot and humid constantly.

    The links:

    2012-07-13 | 07:03:36
    URL: http://saraandcompany.ca
  • Jose says:

    I must say http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/69-graphic-drawing-dufay.html because it's just like my summer mood. Today is my last day at work and then I'm on vacation for a month!

    2012-07-13 | 07:40:35
    URL: http://ajastaika.com/
  • Jemina says:

    I choose the one called 'The sun always shines' (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/93-imeus-typographic-poster.html).

    Firstly, it's been terribly rainy summer here in Finland, and everyone is waiting for the sunny days to finally arrive. So 'the sun always shines above the clouds' is a nice thing to remember when we're complaining about the weather. And we all know that when the vacations are over, the sun finally comes.

    Second of all, the past couple of years in my life haven't been the brightest ones. So now, when I'm finally living in my own apartment and starting university studies this fall, I really can say that the sun was there all the time. Though I didn't always see it, the light was always there.

    (Plus those colors would fit perfectly to my new home...)

    2012-07-13 | 08:16:49
    URL: http://loydankyllaperille.blogspot.com
  • catarina.r says:

    I would love this one:

    This picture has an incredible effect on me. It does not remind me of past memories. It makes me dream about future ones.
    It's all about adventure, the unkown, the unexpected.
    Makes me dream about summery afternoons, beers with friends...and long nights telling stories and dreaming about the future.
    And that is summer, to me.

    2012-07-13 | 08:32:21
  • Saskia Nickles says:

    I love the Facade study by Sundin Elisabet as well: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/266-architecture-drawing-sundin.html. It's very light and restrained in a positive way.

    2012-07-13 | 08:33:46
    URL: http://www.finefinebooks.com
  • Adelaida says:

    http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/228-gemma-correll-cats-illustration.html Cats won my heart before the whole print battle has even started.

    Cats are actually my all-over-the-year feeling, but during summer they are easier to spot and usually too lazy to run away when I want to pet them. Which makes them and summer a perfect match ^^

    2012-07-13 | 08:33:56
    URL: http://aleksandra-chabros.blogspot.com
  • Martina says:

    The one I choose represents how My life is at the moment

  • Kristin says:


    It's July and it's still cold in germany. This picture stands for everything what I am feeling right now for this summer and the miserable wheather: I am depressed and sceptical and I want to crawl away in this cosy stripy longsleeve and I'll come back when the rain's stopping and I can go out of my flat whithout an umbrella.

    2012-07-13 | 08:46:38
  • Tami says:

    I love stripes 2- because I want to feel like a parisienne this summer wearing a striped shirt walking next to the Seine.

    2012-07-13 | 08:56:56
  • alek.s. says:

    i am very much drawn to this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/artwork-illustration/286-watercolour-painting-laitinen.html

    it reminds me of several things simultaneously. i was born in central asia and the colorful tent on stilts in the picture kind of looks like a yurt. at the same time, the whole feeling is that of a moomin-valley, my ultimate happy place.


    2012-07-13 | 09:06:02
    URL: http://hoopoeinanoak.wordpress.com/
  • Sarah says:

    I choose I'm Not Fashion by Caron Aline because of it's playfull innocence. I love a lot of their prints actually, it was difficult to choose one !

    2012-07-13 | 09:31:11
    URL: http://cocolapine.wordpress.com
  • Heidi says:

    by Caroline Gomez typifies my summer-- nice and slow.... sauntering through the amazing adventures of summer with kids and trying to enjoy the details.

    2012-07-13 | 09:38:46
    URL: http://reallovely.blogspot.com/
  • martina i. says:

    oh, it´s definitely
    i´m pregnant at the moment and we´re expecting our little baby boy in a few weeks. so the whole summer my husband is taking care of us, makes the whole housekeeping without complaining, and is just so lovely, that can´t find words for it. i´m always thinking how to thank him for this all and – as he´s an architect – i´m quite sure that this print is something, that he would love.

    2012-07-13 | 09:43:25
  • Elisabetta says:

    I love Margate

    Black and white, stripes, clouds... it reminds me of my childhood summer in Italy... a delightful dive into the past.
    Thanks Friel Chris!

    2012-07-13 | 09:44:21
    URL: http://stylist-a-porter.blogspot.it/
  • Liesbeth says:


    This is for me 'the moment' this summer, to find peace inside me, the quietness of the picture is mesmerizing and i can dream away in my new 'home'. The ultimate quietness is what i hope to get once i move in real life to a new home on my own, this picture is an inspiration to achieve the 'summer', happy feeling again, full of energy and new beginnings.

    2012-07-13 | 09:44:43
  • Mummafox says:

    Labokoff Barrière would have to be my favourite I can just imagine it sitting about my fireplace. That Stripes (2) is great too!

    2012-07-13 | 09:49:29
    URL: http://Poppyfoxathome.blogspot.com.au
  • Anja says:

    My summer feeling Is shown in Madame Lolina's Gymnastic s, as it shows the feeling of being light, happy and that everything is possible...


    2012-07-13 | 09:58:12
    URL: http://whitewallgalleryblog.blogspot.com
  • ibabe says:


    Live in the north, full of grey days, rain clouds and melancolic summer days. I am still working and that fills in a way that loneliness and grey mood moments.

    2012-07-13 | 10:09:10
    URL: http://ibbworld.blogspot.com
  • Mo says:

    I can't decide between two of them! The first is Hello, Love (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/artwork-illustration/275-scandinavian-poster-zu.html), the blue and orange combination makes my brain go "summer!" even though the pic itself is not summery. But the world map (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/girls-room-wall-art/153-map-world-kids-mercier.html) is really all about travelling around and experiencing new things, which is definitely a big part of summer for me.

    2012-07-13 | 10:13:15
  • Alissa says:

    Arrow head by Michela Heim, because I'm working all summer, I am in a middle of an intense house project and as exciting as everything that's going on is, sometimes I just feel like that picture: misty, a bit lost, terribly tired and just wanting to rest my head for a while.

    plus the print would look great on my new apartment's wall, when it's finally ready and it would stand to remind me of this summer :)

  • Cat says:

    I love "Springtime Birds" – let's just start again in spring and have a really sunny summer afterwards!

    2012-07-13 | 10:20:53
  • Anna J says:

    I love the facade study by Elisabeth Sundin, because the different shades of grey in the picture puts me in the bitter sweet mood of rainy swedish summer days, when you walk around the streets of your hometown, looking at the facades of the houses and hope for the sun to soon appear.


    2012-07-13 | 10:57:15
  • Melissa says:

    I really like Burton by Kea (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/122-burton-nature-photograph-kea.html). It reminds me of my vacations to the dutch island Texel when I was a child. I just love how the wind blows through the dunes and the clouds almost look like you could touch them.

    2012-07-13 | 11:24:43
  • emmakisstina says:

    Back to the old house by c86, is wonderfully colorful and full of hearts just like my happy love filled summer. xoxo

    2012-07-13 | 11:33:18
    URL: http://www.emmakisstina.blogspot.com
  • Anca Z says:

    Loving "Le chemin" by Kea for the feeling of freedom and inspiration as I'm still caught at the office without clear plans for a vacation yet... Plus my B-day is on 27 July :)

    2012-07-13 | 11:42:21
  • Lana says:

    "Into the night" by Heim Michela


    This one photograph in particular. I just moved to France, and being funemployed, I spend a lot of time by myself. My hair has gotten long, I'm young(ish) and I'm facing the world, some of my fears, and not turning back, which is how I see the girl in this image -- her back is not to us, we are behind her, and she is looking forward.

    2012-07-13 | 11:48:12
    URL: http://lanalabermeier.tumblr.com
  • Hanna says:

    I love morning mountains, but I feel like my summer is much more stressful than that photo makes me feel.

    2012-07-13 | 12:47:04
  • Eva says:

    I love "Mai by Dufay Alice" because the little girl looks like she's in a hurry to put on those shoes so she can run out into the summer... I like that feeling.

    2012-07-13 | 12:55:42
  • Alexandra says:

    My favorite is this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/nature-landscape-photography/41-lomography-benoit-debuisser.html

    Although I really like "I love stripes 2" as you do. But the photography represents all the summer of my childhood. In the little village where my grandparents used to live in the north of Germany. The colors, the old house in the background ... when I saw it, my memories immediately popped up.

    2012-07-13 | 13:21:39
  • Flo says:

    I love the "I love stripes 2". It absolutely represents summer for me this year. She looks like she just got out of a lake, but as it's rather cool this summer the mood of this drawing total fits.

    2012-07-13 | 13:41:59
  • anja says:

    i really like the mood here. its another awful summer in germany and i'm so longing to just laying around in the water like on that photo. also the colors. turquoise and pink. lovely!

    2012-07-13 | 13:48:38
    URL: http://anjablau.wordpress.com
  • Saskia says:

    I love the Facade study by Sundin Elisabet: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/266-architecture-drawing-sundin.html. It's light and restrained in a very positive way.

    2012-07-13 | 14:51:46
    URL: http://www.finefinebooks.com
  • Carmela says:

    I love the White Circus 01 by Varsi Matteo http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/192-polaroid-beach-photo-varsi.html . This is totally my summer mood, beach, sun and nothing to do apart from playing in the sand with my two-year little girl.

    2012-07-13 | 15:02:30
  • efrat says:

    I love the picture:
    I love stripes 2
    by Van den Heuvel Daphne,
    Its just beautiful!!
    and i looove your blog :)

    2012-07-13 | 15:07:02
    URL: http://what-efrat.blogspot.co.il/
  • ana says:

    It's hard to select just one, but i'll go for my first pick: Hello Summer by Spring Valeria because is bright and fun and vintage and warm..

    2012-07-13 | 15:11:13
  • Traveling Mama says:

    I love "Summer Daze" because it represents days by water and ultra feminine sexiness... What more can a girl ask for from her summer?

    2012-07-13 | 16:11:26
    URL: http://www.travelingmama.net
  • Genevieve Lawlor says:

    Being eight months pregnant in hot and humid New England means my summer mood is constantly changing. But one thing that stays the same is my desire to submerge myself in water everyday.
    I especially like "Paloma" by Sartoris Jean-Christophe: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/sea-water-photography/182-vintage-sea-photo.html
    The richness of the blue is so lovely, and I'm crazy about the form of the person jumping in.

    2012-07-13 | 16:16:55
  • Jennifer Vallez says:

    I am smitten with the fashion illo of "I Love Stripes".


    It's everything I love about summer...effortless, messy beach hair, classic stripe boat shirt...

    LOVE! Thanks. :)

    2012-07-13 | 16:37:53
    URL: http://www.sophieandlili.com
  • Miss Celanius says:

    Well, I pick this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/retro-vintage-illustration/102-paris-poster-jeanne.html

    Paris in summer must be so beautiful!

    2012-07-13 | 18:11:53
    URL: http://www.miss-celanius.blogspot.com
  • designoform says:

    Vilken bra giveaway! Jag valde "I love stripes 2" av Van den Heuvel Daphne för att jag jobbar hela sommaren utan någon semester, och det börjar kännas lite långrandigt.. he he..

    2012-07-13 | 18:37:04
    URL: http://www.designoform.com
  • Elizabeth says:

    I love so many, but my all time favorite has to be Cats of the World by Gemma Correll. Super cute! Fingers crossed...


    2012-07-13 | 19:21:07
    URL: http://elizaandbeth.blogspot.com
  • anna banana says:

    I would pick this one http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/253-water-photo-lichtenstein.html
    it reminds me of a very intimate, feminine summer mood, where all that matters are small details which are decisive for this certain moment in time. Sun is gently warming up the body while water gives a cool touch to the hips. Wet fabric is sticking around naked body – subtle, erotic connotation... I love sensual touch of water and sun on my skin. That is exactly how I imagine a perfect summer day when I could focus on little things and savour lazy moments. I would love to be on her place, at least in my imagination...

    2012-07-13 | 19:23:34
  • hviit says:

    I love this phto.http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography-people-portrait/180-jean-christophe-sartoris-photo.html.
    Summer is the time of year I let my innerchild come alive, I think this picture could remind me of being childishly brave and funny every day. Wonder why we always grow up again in august? I love the summer, rain og sunshine, home or away, the impulsive moments when nothing else matters , just be in the moment and enjoying it. Just like this picture.

    2012-07-13 | 19:56:31
    URL: http://hviit.blogspot.com
  • laura says:

    Hi Emma,
    I´ve choosen the one named Barriére http://en.laffichemoderne.com/nature-landscape-photography/125-landscape-photo-labokoff.html. Our family probably has the last summer in the countryside of Denmark (we are Estonian!), the surroundings here is very beautiful and peaceful - blindingly yellow rape fields in early of the summer, vanilla skies in the evenings, strawberry fields from where streams sweet strawberry odor, when the wind is strong (happens often here) and from the right direction. But most of all are the memories and moments we have had here during last two summers. In the recent time the view and the mood are violated by the buckets, which dig the ground for the new motorway what will be instead of this lovely house surrounded by the beautiful nature. In few months the house will be demolished, but the memories will last..and the picture named Barriére describes the mood perfectly. A little nostalgic, but we gonna enjoy every day we have left here...

    2012-07-13 | 19:58:46
    URL: http://inspiredlaura.blogspot.com
  • Shirley Bisschoff says:

    Margate by Chris Friel. I'm a newly-wed and my husband and I met 17 years ago at school in a tiny town of Margate in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. This picture takes me back to those very beautiful, innocent times going to school during summer, when all we wanted was to go to the beach and laze about. Those were special times, and even though we live thousands of kilometers away from our first meeting place, those memories remain.

    2012-07-13 | 20:33:39
  • Thomas says:


    I love this picture. It reminds me of summer cabins, little getaway places during the summer .. perfect hideaways to escape from busy workweeks and stressy offices.

    Love it!

    2012-07-13 | 20:59:07
    URL: http://studio8940.blogspot.com
  • Amanda G. Roswall says:

    I adore this photograph by Julie Chamton. It's both jolly tasting like sunpops on the beach, and extremely melancholic with the colors fading, almost floathing out of the picture. With this photo hanging on my wall I would always be able to escape on a boat to crystal waters under the sun.

    2012-07-13 | 21:51:38
  • Rose from Prague says:

    Dear Emma, for me it's Les Petites Princesses for Czech summers is always connected with children, especially those staying at the countryside with Grandma and Grandpa. Moreover, it reminds me of the Bullerbyn Children, an ever so popular book here. I can just picture Lisa and Anna there, playing in their Green Castle.

    2012-07-13 | 21:53:51
  • Kathrin says:

    love this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/sea-water-photography/251-woman-water-lichtenstein.html
    i wished to do the same now.

    2012-07-13 | 22:24:18
  • Sonia says:

    I have to say that unfortunately my choice would be "I love stripes 2". I would prefere it to be one of "Summer Daze" cause they are so idyllic but it's not. This hollyday I'm like the girl from "I love stripes". Thinking what to feel, what to think and what to do. Should I go somewhere? Do I have strength to spend this summer alone? She seems as much left as I am. Suddenly alone but still in love.

    2012-07-13 | 22:33:39
  • Anita says:

    I love this one for summer feeling: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/wall-art-for-kids/154-world-wall-map-mercier.html because this summer is all about my two little girls, and creating a new home for the three if us after a difficult year. It reminds me of my childhood, and I want to give my girls something that will fuel their creativity and happiness, and I see only good visual things in this print <3

    2012-07-13 | 22:34:24
  • Sonia says:

    So : http://en.laffichemoderne.com/artwork-illustration/255-van-den-heuvel-fashion-illustration.html

    2012-07-13 | 22:34:24
  • maria says:

    I love stripes 2. It's late August and it's around 2:00 am. I'm on the beach and ready to go back to my tent. I stand for a while and I watch the reflection of the August full moon on the sea. It's a little cold. The stripes on the waves match my shirt now. I miss that summer.

    2012-07-13 | 23:24:59
  • Jochen says:

    Definitely "I love stripes 2"
    I like this one, because of the maritime striped shirt which the girl is wearing. Although the girl looks a bit pondering, it reminds me of the amazing time my fellow students and I had at our sailing course and the great törn at the end. At the final trip all of use were dressed in white and blue. It was such a wonderfull, unforgetable time.
    When I am looking at the poster, all the memories come to my mind, and this gives me a good feeling. Therefore it represents my summer feelings best.

    2012-07-13 | 23:31:38
  • Veronica says:

    This print corresponds to my summer mood :) I imagine myself on the boat sailing in the sea.. the sky is blue, the weather is nice, and i spend joyful time on the boat with my family :)

    2012-07-14 | 00:13:06
  • Linda Tinfena says:

    I love fashion illustration and this one is so loose and free and the colors are unexpected. The disheveled hair and the pull marin reminds me of summers in the south of France when the mistral was blowing ...

    2012-07-14 | 01:54:09
    URL: http://TinfenaStudio.com
  • linda tinfena says:

    I love fashion illustration and this one is so loose and free and the colors are unexpected. The disheveled hair and the pull marin reminds me of summers in the south of France when the mistral was blowing...

    2012-07-14 | 01:56:49
    URL: http://tinfenastudio.com
  • Hunter says:

    I'm lusting over Lagarde Sylvain's photographs. Specifically, "Du côté de chez Klein (1)."
    Most of my own art work and the work I collect is black and white, and I also just moved to the city this summer and my new surroundings feel exactly like this photograph. Would be an excellent addiction to my wall-o-imagery.

    2012-07-14 | 04:05:57
    URL: http://www.BLOGisthenewBLACK.net
  • Amanda says:

    Sometimes you might have one of those mornings when everything in the universe seems just in the right place. Maybe it's a friday and you're carrying an iced latte and a fresh buttery croissant. Maybe a hat blows off a little girls head at the subway station and you catch it in the air to the delight of her parents who flash you beautiful smiles and say, "thank you, thank you..." until the subway rushes into the station. Maybe when you get on and sit down, you notice that someone smells like green guava and sweet peas.

    And isn't it a funny thing that you can end your day overwhelmed with layers of grief. Stuck thinking in circles about future death and aloneness. Sad about every instance that you disappointed someone who was still always proud. You feel sad for tadpoles that never made it to being a frog. You feel sad for a sky that is too full of city lights to look anything like a real sky.

    A set of moody twins.

    2012-07-14 | 04:28:22
  • annaliese says:

    I love International by Rizk Kareem. The colors are bright and cheery, but more importantly I love the Lada depicted because it reminds me of road trips to the Black Sea here in Ukraine, where I live.

    2012-07-14 | 08:00:50
  • Dav says:

    Rabbit tales by Kea
    It remember me, when I was a kid and I spent my holidays in the countryside.
    This image looks like me lying on the lawn looking the horizon from the ground.

    2012-07-14 | 08:58:14
    URL: http://davideligorio.tumblr.com/
  • margot says:

    Little Sister by Heim Michela
    because i love summers spent with my sisters, under the sun.

    2012-07-14 | 09:47:58
  • Jasmin says:

    For me the summer mood this year is like the beach. I love the beach. It's nice to be there with wind and sun. We go with my two girls. Love the feeling...... Long walks, seeing the sun go down, playing in the sand, making sand castle's.
    Laying in the sand and see the clouds come bye. Dream away!

    2012-07-14 | 10:11:38
    URL: http://lifedsign.blogspot.com
  • Helen says:

    This was an easy choice for me. I choose Chris Friel's picture of Margate http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/46-black-white-sea-photo-chris-friel.html because it perfectly represents the fact that British summers are usually grey and cloudy (and not the sunny Mediterranean scenes we all dream of). As we are currently in the middle of the worst (and wettest) British summer in years his picture really strikes a chord.

    2012-07-14 | 10:23:44
    URL: http://www.designhunter.co.uk
  • Maria says:

    I had to choose three, Rabbit Tales by KEA, Barriere by Labokoff and Fleur violette by Labokoff. They are actually somewhat similar, at least to my when it comes to "summer feeling". Summer for me is about childhood, going back to the time when there was nothing better than to jump in a puddle of mud, look at the clouds and have no worries. These three pictures have captured that emotion perfectly!

    2012-07-14 | 10:41:17
  • Johanna Larsson says:

    Sååå fin skiss på tjejen. Gillart!

    2012-07-14 | 10:47:04
    URL: http://madebyjohannalarsson.blogspot.com/
  • Alex Becher says:

    Since my parents just left for a world sailing tour, I have mixed feelings this summer. Not that I am just proud of them for realizing one their biggest dream, but also a little nervous about how it all will turn out. Therefor I am going with the I love stripes 2 illustratrion - I like the impression on her face, which reflects my feeling, also I like the stripes which represent the color scheme of my parents sailing ship. I would be so happy to win!


    2012-07-14 | 11:26:28
  • Johanna says:

    My summer mood this year; breezy, barefoot in the sand and enjoying the moments when city life slows down a bit and I can enjoy the few moments of nice weather in my garden, dreaming about a nice and quiet summerhouse. The artwork that best matches this is the lovely picture 'Burton' by Kea http://en.laffichemoderne.com/modern-vintage-photography/122-burton-nature-photograph-kea.html

    2012-07-14 | 11:43:02
  • Zahra says:

    This is very nice picture

    2012-07-14 | 12:13:32
    URL: http://Www.Modesnyheter.blogg.se
  • Borbála Koppándi says:

    For this summer I'm discovering all the possibilities within two non-colors: black & white.
    And there's something magic about Otsuki Yuji's Aggregate, as the simple theme of the water reflections become a constellation of lights against a cosmic black.

    2012-07-14 | 13:26:51
  • Caddi says:

    This is the one, "when u feel it for the first time, they cry or smile" by Sartoris Jean-Christophe.(http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography-people-portrait/181-sartoris-photography.html)

    Is like a misty dream... I like it!

    2012-07-14 | 14:47:35
  • Lili do says:

    I really love "Burton" http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/122-burton-nature-photograph-kea.html. It reminds me la Bretagne and the cool summer holidays I spent there .... a summer feeling!

    2012-07-14 | 15:18:16
    URL: http://liliinwonderland.fr
  • Saskia says:

    For me it's "Yuki" by Alice Dufay (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/68-black-white-art-dufay.html). This summer is very exhausting, I'm pretty much concerned with myself (leaving for England in September and then going to Tokyo in January while trying to write some papers and to keep up with a newly established relationship with a certain handsome fellow). Sadly, some days I'm just like "I want to put my head down" which has become some sort of this year's summer mood.

    2012-07-14 | 16:55:54
  • netrez says:

    "Summer Daze" - because there is no better summer noise than the sound of bubbles - exhaled from underwater! This image takes me there.

    2012-07-14 | 20:08:34
    URL: http://www.tokalonfeeling.wordpress.com
  • Anya Adores says:

    I have a hard time picking a favorite image, but the one that captures my mood and feeling at the moment is I love stripes 2 by Van den Heuvel Daphne - thoughtful, yet optimistic about the times ahead:)) And then I adore stripes.
    Fingers xxx for everyone but mostly me ;)
    Happy summer.

    2012-07-14 | 20:45:56
    URL: http://anyaadores.blogspot.com
  • OIga says:

    wow, that last one could be your portrait:))
    and your portrait, of course:))) Fingers crossed.

    2012-07-14 | 21:27:38
    URL: http://theobvious.wordpress.com
  • Kim Kirby says:

    Summer Daze N.04 by Lichtenstein Tamara really captures the essence of this summer. Next to my new studio is a creek and after work when it has hit 109 °F / 42.8 ° the ladies in the studio have been going for impromptu dips in it's icey waters. It has been heavenly and we've all become the best of friends because of it. I'd like to hang this in our studio to remind us all of our first summer together.

  • Tereza says:

    I love all their nostalgic summer photos and the child's perspective in them. This one is perfect: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/modern-vintage-photography/123-nature-photo-kea.html.

    It's amazing how it harmonizes with the book I'am reading right now (In woods from Tana French): "Picture a summer stolen whole from some coming-of-age film set in small-town 1950s. (...) This summer explodes on your tongue tasting of chewed blades of long grass, your own clean sweat, Marie biscuits with butter squirting through the holes and shaken bottles of red lemonade picnicked in tree houses. (...) This summer will never end. It starts every day with a shower of Mr. Whippy notes and your best friend’s knock at the door, finishes it with long slow twilight and mothers silhouetted in doorways calling you to come in, through the bats shrilling among the black lace trees. This is Everysummer decked in all its best glory." (Thanks Emma for sharing these pictures!)

    2012-07-15 | 01:48:43
  • Dawn Conery says:

    El arca y el deluvio instantly drew me in. Rain brings relief to the summer heat with promises of Autumn to come.
    Love this print and how it spoke to me.
    Dawn Conery

    2012-07-15 | 03:13:56
  • Ashley says:

    L'affiche Moderne is a longtime favorite of mine - I've been lusting after Facade study, “Elementary school in Nordvest” Copenhagen by Sundin Elisabet for months now and would love to hang it in our new home we are moving to this summer. It seems clean and calming and perfect for a fresh start.

    2012-07-15 | 03:43:15
    URL: http://www.habitatkid.typepad.com
  • Kristin B says:

    Ooh! I hadn't heard of this site before, so thank you for sharing the art-y goodness with us! I'm really digging the "Margate" photo by Friel Chris that you posted, and also the "San Sebastian, Espagne" photo by Loyon Marc.

    2012-07-15 | 05:37:24
    URL: http://blog.kristin-b.com
  • Paulina says:

    Summer Daze No1.
    Solitarily soaking up the sun. Enjoying the peace but craving a bit of chaos.

    2012-07-15 | 07:58:23
  • lisa says:

    i love the reflections in the water. i wish i could jump in a clear blue mountain lake on a warm and sunny evening.


    2012-07-15 | 09:53:45
  • Patricia says:

    Randigt är min favorit, och det är så sommar. Många är de svartvitrandiga plaggen i min garderob, så I love stripes 2 skulle passa mig perfekt! Love it!

    2012-07-15 | 11:49:17
  • Christine d'Anecdotes says:

    It took me some time but at the end i came back to http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/255-van-den-heuvel-fashion-illustration.html as this picture evokes me the wet and cold weather we're having currently in france even if we're in July. At the same time, this striped pull over is linked to seaside, Normandy... and the girl could be my older daughter (for the attitude) sa well as my younger, for the look. I'm crossing my fingers of course but thanks you anyway for organising this give away and your inspiring blog.

    2012-07-15 | 11:59:34
    URL: http://anecdotes.blogs.marieclaireidees.com
  • Signe G says:


    I really like this one. The look in her eye really correspond to my thougths this summer. I have bought an appartment, and it needs a lot of work so I'm always thinking about: what's the best way to do this? And that's how I see the girl in the illustration above :)

    2012-07-15 | 12:29:05
  • D-ZIGN says:

    This is my absolute favourite:


    It has beautiful colours and movement, a very strong sense of place and time.

    2012-07-15 | 12:33:01
  • thognaudn says:

    Actually there are 2 different pictures corresponding to my 2012-summer-mood:
    - “Yuki” by Alice Dufay firstly because it perfectly fits to current weather in my town : raining boots are the only trendy shoes according to the sky ; secondly because I like how the picture is highly expressive only with some black lines on a white background, and finally because I love pictures on which the face of the people can’t be seen, it confers them an universality and some secret;
    - “n°5 from the ballet series” by A. Borisov studio, because I have been working for 3 years at the Ballet School of the Opera in Paris and have left it in June and already miss it, spending this summer remembering my good times at that school!

    2012-07-15 | 12:41:15
    URL: http://thogn.blogspot.fr/
  • Rietje says:


    Me and my friend bought a house together just now and at the same time i lost my job as well! So this summer feels a little bit stressy for the moment because on the one side we have this beautiful house and on the other side i'm looking at an insecure future because times are hard these days. That's why i chose this picture, it calms me down and shows me there is a still a whole wide world out there :)

    2012-07-15 | 12:45:35
  • Heike says:

    My summer feeling

    Wide open


    2012-07-15 | 15:02:18
  • Anastasia says:


    This reminds me of a hot summer in Spain. :)

    2012-07-15 | 16:24:54
  • t says:


    i love this! summer for me means being outdoors and what better way to breathe in summer warmth than under the moon in a quilt fort?! nostalgia.

    2012-07-15 | 18:48:42
  • Louise F says:

    My summer mood is a mix of the Arrhenius print 'up in the air' and Sartoris' Mort d'un ange. Arrhenius because I'm having a month long holiday with my family and even if we don't get to leave for Berlin this years, we are still flying high in each others company. The Sartoris print is because the rain is always lurking here in Copenhagen but that doesn't mean that you can't be outside... Have a nice summer...

    2012-07-15 | 20:27:32
  • Nuokku says:

    I loved Elisabeth Sundin's "Elementary school in Nordvest". It reminds me our holiday in Denmark. I just loved driving around in the countryside.

    2012-07-15 | 21:01:48
    URL: http://villavilja.blogspot.com
  • Hildi says:

    Image no.3.

    The young girl in the stripy sweater. Summer reflections. Innocence. So pretty!

    She is lost in thought and anitipation. Summer lies ahead.What will it bring? Will she fall in love?

    I have. In this image. Its like light poetry :)

    2012-07-15 | 22:05:45
  • Erica Y says:

    Labokoff Barrière is my favorite, and reminds me of the feel of this summer. It's moving slowly but quickly somehow, and it's ephemeral but lovely all at the same time. I'm enjoying it, but it also makes me feel kind of melancholy.

    2012-07-16 | 04:18:10
  • Caro says:

    Three apples is my favorite. After hectic spring I've got three weeks of simplicity - taking time off, relaxing and enjoying everything around me. No fuzz, just the simple things in life.


    2012-07-16 | 12:26:35
  • Manon Boutié says:

    Urban shadow 9 by Sikost Instant
    it conveys a very hot summer experience. This hour when you don't want to be outside !

    2012-07-16 | 14:18:40
    URL: http://manonboutie.com
  • bora says:

    "I love stripes 2" is really a summer perfect pick... stripes and summer seem to go hand in hand, maybe because of that carefree yet symmetrically pleasing nautical aesthetic that stripes provide.

    2012-07-16 | 15:49:18
  • Alison Flower says:

    I love 'Piscine No 4' by Mikael Helleux - it's how I would like this summer to be..... sadly it's not the case.
    Best wishes,

    2012-07-16 | 22:25:56
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.co.uk
  • Sidsel Petersen says:


    Live. Do it. dont wait for a better party to happen. Your it, you have one chance. Live it. This picture makes me think of my friends and my sister. I love her so much, just the thought of a thought of something bad happening to her makes me tear up. Im so fortunate i have a family, a life, im healthy, im privileged!

    Have a lovely summer!

    2012-07-17 | 00:16:42
  • Beishan says:

    Hello Summer by Spring Valeria depicts how I feel during the summer most of the time. When the weather is hot and my mind goes blank due to the heat, sitting on the swing while enjoying the breeze it creates seems to bring me into another dimensio. Into my own world where the swing is the only access to it. http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/274-children-portrait-photography-spring.html

    2012-07-17 | 10:11:09
  • ingri says:

    I choose Retro Summer Rainbow to represent my summer mood right now. My summer holiday in Spain hasn't begun yet, and I feel that I'm just on my way into it - just like that woman on her way into the pool. That is something I have been looking forward to since the cold winter in Norway, and the summer here in this country is nothing to be proud of either;-)


    2012-07-18 | 11:37:09
  • Misha Jameson says:

    Seven years old, staying for the summer with my cousin Sherrie on Uncle Roger's farm in South Dakota. Hot, humid, mid-western mornings on the front porch, just at dawn. Sounds of the horse and a few cows rustling in the barn, birds waking. The toasted musk of earth and creek water and hay and animals mixed with the oily, metallic tang of tractors and farm machinery. Watching the barns appear, slowly, slowly, through lightening curtains of mist.
    Elisabet Sundin's image sent me there in one instant. Thank you for that memory. http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/266-architecture-drawing-sundin.html

    2012-07-18 | 12:59:36
  • Cussot says:

    Nothing better than to turn down a bumpy little road and follow it up over the hill to see where it goes before the sun sets:

    2012-07-18 | 17:04:14
  • Maria says:

    Great photo that gives that special feeling of partying the the garden all night long, dancing with bare feet forgetting about tomorrow

    2012-07-18 | 19:55:01
  • Kris Heath says:

    Dinosaures by Doumont Gwenaëlle

    My birthday is in May, and for my 13th birthday I enjoyed the rare treat of a trip to the cinema, to see Jurassic Park. I went for the subsequent sequels when I was, obviously, a bit older. I don't think anything could match seeing the first one in terms of sheer awe, and it still holds up well today.

    So I'm waiting for the right time to see them with my 6 year old son, as he is seriously into dinosaurs, but I think he's a bit young at the moment. Over Christmas he watched the BBC series Planet Dinosaur and his knowledge soared, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up when we visit the museum this summer.

    The summer still holds these memories because he's not in school, and we can go to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibits. It's not something we've done deliberately, and I don't think of it in a cinema blockbuster sort of way, but when the weather gets better and the evenings get brighter it reminds me of dinosaurs in all sorts of ways. I enjoy the memories in a nostalgic way, but also the anticipation of the coming summer.


    2012-07-18 | 19:57:37
  • Daniela says:


    this print immediately grabbed my attention. this summer i've learned a huge lesson; try as i might, i will never have control over everything going on in my life. just like trying to hold water in your hands, things will slip through the cracks and that's completely inevitable. i have learned to let things go easier, and to let things fall where they may, just like the droplets in the water; they are creating waves even more beautiful than what i expected to come.

    thank you so much for the opportunity! hope your summer has treated you well xox

    2012-07-19 | 01:05:42
  • Reidunn says:


    The facade drawing caught my eye at once. It's so soft and precise at the same time.
    And my summer is spent drawing a house for friends, and the facades are next on the agenda, so that might be the real reason why the chosen print got my attention.

    2012-07-19 | 12:55:47
  • anja says:

    i'm still 3 weeks away from my holiday, but i am looking forward to spending some time on an adriatic island, swimming and relaxing, reading and hanging out with friends. this photo captures the blissful moment when you dive into the water for the first time and breathe in the sun:)

    2012-07-19 | 13:43:07
  • Tobias says:


    I’m right now sitting on the floor in my uncleaned and compact apartment, in a middle sized town, in a soothingly raining Sweden. It been raining a lot this summer, but I honestly don’t mind at all. The rain makes everything beautiful and full of life. Just like this picture. Currently I’m writing a lot, and this picture is like taken from my head. It’s like I’ve already been there in my mind. It’s strange.

    2012-07-19 | 14:59:12
    URL: http://sajavlacasual.blogg.se
  • Cristina says:

    I love this:
    It gets to me feeling of freedom in the sun!

    2012-07-19 | 18:24:55
    URL: http://conigliogiallo.blogspot.it/
  • CollectingDesignIN says:


    2012-07-19 | 18:39:36
    URL: http://collectingdesignin.blogspot.com.es/
  • Lana says:

    My favorite is Le Chemin by Kea, I want to run inside the house with my boyfriend and just spend the days walking and hopefully at the end of the hill is the shore. We'll talk about our dreams and future. Years later we'll bring our kids there and they'll dream of their future and always remember summers with the family when they get too busy with work, life and growing up.

    2012-07-20 | 02:22:09
  • emelie says:

    Located on ground level in my unfixed garden with my newborn baby. Yep, this is spot on! http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/29-vintage-photo-cyril-auvity.html

    2012-07-20 | 02:57:58
  • CLAIRE says:

    It's not summer here in Australia! In fact it's cloudy and wet and cold! Alice Dufay's Mai would bring back some colour and fun into a dull winter.(How talented is this artist!?)

    2012-07-20 | 14:54:50
  • ich says:

    From ESB by Debuisser Benoît

    I love NY. In Summer, in Winter, in Spring ..... always NY. But when I think about Summer, I see the sea, just the sea, not the beach, just the sea, fresh water, salt, waves, ...

    2012-07-20 | 20:09:05
  • Uiti says:

    I just love this picture. To me it looks like she's relaxing in the summer-sun. Its just gives me a sweet summer feeling...


    2012-07-20 | 22:30:39
  • Edurne Errazti says:

    URL: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/255-van-den-heuvel-fashion-illustration.html

    I <3 stripes, and I <3 fresh summer weather in the north (I come from the Basque Country)

    I keep on using a Leminor T-shirt just like this bought in La Bretagne many many years ago during a summer holidays and it makes me feel the spirit of MY LOVED SUMMER

    2012-07-20 | 22:59:29
  • Wenxin says:

    I love this print: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/modern-vintage-photography/152-mountain-landscape-photo.html

    It embodies so perfectly my yearning in the summer to escape to a distant and far-flung land, where the sky is blue, the bird chirp and the colours are so vivid.

    2012-07-20 | 23:22:28
    URL: http://fotographika.blogspot.com
  • cathy @ ma vie trouvee says:

    What a fun giveaway - I like L'Alpes dû by Jeanspezial - it is just so fun and wacky!

  • Valeriya says:

    I love everything that is done by hand, it inspires you to create and establish itself. I also love the sea, probably because I was born in the city by the sea. sound of the waves makes me delight, soothing and gives new energy. and I chose this job because it so much air! well, and also because I was also named Valeria :)

    2012-07-21 | 12:05:58
    URL: http://to-see-sea.livejournal.com/
  • Rosa says:


    Onirisme by Chenaille Valentin

    I like this so much, because it ressonates with the peace and quiet of my summer - post-breakup, post stress-at-work, now just quiet times in a quiet, rainy Copenhagen city. Still at work, still sad, but slowly sensing my surroundings and discovering details again....

    2012-07-21 | 15:43:26
  • ming says:

    http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/47-gustavo-aimar-painting.html because "summer weather" has almost been nonexistent, but nonetheless it's been a colorful and beutiful summer.

    2012-07-22 | 16:27:21
    URL: http://ming.blogg.no
  • Ariadna says:

    Aggregate by Otsuki Yuji reminds me of the breezy summer nights at the beach where you get hipnotized by the repeated sound of the waves washing the shore and where all you can see is the moon and it's sparkly reflection over the black night sea.

    2012-07-22 | 18:26:31
  • Katie says:

    I just love the whimsical nature of Julie Mercier's Tour du Monde, a wonderful reminder of all the stunning places in the world you can go to find summer. http://en.laffichemoderne.com/animal-posters/157-world-map-mural-mercier.html.

    2012-07-23 | 00:09:40
  • Heidi says:

    I just love White circus number 1 by Varsi Matteo. It`s just everything that says sommer for me. Peole, light and relax feeling to it.

    2012-07-23 | 21:48:01
  • Monduelle says:

    I spend my summer in (an old house with) garden with both my kids - it´s first summer for my baby boy and my older daughter just starts to talk and for a swing - which she absolutely loves - she only says "hou" (for houpacka) so it´s surelly this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/274-children-portrait-photography-spring.html. Only it looks to me like being taken on the sea beach which I in the Czech rep. badly miss:)

    2012-07-24 | 17:48:14
  • Victoria says:

    I've picked this one: http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/274-children-portrait-photography-spring.html
    I feel like a new chapter in my life is about to begin, I just finished school and now I'm going to study, everything's new, exciting, but also scary at the same time. I think this photograph represents my mood perfectly. My summer is lightweight somehow, like never before, it's like flying, and I'm super excited about what's coming up :)

    2012-07-24 | 22:41:09
  • Liv says:

    The third one. Because I live in Navy and white all summer - and I look a little windswept most the time too. Nostalgic.

    2012-07-25 | 00:01:57
    URL: http://havanahyde.com
  • Sara Leete says:

    I feel like Piscine n°4 by Helleux Mikaël most captures me this summer. I am like the little girl and enjoying summer's beauty and fun, but in the background you see a person that looks like they are falling through the air off the diving board and that is also me. Life has had its way of making me feel like I am losing ground below and watching time fly by. I am facing some huge decisions and big life changes, so that is my philosophical answer to a very fun and whimsical contest. I do love summer!!!

    2012-07-25 | 05:08:16
    URL: http://purveyordesign.blogspot.com/
  • Scott Lonker says:

    The Margate photo is my favorite - I've taken this past week off from work to spend time in Southampton, NY and hang on the beach and play in the pool w my wife and young three year old son Graydon. I've been watching Gray closely and reminiscing a lot about my youth and how innocent and naive in all the best ways I was as a youth. Especially my Summers on the beach of Margate, NJ.

    2012-07-25 | 06:22:13
  • Malin says:

    Fantastisk bild som tar mig till turkosa hav, vita sandstränder, saltvattenrufsigt hår, brunbränd pojkvän, snäckjakt, doft av solkräm och smutsiga handdukar på ett ögonblick! Älskar't!

    2012-07-25 | 11:10:36
  • Cindy Cusack says:

    Love the White Circus #1. The picture could be anywhere and it has a timeless feel that is captivating.

    2012-07-25 | 19:22:37
  • Courtney G says:

    ```Hi Emma```
    Otsuki Yuji's Aggregate speaks to my summer mood best. The natural elements of the photograph create such a visual, beautiful abstraction. I love the stark contrast and the feeling of knowing and visualizing yourself in her place as she was shooting this picture.
    I have enjoyed 2 roadtrips and other travels this summer which have taken me to new and exciting places. Otsuki's photograph harkens me back to the reflection I have done on such excursions, and reminds me of the beauty of the night sky no matter where you are.

    2012-07-25 | 21:45:21
  • britta says:

    I have been renovating and decorating my first own apartment this summer with my boyfriend and this print (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/illustration/103-flower-drawing-jeanne.html) would exactly be adding to the right mood that we are trying to create in our new home - airy and minimal but still cozy and personal. So lovely

    2012-07-26 | 02:19:40
    URL: http://megailves.tumblr.com
  • Sabina says:

    Hello, I love http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/46-black-white-sea-photo-chris-friel.html.Although it is black and white, it is full of sun, light and blue. I feel the salty wind, sand below my feet and silent cheerful summer mood whenever I look at this picture... (no matter if its cloudy or not in my life). Sabina from Czech Rep.

    2012-07-26 | 14:56:55
  • Ida says:

    I would love to have Onirisme on a wall above my daughter's bed.

    This is our first summer together and from now on will the summer always be about Piggelin, sunrises, the little warm baby pool/plaskpool/kissebassänger, SPF 300 and zoos.

    2012-07-26 | 22:48:04
    URL: http://iekw.blogg.se
  • Libby says:

    Lovely giveaway! I choose this print: Aggregate by Otsuki Yuji (http://en.laffichemoderne.com/photography/237-black-white-sea-star-photo.html). Sums up my summer mood because I love night swimming at the cabin!

    2012-07-26 | 22:59:34
    URL: http://pinkshirtsandcarwrecks.com
  • Christina says:

    älskar bilderna, särskilt den i mitten ^^

    2012-07-27 | 12:39:58
    URL: http://huffpuff.blogg.se
  • Henriette Andersen says:

    I really think Elisabet Sundin's "Elementary School in Nordvest" represents my summer well - as I'm writing my master's thesis. It would make my day to have that hanging!

    2012-07-27 | 21:49:08
    URL: http://thingswepass.tumblr.com
  • SannaN says:

    A print that gives me a feeling of summer is "when u feel it for the first time, they cry or smile" by Jean-Christophe Sartoris. City kids playing in the summer rain :)
    In my mind I hear happy electronic music when looking at the print. Would love to have it on my livingroom wall.

  • Randel Plowman says:

    i would love a chance to win.

    Svar: Then you have to follow the instructions in the blog post above... :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-07-28 | 03:54:22
    URL: http://www.randelplowman.com
  • Maas says:

    Morning mountains - the calm feeling that i have right now. Not to warm - not to cold.. just calm.

    2012-07-29 | 02:26:29
  • Steffi says:

    hello Emma! It's July 31 and you still haven't announced the winner!

    Svar: I know, I'm just about to. :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-07-31 | 10:13:11

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